The New Paradigm

Introductory Course: Basics of Unified & Beyond Unified Functioning

A new paradigm now exists that is unprecedented for our humanity and our earth. It changes the game on how we have live, how we orient to life, our bodies, to one another and to Source. In this 4-week course you will experience the shift from singular or separate functioning that has been informed by your individual and our collective history and imprint, into the core of living in unified functioning and beyond. Through the fundamentals of the immaculate cell, we will explore and experience first hand the new paradigm where spirit and matter are one and where each person can land into the new territory of eternal, generative cellular daily living. This life changing transformation occurs in the cells in real time. This course is wonderful for those who have been on the spiritual or healing path and know there is more available but can’t quite pinpoint what that is. It is perfect for parents of high consciousness children and those folks without children or grown children who have been seeking answers or resolution to lifelong issues (or many lifetimes) that cannot be touched in the current paradigm that has existed until now.

This introductory course is available to all, no experience necessary. It is recommended to have one personal session with the Incoming Souls Teaching Body during the course of the 4-week program in addition to the program itself.

This global group course is led online via Zoom video conferencing. Calls last roughly 2 hours.

$500 USD for the full 4 week process. Payments can be made via PayPal to:

Intermediate Course: The Immaculate Cell and Body of Source Form Beyond Betrayal

This 5-week course is the guts of the work and the core knowing/living of the new paradigm body. Together we will traverse the stunning, illuminated territory of the immaculate cell. From the place of complete resolution and absolute pure substance of true creation beyond any betrayal of home or fallen history, we will explore the core functioning at complete cellular fullness of the immaculate gift as it reinforms and rewrites the cellular truth from and to the body of Home as our own. We will touch Home first hand to understand the divinely pristine anatomy of this massive form of many beings functioning as one, and how our bodies exist in this, as this. We will work with the twin aspect of self, the many twins in the group body of the course; we will touch home realms and the simultaneous weightlessness and solidity of White Home, never separated source form; the architecture of the immaculate cell and lift into the full standing of existing the creational body beyond all story, imprint and held distortion. We will stand into the atomic coherency spin of the entire infinite body as cellular reality, where spirit and matter, source and cell are one and will understand what it’s like to live this in daily life with our children, incomings, families, communities, earth, food, etc. This course will solidify and ignite the core coherency through the heart and will provide greater first hand experience and understanding of immaculate source form functioning, in it’s profundity and ultimately it’s simplicity as a body. This course is wonderful for truly integrating the basic fundamentals of unified and beyond unified functioning.

This course is those who have completed the introductory course and have had at least two personal sessions, or for those who have been involved in the Incoming Souls work for some time and are ready to engage at the current ‘edge’ of evolutionary informing and substance. It is also suited for those who have received only personal sessions and are ready to exist through a group body in larger coherency and tangibility of unified/beyond unified functioning.

This global group course is led online via Zoom video conferencing. Calls last roughly 2 hours.

$750 USD for the full 5 week process. Payments can be made via PayPal to:

Advanced Training

Advanced training is available for professionals and for personal purposes. Please see the Training page for more information.