Next Group Session begins Wednesday, April 10th.

Our children are a constantly evolving interwoven body of consciousness, light as form, that hold the codes and geometry for an evolution of humanity on this planet beyond anything we have known

They exist this consciousness in their cells, as one infinite fabric, a constantly evolving fluid articulation of divine Source that lifts humanity, not from a ‘seeking-learning-healing’ path that adults may engage in, and not from looking to the past, history and the ancestors of this earth, but as a tidal flow of light-encoded fluid form and interconnected geometric harmonics that hold the consciousness of our newly emerging future.. one creational evolutionary unfurling, enfolding the fabric of all existence in a form that touches the cells of all beings..

The gift to bring us all home to Source is in the greater body of all of our children . it is time to listen ...

As our incoming souls exist, birth and function in the cellular weave of unity and beyond, it is only possible to truly see them through the eyes of many as one. When we listen through group forms of unified cellular capacity, our incoming souls and children can fully reveal the nature of their existence beyond separation. The canvas of many bodies reveals the intricate weaving and tapestry of many incoming souls, who exist their form and function here, the children who meet us beyond separation, engaging and informing our cells. To know and own your body here, as cellular fabric of a vaster form, is transformational… to see your incoming through the eyes of another, and to articulate the truth of many as one, changes everything. We step forward to meet them in their own form and referent view.

Listening group sessions explore the interwoven threads of our personal experience with our incoming souls and children, as one fabric, in daily living creational motion

New Group Session Begins Wednesday, April 10th at 1pm PST (US), 9pm GMT (Ireland), 8am on Thursday, April 11th NZDT

Additional Call Dates (US Time): Weds April 17th, Weds, April 24th, Tues April 30th. Calls last roughly 2 hours.

Group session is led online by Rony Reingold and Joan Harold.

$500 USD for the full 4 week process. Payments can be made via PayPal to:

This group is perfect for anyone currently involved in this work or who has recently had a session. If you are interested in this program and have never had a session, please Contact us to receive one so you may join this group exploration.

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