Our bodies are evolving, many of us feel this and know this.. but nowhere is it more evident to witness than in the conception template of the incoming child.  The evolution from the old linear spiritual anatomy was observed just before the start of 2012.   Both the pre-conception preparation and the embryonic development in-utero revealed a toroidal field structure, the soul essence spiralling in toroidal form at a cellular creational level.  This was a clear move beyond the earlier architecture of linear embodiment through the individuated hara-line and chakra system.  The toroidal architecture of the child presenting us with the beginning stages of true embodied unity.  At this stage the separate aura or energetic field evolved into a torus field, functioning in unity with all existence, and energetic anatomy of chakras seemed to  have dissolved completely.   The developing embryo revealed the dance of soul and body taking place in spiral form, with the soul engaging through the central vortex of the body enveloped in toroid.   The architecture prior to this time showed the soul enter through the midline hara alignment in the developing embryo around 12 weeks of development. This same transition can be witnessed in the spiritual development of the adult transcending separation and engaging in unity with themselves and other at a 9th dimensional level.  It seemed these children were beginning life at this level of unified existence. 

The essence of the incoming child born within the architecture of unity began to teach us about the form of true unified existence.  To fully receive and understand the gift of this child we need to meet them at this new reference point.  We can experience the core coherency at the heart centre spiralling in toroidal form and functioning.     It is here we can enter the same geometry.   The easy thing about this, is that our children have brought us the precise geometry and structure to enable us to meet them.  The incoming soul in session could be seen to bring their geometry into the cells of the mother.. literally picking her up in a toroidal embrace.  The receptive mother could feel the reinforming of her cells, the spiralling of her core and heart coherency merge with her incoming child.  This was especially receivable during the pre-conception connection to the incoming soul, the pregnancy experience and the heart-to-heart connection during breast-feeding.  As both existed in one merged and shared toroidal field the incoming could inform the mother's cells as their own.. and the unified body was birthed.. one biological form and functioning through the merged core coherency at the heart.   One core spiral of toroidal spin through two bodies creating union.  And we entered new stage, of creating biological coherency and unified body realities.  Within the cellular structure of unity many stunning shifts can be observed;  the base structures and building blocks of form renew .. electrical signals from the unified heart inform the functioning field, nervous systems align, heart-rate, breathing...  thoughts relay, cognitive understanding, an identity of 'I Am' develops beyond the individual.. physiological processes develop beyond separate.. digestive system, immune system, organ functioning all strengthen and we see vast and subtle changes on many levels our biological existence.  The toroidally informed biology is of higher coherency, greater integrity and sustainability. Cell renewal and regenerative functioning increases with the core embodiment of the soul into the toroidal form.  With union at the heart core and fully merged toroidal fields the being experiences increasing levels of coherency of form and functioning.  

Seeing a child functioning in their own toroidal field and embodiment is the first step to understanding the building blocks of unity.  Then we can see a child's soul functioning in wider toroidal fields and embodiment infra-structures.   We begin to understand family unified bodies with one toroidal field encompassing the one body of family.

The incoming child invites us to step towards them.. to step beyond our individual reference point of self, and even our views of family and meet them at the core reference point of their new geometry.   It is literally a step from separation to unity, a new zero point and axis of identity.  Our children hold us in their vision of our future in the same way as we hold them in our vision.  The shift is stepping into the child's vision of world, seeing our future from the eyes of unity.   As we step toward the child we leave behind our dualities of functioning and linear understandings.. the child's world operates in lemniscates and looping, spin and coherency, infinite toroidal rotations from centre informing the vision and living experience.   We step from a linear axis to the axis at the centre of a unified infrastructure and everything we thought we knew is turned around and upside down.  The child exists in a midline and core of infinitely unfurling geometry, creation in action.  The world of the child is seen in its interconnected harmonics and relational form.  This child does not understand separate.. separate from what?   When we step toward the child we meet them at their axis of truth, the child' s unique 0,0 co-ordinates in the universal tapestry of existence that sees and understands as the child does.  This one step often results in notable shifts in the child's nervous system functioning.. the electrical circuitry of a highly functioning (often frenetic) child will soften and drop into this place of being met, validated in their core existence, and supported through a merging of structure.   The torus field of the child stabilises.. met.. engaged with.. creating, harmonising, and increasing coherency and integrity of the whole.  When we function with them in unity, we essentially strengthen them, their core soul integrity and cellular health and vitality.  

