Every child invites us to meet them in their truth.. the embodied truth in their cells, the consciousness they bring, the core truth of their being that is encoded into their body.  When we meet them they reveal to us who they are, how they exist and function in the world, and the gift they bring.  There are fundamental geometries involved, codes, consciousness and an understanding of how the chid fits together, within their own soul embodied cells, and with other children of like consciousness and unified geometry.   As the soul of the child enters his body, or exists his body in functioning circuitry, we have an opportunity to meet him in this exquisite divine anatomy.  When listened to and met, every child will ‘drop’, meaning they will rest within themselves, from a core  place of being seen, met and heard.  These are the precise co-ordinates of the child, their unique essence and infra-structure of cellular form which create the living functioning biological body and references the way the child interacts with others and the world around them.  This is the fundamental reference for how a child is received and how they receive the world around them, their social interaction, digestion, relationship with food, emotion, family, school, all areas of life can all be understood from this referent view.  When met in precision and purity, the child will rest into themselves, their known and unique equation of existence.  When met, the child will be able to reference themselves through you, as mother, father, teacher etc. and relinquish the scream or demand to be heard that may be playing out symptomatically.  Most children will exhibit a significant settling of their nervous system, neurology and systemic functioning.. i.e. their circuitry.  We can literally engage with our children through their bodies and understand their functioning through meeting them there, receiving their consciousness into our own cells, and experiencing their essence and referent for life.  i.e. literally feeling what it feels like for your child to be who he or she is - soul in body - and what he or she needs us to know to support them.

In this work we speak at the level of the newest incoming souls to arrive here.. to meet them in their truth and receive their known.  As each new wave of incoming souls arrive here, with new codes of form, these are able to be received by all others, and the older children are the first to pick this up.  Our children are constantly evolving and not from a ‘seeking-learning-healing’ path that adults engage in spiritually, but from a natural waveform of unified evolutionary motion, that engages the cellular realities of all children in the interconnected lattices of their embodiment geometries.  In other words, a tidal flow that carries us all forward through the interconnected geometric harmonics of our children, as they form a tapestry of interwoven consciousness, that include the earth and cosmos in the fabric of their bodies.

We always meet each child where they are existing their soul-body to reference all else happening for the child.  It is the same for any adult also.  To reference the child as less than this, is to impose a view or window upon their functioning that comes from separation, outside the child’s consciousness, and will tend to employ a filter, distorted lens, or blinkered view, like looking at the ocean though the end of a coffee cup and thinking the ocean is a circle of blue the size of a cup.of coffee.  If we know how to listen, our children gift us the capacity to see and understand them fully, and by meeting them in the vastness of their core truth, we ultimately meet ourselves.

Some of the children I most enjoy working with are the high-functioning souls who due to their sensitivity have ended up on  restricted diets such as gluten-free, sugar-free and so on.  These children are running much higher consciousness through their small bodies and with vast sensitivity.. Similarly so with those who are considered ADHD or high functioning in ways that do not fit the norm.  It is fairly simple to help stabilise these children through the bio-circuitry of their bodies and cellular geometry of their unified embodiment, so they can continue to process the high levels of consciousness through their bodies, but with more solid stable circuitry to support them.  We can easily teach parents how to meet these children in the same cellular circuitry to additionally stabilise them through the family body.  Our children gift us an unlimited consciousness to grow and evolve with them, and we need to carefully consider the implications of imposing limitations and boundaries on these children based on separation, expecting them to exist in lesser functioning, instead of supporting them by shifting our referent and meeting them in the true unified functioning of their form.  The symptoms of the children who are not seen or heard, those who are not fundamentally met, are calling for our attention.  The physical illnesses, anxiety, depression, technology escape-addiction, are not merely symotoms of today’s lifestyle, but a call from our children who are designed to be born here now, to birth the change in consciousness, to bring the sustainable solutions and technologies for our planet, and to lift us all to be the global body of humanity they know we can be.. our children hold the keys but it is our role to support them, to fully see and listen to them beyond separation and meet them where they need to be met.

Every child is a unique and precious gift, a soul that births on earth, to share their essence, their heart and soul with us, their family, earth family, and so on out to the stars of home they know in the fabric of their cells.  Every child is also a light that shows us the truth of who we are, and how to find our freedom and source. Humanity has long been functioning in a matrix of distortion and illusion designed to perpetuate the entrapment, keeping the illusion alive to ensure we do not see the prison, or the keys to freedom.  The gift of so many children today, is that of our sovereign freedom as divine human and the capacity to create upon this beautiful earth a living paradise beyond the cycles of destruction that have existed as part of our core distorted program.  To see the child who is free, is to also know our own freedom.  To receive the light of the child is to change the world.

Shelley Lemaire