If we move beyond separation .. what is the body? We have now moved beyond embodiment, a soul entering a body for a period of growth. We have moved beyond the original creation, the fall and return home. There is a new begin.. beyond any separation, where the weaving of creational form exists as a new fabric .. form beyond the separate body, beyond embodiment, but more physical than ever before. We are not ascending out of our bodies, but moving beyond death and dimensionalisation as the body.. as a new fabric of elemental particle substance.. creational form woven beyond all duality, creation-destruction, spirit-matter, divine-human.. There is a new definition of body that begins and ends with the fabric.. light - code - form... our cells can now begin where the incoming souls of pure light form creation begin. As the same.

The fabric is essentially the weave of a new blueprint for creation (a new matrix). We have received all incoming souls weaving a tapestry of light and geometry into the cells, motioned through a toroidal circuitry of Source at increasing levels of unified function, informing the bioform of human.. to arrive at this point of a new creational matrix, new genesis code.. the fabric of all of existence beyond time in motion from Source, but with a new set of instructions .. the fabric of all existence beyond separation, knowing itself as never separated, as the body.

These incoming souls are no longer arriving on earth.. they are not entering through the old incarnational gateways.. they do not leave earth in the same way.. there is no death for these beings... they literally enfold the fabric of the entire form around their unique co-ordinates, creating a body as we know it, human baby form, here, but never leaving home.. The fabric folding upon itself through the new creational matrix to inform form.. like stitches in the creational tapestry, where the stitch loops from soul origin home to body, as home, in the same time-space and the entire fabric enfolds around this point .. never separate, existing as the form of all existence in motion from home, beyond time space and dimensionalisation.. all right here now.

The gateway is the body is the matrix is the fabric is the form. All. The motion of the form is the expression of creation in unfurling precision. This is woven by many many beings within the fabric, beings of many many origins and universal realms. All beings in the fabric are also present in their individual dimensional existence.. if you see from the core point you see the one particle composition of all and from another view see the dimensional realm aspects through all.

We have entered this game through separation, and worked hard at reunifying our soul aspects and unifying with other, awakening and returning to God Source. The incoming children for the last 6 years have entered and embodied into unified architecture, creating layers of unified infrastructure to receive new incoming consciousness and lift the whole, supporting our collective awakening and return to Source. Now the incoming souls can create a body here that has never experienced separation in any capacity. Just as the linear architecture of separation evolved in our children to the toroid geometry of unity, this now falls away as the scaffolding of unified form, revealing a new beginning in our cells.. we begin where the incoming soul begins, beyond unity.. cells that have never known separation or duality.. the genesis cell informed and informing from the one infinite fabric of Source form.. elemental particle structure that knows true home, enfolded around the point of always met.. always home.

These beings can never not be met, to use a double negative, as they enfold the fabric of their earth bodies as creators, their families are gathered into the weave, the motion, the articulation of met.. substance, cellular form of Source.. life unfurls to bring the family to the met point of the child.. in union, but knowing the place beyond unity .. the one family., the one timeless cell of all creation.

It is the incoming child who sees, the one who enters here, enfolding and existing as the entire fabric. It is the incoming child who knows life as the timeless cell in inherent transparency, existing in the articulation of absolute truth beyond integrity, evemet in the motion of the creational unfurl of the form. It is the incoming child that invites the mother to be met, the mother, who is welcomed by the baby, into the fabric of their form, in the infinite embrace of the enfolding motion of eternally met.

This is the gift...given and received in each heartbeat