A dance of essence and architecture


Working with the incoming souls we evolve the architecture of the parent to meet the child, establishing a cellular coherency, a unified body, a dance of soul into form, into which the arriving soul can reveal their truth and lead the process in exquisite perfection and unfurling.


Our bodies are evolving, many of us feel this and know this, but nowhere is it more evident to witness than in the conception template of the incoming child.  The evolution beyond the old linear spiritual anatomy was observed just before the start of 2012.   Both the pre-conception preparation and the embryonic development in-utero revealed a toroidal field structure, the soul essence spiraling in toroidal form at a cellular creational level.  This was a clear move beyond the earlier architecture of linear embodiment through the individuated hara-line and chakra system.  The toroidal architecture of the incoming child presented us with the beginning stages of true embodied unity.    The developing embryo revealed the dance of soul and body taking place in spiral form, with the soul engaging through the central vortex of the body enveloped in toroid.   The architecture prior to this time showed the soul enter through the midline hara alignment in the developing embryo around 12 weeks of development. This same transition can be witnessed in the spiritual development of the adult transcending separation and engaging in unity with self and Source.  It seemed that many of these incoming children were  beginning life at this level of unified existence and in doing so began changing the game for all. 

The essence of the incoming child conceived within the architecture of unity begins to teach us about the form and functioning of true unified existence.  To fully receive and understand the gift of this child we need to meet them at this new reference point.  We can meet them in the core coherency at the heart centre, spiraling in toroidal form and functioning and it is here we enter the same geometry.   It is our children who have brought us the precise geometry and structure to enable us to exist with them in unified form.  The incoming soul in session can be seen to weave their geometry into the cells of the mother; literally picking her up in an exquisite toroidal embrace.  The receptive mother can feel the reinforming of her cells, the spiraling of her core and heart coherency merge with her incoming child.  Through this precise shift in architecture the incoming soul can reveal their true essence and presence.  As both exist in one merged and shared toroidal field, the incoming can inform the mother's cells as their own, and the unified body begins to function in fluid union.  This is most potently receivable during the pre-conception connection to the incoming soul, the pregnancy experience and the heart-to-heart connection during breast-feeding.     Within the cellular structure of unity many stunning shifts can be observed.  The base structures and building blocks of form renew, electrical signals from the unified heart inform the functioning field, nervous systems align, heart-rate, breathing, thoughts relay, a cognition of 'I Am' develops beyond the individual, physiological processes develop beyond separate, digestive system, immune system, organ and systemic functioning all strengthen and we begin to see vast and subtle changes in our biological relational existence.  The toroidally informed biology is of overall higher coherency, greater integrity and sustainability.  Cell renewal and regenerative functioning increases with the core embodiment of the soul into the toroidal form.  With union at the heart core and fully merged toroidal fields the being experiences increasing levels of coherency of form and functioning in this world.  

The torus fortifies and brings structural integrity to each individual and the cellular system of the whole.    The higher coherency of the unified toroid form can raise the body beyond food intolerances, toxicity, cancer and other cellular distortion and diseases of separation.  Sensitive systems are fortified, the digestive tract in particular, as the world becomes more fully digestible to this coherent body.  All of life can be taken in, and digested and received.   The capacity to digest not only food, but the experience of life increases dramatically.  The more coherent system now informing the lesser coherency, reorganising chaos, separation and distortion into coherent, organised functioning.   The toroid is a self-sustaining generative field form and shifts the biology into the timeless measure of creation-recreation, beyond the linear-time, degenerative cellular functioning we have accepted for so long.  It is an exciting new territory of exploration.


The children are here to unify us at a true cellular level of reality and create the unity of one global family we know to be true.  Their foundation is unity and this is how they are designed to function.  To them, our old rules of separation, boundaries, control and limitation are antiquated and unnatural.  These children do not have separate fields and separate bodies contained within, they do not have personal boundaries in the way we have understood them from our reference point of separation.  Their respect for other exists within a coherent field of unity, mutual and at a high level of authenticity of relationship.  They will not likely respect or obey rules, boundaries, or authority figures that manipulate, distort or otherwise represent a version of reality that is not the child's truth.      They are discerning at a high level, knowing and resting into coherency and not afraid to fight or speak out against anything less.  To meet the child at their core, through the unified family heart we can look out through their eyes into the world and experience life in their body and here we begin to understand.  We see the same truth through eyes of unity... understanding is implicit and the child's reference point for reality strengthened.  When we stand in the referent point of separation and look at the same child and the same behaviour we see them through a lens of the separate, linear world, and these spiraling, coherent children will never make sense, the behaviours of these infinite beings will never fit, they will not conform to the rights and wrongs of a world in duality they have come to awaken us from.


Many of the spiritual concepts and ideologies that people are discovering and employing in their spiritual search are now outdated and are no longer part of the child's system or functioning.  Attempting to impose a lesser or old system healing approach is counter-productive to the child, even if well intended.  Letting go of all we thought we knew and allowing our children to lead from their more evolved systems gives us the space and receptivity to be informed by the geometry and consciousness of the child.   Meeting the child in this new reference point we are growing into true union together, we are existing the same capacities and functioning and living from the same truth.  We are meeting our child in the way they need us to, to validate their core essence and way of being in the world, we can understand them from the same reference point and see from the same perspective.  The toroidal form and unified heart of the family that holds and embraces all members in true union and relationship.  



