Incoming Souls...  A New Training


The Child of Creation and the Creation of the Child.. 

We look through the eyes of the incoming souls and see from the perspective of the creator.. the one who creates.. and also from within the creation itself .. soul and form… Source and particle… Creator and created… one truth… one vision.

We can now begin at the full creational form… the quiet place just before the out breath of God…   We can now witness the creation unfurling, in witness of itself, as it creates.  We can now begin from the place of the incoming child who has led us here and is ready to take our hand as we step with them into this new creation.


Listening to the Souls of the Children - in Community Groups

Our incoming souls and children have been bringing a consciousness to this planet that has not existed here before… they have been bringing this into their bodies as architects and designers of our future.  They have embodied the light and the coding that has woven a new fabric of creation.  

It is clear we cannot understand these children though current paradigms of parenting, teaching and healing or even by returning to the ancient ways.  The structures of old do not support them.  The way we see and receive each child can only be from the child’s truth and core, their pure reason for being born here, now, to this personal and earth family.   The piece they hold in their heart for the whole.   For these children are not separate.  Each child is existing a new form… a new way of being in their body.  Each child is teaching us, showing us the way to parent, to meet them, to support them… each child is building and creating our shared future.  From very young, their consciousness is leading.   Each symptom in our children’s bodies is a symptom of something greater our child wishes us to know.  Each child contains the infinite within and has been part of weaving us all into a new form.  It is time we see them for who they truly are… and receive what their souls, their hearts and their bodies are longing to share.

The invitation is offered now to listen to the incoming souls and children of your family and community… to begin to realise and live the structure of home and true family your children know and are here to build for us all.  

Each child is the centre of a unified form that reaches into the cellular guts of our old societal structures, re-informing the tissue into coherency and cellular sustainability.  We can listen to each child, each incoming soul, and each of us, as parents, birth-workers, teachers, friends and relations.  We can place each in the centre of a unified body of listening and, through following the process of this work, traverse the personal and universal to the next unfurling of creation.  Following the same toroidal embrace spiralling through us all… from Source through all particle existence, back to Source, in infinite looping.  We can begin anywhere and move in any direction.  This work teaches the highest level of listening to the soul of the child.  We can place any child in the centre of the unified body and receive the entirety of creation through the child and through each of us.  We can listen to the place where every child, every adult, every cell in the body tells a story and leads us back to the whole… one creation unfurling… one out breath… one infinite expression.   

Learn to listen one child at a time, to all children.  Learn to follow a personal process, illness, distortion or challenge through to full resolution… to follow separation through to the full unity of creation… to step into the symptom and be brought home to the resolution within form.  Each of us has a story, but every piece is part of a greater story articulating itself in each moment… each listening gives form to this universal and gives DNA level informing to each human as universal.   

When we form unified bodies, we give our children a structure through which they can express themselves… a body they are familiar with and know how to function in.  A child in unity communicates through a cellular structure of unity… and when we listen from this place there is resolution within their system, coherence and integrity within their form.  They are teaching us through their bodies, beyond the cause-and-effect model of separation and duality… beyond all that we thought we knew.  This is the place of true listening, revealing the future our children are here to create.


Training Process

We now begin a training process whereby the receiving of the incoming consciousness is both encoded, embodied and shared with others as one fluid movement of transformation.   The form exists beyond linear, beyond duality and the digestion of the world through separate systems.  The experience of life within the body is articulated in toroidal loops of form and functioning.   We can receive, digest and function as one greater fluid system in constant generative motion… one creational body.  

The known embodied truth of this work exists within the shared experience of it.  We explore this new territory together.

There are generally three levels to receiving and embodying this work:

  • the foundations and fundamentals of the geometry and evolution
  • the receiving of sessions in your own body, children, family
  • the sharing of this work with others through your body, through the full cellular encoding and embodied truth and seeing it return in toroid form

Invite the ones you wish to share this with, those ready to listen, to receive and explore this new territory with you. 
A simple invitation can be given:

“you are invited to participate in a listening group, that will receive all children and incoming souls in their core truth and integrity and interconnected purpose and support the understanding of their consciousness and creation of our shared future as parents, family and community of these children”

Look through the eyes of the incoming souls and children in your family and community.   Notice what is being highlighted, brought to awareness… where the invitation from the children is being offered… where they are asking to be met… the symptoms, the disconnect, the holding… feel where the incoming consciousness is leading, ready to be received higher, wider, into a fuller capacity of form and functioning… a full breath.   See the place to begin listening…. and follow the process.

Every issue can be listened to from the highest place of listening and resolution and often the symptom is highlighting an entry point.   Look at the themes that are current and activating… food sensitivities/digestive systems, vaccines/immune systems, ecology/sustainable systems, aging/longevity/cellular heath, fertility/conception/birth, establishment of home/safety/money.  Current themes at the moment are the digestion of all foods and experiences beyond limitation and toxicity (including gluten, sugar etc), the process of cell regeneration, integrity and coherence beyond aging, money as part of the base structure and foundation of the toroidal system and the revealing of a truly sustainable planetary body.

You are the trainer and this is your group.  It can have any number of people of any age and connection.   Each group will reveal something unique and universal and feed back into the whole, and the core of this work.  The same themes will emerge across different groups and unfurl the precise same cellular truths… your group becomes the canvas upon which you see your unique and universal self, and hear your voice within the greater body of this work.

You will be receiving and leading others from the one body as one fluid cell-to-cell-to-cell process …this is the training… you are both the trainer and the one being trained, in full lemniscate motion. 

When the body is functioning as one fluid system, with full permeability across the membrane of form, each new listening, led by any within the body, is received and digested through the entire form instantaneously.   Beyond time and space, all cells are fully informed, in form and functioning, as one body.  Here, we experience the heartbeat, the pulse, the full in-breath and out-breath of creation through the form… through all cells, all beings… toroid particles in constant reorganisation around the same core and coherency.   Here we are truly existing the new creation. 

The fundamentals will be taught by Shelley.  She will personally introduce the work to your new group and set up the architecture to receive the incoming consciousness.   She will lead you and your group through the creational form of the work, the form and functioning of the one body, holding the structure for you to teach within.  Written notes and diagrams will also be provided.

The high-level listening will be led by Joan and Rony, in receiving and realising the truth within the form at every level… from the highest, widest view into the detail of the cellular biological functioning.   They will teach the process of pure listening and articulation of what is being revealed in each moment. Following the lead of the incoming soul or child as they meet their parents, their birth-workers, their family and community within the one system, traversing home within form, and giving structure to the next functional steps forward from here.

We begin with a 12 week training process, with the fluidity to follow the unfurling of the work as it develops.  Nothing is set, nothing is limited… all reveals itself into the fullness of the design.  The creation in witness of itself as it expresses through us all.  


Training is ongoing, new enquiries welcome...