We unify with our child to become greater than the sum of the two parts.. more whole.. and this brings greater integrity of relationship, integrity of cell form and functioning and fulfilment.  The torus is a self-generating field that loops back upon itself, informing and reinforming the core.. spinning the core essence of the being out into the rotational field and feeding back to source at core.  When we meet and engage with the child we strengthen the structure and function of the child's system.   The field organises and reorganises the world around into coherency with the child.  A family torus in spin from the unified heart of the family body reorganises the world around into coherency with the family.  Higher and more stable spin coherency created through merged fields and the forming of a unified family body.  Parents that live apart from their children and family within community can also engage with the geometry of the child to function in unified coherent systems and in doing so feed back structural support and nourishment to the child.   There is an interesting redefining of roles and structures within family and community.  An obvious example, being the capacity of the father to protect and provide for his child through this foundation of family.  Wider community to hold parenting roles through unified family form.  These children are teaching us the true base form and functioning of unity beyond our old definitions and boundaries.   It is a new foundation for life.

The son rises in a new embodiment geometry that supports the mother, father and family to rise to meet the child and engage together creating a new foundation for family functioning and relationship.  Parenting and community are reinformed and redefined here.  Child-led education takes on a new meaning.  



         each time a star is born the entire universe reorganises in response to the creational unfurling magnificence

The children are here to unify us at a true cellular level of reality and create the unity of one global family we know to be true.  Their foundation is unity and this is how they are designed to function.  To them, our old rules of separation, boundaries, control and limitation are antiquated and unnatural.  These children do not have separate fields and separate bodies contained within, they do not have personal boundaries in the way we have understood them from our reference point of separation.  Their respect for other exists within a coherent field of unity, mutual and at a high level of authenticity of relationship.. they will not likely respect or obey rules, boundaries, or authority figures that manipulate, distort or otherwise represent a version of reality that is not the child's truth.   Lies and distortions are transparent to these children.  They experience what the other feels and thinks as one body.. they are in communication with the other as one body, not two.  'my body is this' (the child referencing inside themselves) "and my body is this" (referencing outside themselves).  They are discerning at a high level, knowing and resting into coherency and not afraid to fight or speak out against anything less.  To meet the child at the core of their merged heart we can look out through their eyes into the world and experience life in their body and here we begin to understand.. we see the same thing through eyes of unity.. understanding is implicit and the child' reference point for reality strengthened.  When we stand in the referent point of separation and look at the same child and the same behaviour we see them through a lens of the separate, linear world.. and these spiralling coherent children will never make sense, the behaviours of these infinite beings will never fit, they will not conform to the rights and wrongs of a world in duality they have come to awaken us from.


The coherency formed from the merging and union of the torus fortifies and brings structural integrity to the cellular system of the whole.    The higher coherency of a unified toroidal field form can raise the body beyond food intolerances, toxicity, cancer and other cellular distortion and diseases of separation.  Sensitive systems are fortified, the digestive tract in particular as the world becomes more fully digestible to this coherent body.  All of life can be taken in, and digested and received from.   The capacity to digest not only food, but the experience of life increases dramatically.  The more coherent system now informing the lesser coherency, reorganising chaos and separation and distortion into coherent organised functioning.   The toroid is a self sustaining generative field form and shifts the biology into the timeless measure of creation-recreation, beyond the linear-time, degenerative cellular functioning we have accepted for so long.


Many of the spiritual concepts and ideologies that people are discovering and employing in their spiritual search are now outdated and now longer part of the child's system or functioning.  Attempting to impose a lesser or old system healing approach is counter-productive to the child, even if well intended.  Letting go of all we thought we knew and allowing our children to lead from their more evolved systems gives us the space and receptivity to be informed by the geometry and consciousness of the child.   Meeting the child in this new reference point and forming into true union together, we are existing in and functioning in the same system, the same capacities and functioning.  WE are meeting our child in the way they need us to, to validate their core essence and way of being in the world, we can understand them from the same reference point and see from the same perspective.  The toroidal form and unified heart of the family that holds and embraces all members in true union and relationship.  


