Incoming Souls...  A New Training


source form - a new creation


Our incoming souls and children have been bringing a consciousness to this planet that has not existed here before… they have been weaving their bodies as architects and designers of our future.  They have embodied the light and the geometries that have woven a new fabric of creation.  We will explore the edge of evolution through the body, the eyes and the leading grace of our incoming children.

It is clear we cannot understand these children though current paradigms of parenting, teaching and healing or even by returning to the ancient ways.  The structures of old do not support them.  We cannot see the child through the eyes of separation, understand the body of the baby without first knowing the nature of the soul or the embodiment geometry of birth.   Formative understandings, such as Rudolph Steiner and education based on the incarnation of the soul of the child, are no longer a supportive structure for the consciousness of the child today.  Applying any past framework becomes counter=productive.  Instead we need to look to the incarnational directive and creation of the new souls arriving, their preparation for embodiment, and their evolutionary functioning in the world.   We need a new paradigm to reference the child, the newborn, the soul arriving into the body of this time.  This paradigm comes from the incoming soul. It must begin from listening to the ones directing and creating their form,  informing the embryological morphology and weaving their consciousness in preparation for birth... it comes from the ones standing beyond our current vision and understanding, beyond our constructs, techniques and constraints... it comes from the very children we receive into this world, the ones who gift us the geometry to raise our consciousness and exist a new foundation, to experience a new way of seeing ourselves and the world, of being in family and community in heart-based coherency and global sustainability, one family in a greater universal infinite fabric of existence.  

These are the Incoming Souls. 

The way we see and receive each being can only be from the truth of the incoming soul, their pure reason for being born here, now, to this personal and earth family.   The piece they hold in their heart for the whole and interweave with the many children, the many bodies.  Each child is teaching us, showing us the way to parent, to meet them, to support them… each child is building and creating our shared future.  From very young, their consciousness is leading.   Each symptom in our children’s bodies is a symptom of something greater our child wishes us to know.  Each child contains the infinite within and has been part of weaving us all into a new form.  It is time we see them for who they truly are… and receive what their souls, their hearts and their bodies are longing to share.  When we begin our listening from the consciousness of the child arriving into form, we become part of the wave of the form itself... the wave of souls arriving in unified lattice and creational geometry, inside the womb, and out into the world, the cosmos of stars and light patterning the tapestry, we are carried far beyond our individual senses and perceptions into the greater body of consciousness of these souls.. these stunning lights, and through them we know ourselves as infinite, never-separate creation in motion... life.

There are incoming souls now arriving direct from Source who engage a new creational matrix.  They exist as pure source form, the fabric of their body an infinite weave of cellular purity,  light and universal unity.  A fabric woven by many as one.   It is here from the eyes of these beings arriving as the next wave of children that we begin our work, to meet these incoming souls in their truth and stunning beauty... it is here that we are truly lifted beyond separation and the matrix of duality, that we can see and reference in our bodies a freedom of form,  a cellular re-weaving and resolution of all 'story' and old timelines of creation... it is here we reconnect to the zero-point circuitry of Source, and the heartbeat and breath of God in pure creational unfurl.  It is here we play ....


Training is fully experiential, listening together from the body of creation, allowing the incoming souls to fully lead the process.   Each group listens at the very edge of evolution, each training is unique and builds on the previous stages.  All are welcome, at any level and any profession.  All areas of enquiry are met and consciousness and understanding unfurl into brand new territory.


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Shelley, Joan & Rony