The incoming child invites us to step towards them, to step beyond our individual reference point of self and meet them at the core reference point of their new geometry.   It is literally a step from separation to unity, a new zero point and axis of identity.  Our children hold us in their vision of our future in the same way as we hold them in our ours.  The shift in axis is stepping into the child's vision of world and seeing our future through their eyes.   As we step toward the child we leave behind our dualities of functioning and linear, cause-and-effect understandings. The child's world operates in lemniscates and looping, spin and coherency, infinite toroidal rotations from centre informing the vision and living experience.   We step from a linear axis to the axis at the centre of a unified infrastructure and everything we thought we knew is turned upside-down and inside-out... and then it all makes sense!  The child exists in a midline and core of infinitely unfurling geometry, creation in action.  The world of the child is seen in its interconnected harmonics and relational form.  This child does not understand separate... separate from what?   When we step toward the child, we meet them at their axis of truth - the child' s unique 0,0 co-ordinates in the universal tapestry of existence that sees and understands as the child does.  This one step often results in notable shifts in the child's nervous system functioning; the electrical circuitry of a highly functioning (often frenetic) child will soften and drop into this place of being met, validated in their core existence, and supported through a merging of structure.   When we function with them in unity, it is structural.  We support their core soul embodiment, integrity and cellular health and vitality.  


We unify with our child to become greater than the sum of the two parts... more whole... and this brings greater integrity of self, integrity of relationship, integrity of cell form and functioning and soul level fulfillment.  The torus is a self-generating field that loops back upon itself, informing and reinforming the core, spinning the core essence of the being out into the rotational field and feeding back to source at core.  When we meet and engage with the child we strengthen the structure and function of the child's system.   The field organises and reorganises the world around into coherency with the child.  We begin to understand family unified bodies with one toroidal field encompassing the one body of family - a torus in spin from the unified heart of the family body reorganises the world around into coherency with each member and the family as a whole.    Parents that live apart from their children can also engage with the geometry of the child to function in unified coherent systems and in doing so feed back structural support and nourishment to the child.   There is an interesting redefining of roles and structures within family and a capacity for wider family and community to hold supporting roles through unified family form.  These children are teaching us the true base form and functioning of unity beyond our old definitions and boundaries.   It is a new foundation for life.

The toroid form of the family, unified through the heart, supports each member of the family to exist in union, supporting the full expression of each individual within the family and the shared family purpose.  The one heartbeat informing the form and function of the family body.. the out breath of each creation unfurling from here... 



listening / Meditation Suggestion

The intention is not to set an intention... do not visualise or use any technique that creates a visual filter or limitation - the toroidal geometry of the child reveals itself in the purity beyond any visualisation or concept

Listening is active, not passive.

The incoming soul or child will reveal themselves to one who listens, and this revealing will take place within the body.

To embody the incoming soul or engage with the child is to allow them to change our embodiment architecture. To reinform our cells and shift the geometry of our bodies to match their form.

Listen actively and learn to follow. Witness the shifts, transformation and revealing of the incoming soul/child within your own body.

  • changing your cellular structure into unity... moving beyond linear into a spiral vortex core extending out into rotating torus field architecture

  • engaging in the core of the unified heart, centre point of the torus in spin

  • the incoming/child meets us here, their coherency informing our form

  • a merging of coherency in the heart in union with the incoming/child - one point, one spiral, one torus, one body - true cellular unity

  • their soul moving through our body as their own

  • observe the resolution of personal stories, traumas, duality within the cells

  • feel the coherency and integrity of the cellular shifts

  • notice the new circuitry of the heart, the blood, nervous system

  • feel the quality of the womb, the reproductive organs, connective tissues

  • listen to the precise quality, the fluidity of the body, the depth of the universal truth imbued

  • feel the particles, light, star, origin, universe.. traversing a new belonging... home.

  • receive the unique essence of the incoming soul, the child in form, as they move through our shared unified system. Their consciousness and existence within our merged form..

  • this is their truth. their revelation.

  • who we are together, the gift to each other, with each other, into family, into wider awareness...

  • what is the next step to unfurl... toward our shared future... listen

  • decisions and practical steps forward are revealed from this place of listening

  • feel the reorganisation in the cells. allow the understanding to come through listening in purity to the incoming/child beyond all interpretation

  • allow the cells to shift and settle. the emotions, the stories and old identities in dissolution, the neurology of separation reinformed, new capacities, cognition and understandings will reveal themselves, new awareness, new perception, new awakenings...

... we begin to see ourselves, our families, our world and all that is pure and true through the eyes of our incoming soul and child in existence through us. The centre point or zero point of the torusfield is Source. Each new breath and creational expression unfurls from here... we begin to witness creation from this reference point... the fulfillment of that which is already created.