Coherence is the new reference point of the child.. they experience the world in coherency or lack of..  they gift coherency to a world in chaos.   Coherence comes from a Latin word meaning “to stick together and can be defined as 'the quality of forming a unified whole'.  In physics two wave sources are perfectly coherent if they have a constant phase difference and the same frequency.  

Creation, Evolution and the New Biology

The potential of the body created as pure creational geometry, at the highest level… the creational precision and perfection of the flower-of-life in form... the perfect golden spiral ratio... the perfect cellular coherency and purity... form giving life to form, cell dividing into cells, precision unfurling in precision at each stage of development… the form never losing integrity with its origin, cells not losing integrity with the original cell… the incoming soul reveals the potency and precision of their own creation.. we have the opportunity to glimpse this creation and stand on this creational threshold with the soul that will be our child.  From here all is infinitely possible.

Many of the understandings and practices we have around conception fall far below this level of creation.   Understanding the consciousness birthing onto the planet right now requires us to listen higher, and open further, to take ourselves beyond the old limits and spiritual teachings of a world in separation.  If our children are no longer birthing into bodies of separation then the era of separation has ended, and the tools of separation are redundant.  

We are witnessing the birth of children into unified cellular geometries, awakened and present to a higher consciousness, a higher identity, and many who reference themselves in  non-duality.   An identity of "I am" that includes all of existence..    We can no longer impose on these children our outdated beliefs about the world and how to live the struggle to survive. We can no longer impose upon this design of absolute truth and perfection.  Their blueprint exists beyond the chaos and distortion, beyond the karma and collective trauma, beyond the survival level of what we have known as human.  Our children hold the key to unlock our future, the future of a new humanity.  The blueprint is divine and the cellular truth immaculate.  The purity and coherency untouchable by that which is not.  There is no course for protection, as there is nothing to be protected from, this form exists in a non-duality beyond light and dark and the paradigms of separation we have explored over aeons.  

If the incoming souls can create using this geometry their earthly bodies for themselves to be born into … If we can receive them into our bodies with this new reference point for reality… then we rebirth our own bodies into this truth, and stand upon this new firmament together with them in the birthing of a new world.


Unity and The Spiral

The golden children through their preparation and arrival have brought an infrastructure of personal and global unity through the golden spiral.

Many children arriving today embody into an architecture of unity.  They no longer arrive into a body of separation with the old linear embodiment infra-structure; they do not embody into the separation-based reality that generations before them have arrived into.  This threshold was crossed in 2011/2012. 

Many children since that time are arriving into a spiral and toroidal embodiment infra-structure.  Their soul arrives in unity, i.e. the two halves of the soul have remerged into one and the original separation is not playing out to create their bodies and reality in separation.  They do not need to search for themselves, work on finding themselves or reconnecting with Source, as they never fully separate from this.  They weave their bodies, cellularly-speaking, on unity and wholeness and integrity.  When the cells are coherent with the soul, a greater capacity of soul can embody.  The work has been done to unweave the personal, genetic and collective trauma of humanity and separation from the body, and these souls can weave a new cellular truth and create a new reality from  original source consciousness.  They are new players in the game and they are playing by new rules.  Their bodies operate in unity and they are designed to engage and merge with others.  

Each child or adult embodied in a toroidal form will seek to merge with other, by engaging their core spiral, and bringing evolutionary changes together, as one body, to create greater unity.  Each spiral core of one body can merge fully with the spiral core of another body and form a new and fortified spiral.  This merging can happen multiple times to create greater and greater unification and coherency.  Each spiral is the centre of a rotating toroidal field and each time two or more spirals merge they create a new unified torus, spinning with the coherency of all individuals as one, increasing cumulatively as the body grows.  Each merging creating a new unified body with greater cellular capacity and integrity.

The new children are designed to engage with their parents in one unified spiral embodiment.  A mum-dad-baby spiral creates one family spiral, one family toroidal field and begins to build a family body, impacting the evolution and cellular reality of each member of the family.  The spiritual ‘work’ or ‘path’ of the parents is accelerated and the child is the one who typically holds the stronger and more coherent field informing the parents.

