Stepping in...


THE new creational matrix

A new creational matrix now exists, created and informed by the incoming souls

This is a new genome.  A pure form direct from Source.  The fabric of this form is woven from beyond the original matrix of separation, duality and the fall from divinity.  It exists beyond any need for healing, resolution or return to unity from separation.  This template exists beyond unity.  

The Creational Body of these incomings is the new Matrix of Creation


There are incoming souls now arriving direct from Source who activate this new creational matrix and DNA.  They exist this new toroidal form and infinite weave of cellular purity and universal unity.  These incomings no longer incarnate into the original matrix.  They do not embody into a limited human form.  They are not here to reawaken, or return to an original blueprint.  These beings have created a new blueprint, a new template of existence ... a new molecular biology.  A new human whose cells are not encoded in duality or separation.  They exist beyond unity and invite all beings to step into the certainty of their infinite creation. 

The genetic code of these incomings informs the  mother’s and father's DNA through the family toroid.  The incoming soul informing the family structure, form and functioning.  These children do not carry wounded familial patterning or ancestral lineage forward, they do not carry human collective or karmic patterns.  There is no birth imprint.  There is no trauma or environmental influence that can alter the coherency of the design.  The embryological template holds an omni-universal coherency and geometry.  The coherency and purity at the heart core informs the cells in an infinite toroidal looping of existence that includes all beings beyond any separation. It is epigenetics of the highest, and the incomings have been informing the genetic structure and geometry through their incoming unified lattices and templates of form for many years. 

The architecture of this body has been built at increasing dimensional levels to now reach omni-universal levels of unity.  Now from the new matrix of creation all dimensions and realms are experienced as one point in toroidal spin of form and function.  It is non-dimensionalised, non-linear and non-causal.  There is literally nothing that exists outside this body, nothing to be protected from, nothing separate.  It is a return home to Source in body.  The immortal form.  Life begins anew. 

We are witness now to this new revealing from within the body itself, new life from this new reference point of existence.  A new creational body from a new matrix of design, never existed on this earth before.  It is unprecedented.  Each step forward from here is absolutely new.  From within the body our experience is shared, we exist the body and the body exists us as one…it is tangible, touchable, breathable.. the heart beats certainty, the blood carries the codes of home, all homes, the neural network functions on new omni-universal levels, it is timeless, infinite, the zero point, the eternally known embodied in the flesh, the senses, the experience of creation. The fibres of the body can be traversed in all directions and dimensions, to all home realms and all beings shape shift within the form.  The new design is truly a universal human biology of new capability, form and functioning.

And in the beyond unity of this new creational body... the child is the pure essence in form... a new creational form



working with The incoming souls 

The Incoming Souls work is the pathway Home through the body; through birth, through our children and our families, through the heart of the mother and child, the heart of the father, the heart of the family, and the evolution of what it means to be human.  

The incomings bring their consciousness into our body... to embody them is to rise with them, to receive the gifts they bring, the healing and reconciliation of the duality within... to allow them to carry us forward as we carry them in our wombs, and to reveal the perfection of who we are as mothers, as parents when we see ourselves through their eyes. 

The work with the incomings changes our perspective and outlook on life, as we see begin to see through the eyes of the incoming preparing for birth.  We receive their creation as they inform our bodies, our hearts and our souls. The presence of an incoming creates the longing in the mother for a child.  Fertility is informed by the certainty of the creation of the baby body.   We see the pathway of their incarnation through their eyes, their preparation and unfurling of their own design.   Receiving the incoming soul into the body brings the purity and growth the mother is seeking, rather than purifying herself first through diet, healing, etc.  The exquisiteness of the gift of each incoming to the heart of the mother. Through their orchestration we understand ourselves more fully, we dance in lemniscate form with our incoming children as they lead and inform the creation of our future family.   The certainty of the creation has been theirs.  The cellular encoding of their bodies comes from their realms, their known.  In the last 4 years we have watched the home realms, star origins of our incoming children birth into the planetary body.. the stars of the heavens, the birthing of the firmament on earth through the unified body geometry of the children.  Now, all beings, all homes, all forms exist within the one design - the new universal DNA.  The ultimate unity woven and embodied and gifted to us by our incoming children. 

It is easy to see the evolutionary pace of these children could not wait for our individual efforts to heal and awaken separately.  They need us to run with them at their pace and capacity, together as family, creating a new fabric of existence.   Our incomings who now come to us from beyond the original creation matrix, where all is in resolution, need us to fly with them and they give us the wings to do so.  These incomings exist beyond unity... the place both before and beyond separation... they meet us here.

The incoming souls have designed a body that can be gifted to all, to bring resolution to all division and separation, to offer a pathway home to the divine for any who choose to take it.  It is literally a doorway of liberation out of the original matrix.  It exists beyond the Alpha and the Omega. It is pure creation written and coded into the form of one body, from an infinite new matrix.  Cellular purity and coherency of Source.  The incomings have done the work for us, alongside us, with us, through their preparation and birth here, through their etheric wombs, lattices and templates.  As we have been following our own ascension pathways, clearing the distortions and walking our own roads back to Source, the incomings have been weaving in the other direction, from Source to incarnation.. from pure consciousness to pure form.  They have woven one unified body that ultimately includes us all.  Infinite beings designing an infinite form. 

The children of Creation invite us to step in and meet them in their risen, limitless reality.  To literally step into their creational body as a new paradigm, the body of the infinite, experiencing it with them as they reveal the form and functioning within.