After unifying with mother, or the primary attachment/parent, the combined spiral becomes stronger and body capacity greater, this field can then embrace other family members more easily as it is the stronger field.  As the spiral moves into the cells, the transformation happens within, bringing all parts of the individual into unity with themselves and from this new coherency, cellular health, emotional release and new thought processes awaken, the individual accelerates in their spiritual growth and understanding and new choices and realities begin to create themselves.

The spiral is experienced through the child’s body and can be felt seeking to engage with other, when this is not received there is a feeling like hitting a wall, and indeed it is a wall, of separation, that stands in the way of this merging.  Each child in spiral will seek to unify to feel themselves and be met, and to expand out into a greater body.  Often these souls have such a great capacity to bring here to Earth, they need more bodies to stretch out into, to move into relationship with other, literally through unifying the biology into a greater body.  This has been observed primarily at the family level, but is moving out into community and global bodies.  There is a direct evolutionary gift and acceleration and transformation for all who receive the soul of the child into their body. 

The children are here to unify us at a true cellular level of reality and create a wholeness we can only dream of.  This is how they are designed to function and to them, our old rules of separation and boundaries and control and limitation are antiquated and unnatural.  There is no judgment, only an invitation to receive the souls’ of our children arriving fully and embrace this new capacity of humanity as it is offered to us.  The children hold the map of our collective evolution on this planet and all the pieces are present and connected.  They offer this to us if we are ready to receive it.


Soul Twin Unity

The new children who arrive whole and unified will not be born into the same experience of separation that we have carried through this life.  Their soul is undivided and they arrive here in unity with themselves.  For each of us who has arrived here in a linear embodiment of separation we seek to return to our wholeness.. we search for the other half of our soul, the soul twin, or twin-flame, or beloved.  Our core soul has divided into masculine and feminine as part of the experience of duality, to experience ourselves as separate from ourselves and from Source.  When we return to union with our soul twin it is a return home, a truth we have been searching for most of our lives.  It is the other half of ourselves we are missing, and have been seeking to replace through relationship and attachment.  This other half of our soul is a being with an essence and quality that is at once familiar and unfamiliar, it is a homecoming to ourselves as we have been apart for so long.. and the fit is perfect.  The two halves come together perfectly and weave together within the body.  This can be felt like a weaving across the midline of two separate halves of the body. And the weave is a spiral.. the spiral.. the geometry of unity.  As we return home to ourselves within this body our embodiment geometry transforms from linear to spiral, and we feel the spiral engage through our core of two halves reunited, and our torus field forms, extending out to our own soul origin... home.  There is a period of adjustment as we ‘get to know’ this other, who is new and yet so known, this other person now existing in our body.  The twin often has a physicality that can be felt, a posture, musculature, jawbone and face shape.  The twin has a personality and strengths and expression that is often the compliment of what we know ourselves to be.  The twin is the beloved other half of the self and the joy of reunion can be overwhelming.  With the twin merging and reunion the whole being is embodied in unity and the body engages with life via the spiral and torus field geometry.  The spiral becomes the baseline coherency for the cells to rise to a new frequency of wholeness and integrity with self, and the unity with self opens the being to engagement with all others in unity.  The spiral seeks to merge with others in spiral unity also, to form merged spirals of greater and greater coherency, new building blocks of a new unified humanity.


The FluidBody

As we enter the realms of cellular unity, a geometry within us begins to awaken.  The golden spiral becomes the baseline coherency for higher geometries to form within the body.  The structure of the water in the body begins to be informed by higher levels of consciousness, in the same way as witnessing the incoming souls prepare and structure the cells to hold higher and higher capacities of consciousness within their bodies... it is in the water, or fluid structure of the body.. the geometry is structured to hold the integrity of the incoming soul consciousness, and the structure is pristine and universal, aligning the fluid within the body with the greater universal bodies.  The geometries hold the purity and coherency of the embodiment and the interconnected nature of all bodies connected together as one fluidbody of consciousness.. one fluid resonant system of information and communication and the feeling of being held in the fluid ocean of all consciousness, carried by the cosmic tides in full integrity and truth.. the biology literally experiences the fluid grace of the universe within and we find a new resting place and potency within these bodies .... together as one with our children, and all beings.  This is the gateway to a new biological reality ready to be explored.


The Birthing of the Firmament

Imagine each of the souls arriving to be our children here on earth come from a star realm that is their soul home, an origin far from here that has its own unique essence and consciousness... and each of the stars in the firmament of the heavens is part of this larger cosmology of consciousness that is now able to bring itself into this Earthly realm.  So, imagine each of the children arriving holds a piece of Home, their soul origin on a cosmic level and the firmament of all stars in relationship to each other holds our Heavenly body in orbit.  Together the bodies of our children hold a map, of the stars, of home, of the firmament of the heavens and beyond.  And understand also, the unified geometry our children are arriving and preparing in these human bodies upon the earth.. so that they can engage their unique piece of home into a unified architecture of embodiment.. to recreate the map of the heavens in one greater unified body upon the earth… to literally birth Heaven on Earth..

When this collective body of stars is birthed here through our children and holds our collective map of Home, we have essentially birthed the firmament onto the Earth.  This firmament becomes the collective truth on which we stand.  It becomes our new foundation, our new platform for reality, our new garden paradise.  The many beings collectively received by the earth, bring the seeds for the new Eden, the new Earthly garden of non-duality.. each child, each seed of each star now arriving is met by home here within the firmament of the earth and duality ceases its play on this earthly being.. they are never separate from Home, they are born here and met by the consciousness of Home, received by Home here, in the earth and within the one fluidbody (that is designed to hold this consciousness).  And we are Home here in these bodies and separation is no longer the foundation of our existence. 

As the firmament is being birthed, the earth has also moved through her process of evolution to be ready to receive the firmament..and the beings ready now to arrive here beyond this.  This readiness was experienced this year in mid 2015 and the game changes.



Our incoming souls exist and weave themselves into form that births them into existence.. in effect, they exist themselves in an infinite matrix of geometry that includes us as their parents, and family body.  It is here they redefine conception, birth and belonging...

We cannot see them as linear.. coming from there to here.. we see them as they see us, in toroidal form, witnessing their own creation

Only they hold the answers to our questions.. about their own conception.. the intricately woven divinely graceful creation that they are leading

We can learn to meet them in the shared coherency of the family heart.

An incoming soul is here to be birthed into the fulfilment of their own design.. not our own ideas or intentions.  We do not need to control this process in a 'fix ourselves first' kind of way.  The incoming soul leads the dance of mother and child in the greater orchestration of conception through universal realms and multi-dimensional realities.  They are in the drivers seat and lead us as they conceive through the weave of our own soul expression, embodiment and family story.  All is in resolution through them and their lead.  Receiving them in full trust and integrity allows this process to move through us at every level necessary for the physical conception.

We can embody our incoming souls into our own bodies long before conception.  They exist on multiple dimensions and temporal spatial fields and often come to us from our own future.. from their known place of existing as our child in form.. they see conception from the other direction.. 'backwards in our timeline' from the fully realised child towards the birth, the pregnancy, conception and meeting of their parents.  Their essence is present at each juncture and they are weaving themselves within our bodies as mothers and fathers, they are the longing we feel in our hearts.  


The embryological template of unity has been active since 2012.  Children arriving in spiral architecture beyond the linear embodiment.  The soul engaging into cellular form early after conception and no longer at the 12 week stage, no longer in separation.  

Pregnancy changes with higher coherency. The birth imprint lessens.

Global coherency grids also arrived with these children.

The incomings that followed unfurled in evolutionary grace in front of our eyes.. each conception, each new incoming and geometry of embodiment, each home realm encoded into form, each birth in the context of the whole.. interwoven in astounding complexity

We can no longer see an individual baby, separate and existing in the old rules

Embodiment is at higher and higher levels of unity.. a staircase to God

Biology, biochemistry, cell form and function.. fluid biologies recognising their interconnectedness to all of life.. soul origin identities, home realms, the cosmic ocean in fluid resonance within all cells... all beings, functioning as one fluid cellular system 

A unified fluid body to receive a higher consciousness and circuitry, direct from Source