We live in a time where the consciousness of the children arriving on earth is beyond that which we have known to date.  It is imperative we do not impose an old and outdated spiritual anatomy and architecture upon these children, viewing them though a lens of what once was.  Instead, we must step beyond what we know to meet them in the revealing of an entirely new consciousness on earth.  Our children are leading a massive evolutionary wave motion of the fabric of form and existence as human, changing the very codes our cellular structure is built upon.  They have over many years created the unified structures that have become the container to receive higher incoming consciousness on earth… incoming souls gifting us the codes, geometries and evolution of form.

These children do not exist in the old spiritual architecture of separation.  They do not enter their bodies through a linear hara-line, they do not have chakras, they do not bring energy down through their midline and ground into this earth, anchoring a separate soul consciousness into a separate earth.  These children do not need crystals and blessings.  They do not need clearing or healing.  They do not have separate fields that need protecting from a harsh world.  They do not need special diets to keep them pure and non-toxic.  They do not carry our unresolved traumas and genetic stories.  They are not the result of their ancestral genetic or karmic history.  They do not carry our collective history of destruction and persecution and are not controlled by the old matrix programs.  They will not be preyed upon by the on and off-world forces that feed upon humanity in its collective entrapment.  They will not fit into our old societal structures that deny freedom and truth.  They will not fight wars or fight each other.  They will not fight the failing political systems on earth.  We do not need to teach them who they are, or why they are here.  We do not need to protect them from the world and its destructive ways.  They do not exist in separation or reference life from anything less than true unity.  We do not need to limit them. 

We need to trust them.

These children are arriving here in freedom and are not playing a duality game.  They do not need to fight against what is, as the duality of the fight itself only serves to perpetuate the dual nature of existence.  These children will begin beyond our known and they will create new systems, new global infra-structures, new solutions.  They will create these from the new biological structures they already exist in, the new base codes of unity they are already carrying, the unified consciousness they are already running in vast circuitries through their bodies.  They will create from pure creation as an unfurling wave, beyond the duality of creation - destruction.  They will stand on a new platform that holds the earth inherent within their cellular matrix and cannot conceive of being out of integrity with any aspect of their form. The global body of humanity and the earth body are part of their ‘I am’ identity of self, as one, as all.  This child begins from a freedom we have only imagined and not entertained as truly possible. 

These children know what we don’t yet know…  beyond the predictions of doom and destruction of an unsustainable planet, beyond the predictions of the extinction of our species, the degenerative diseases, and separation in our birth practices, the deforestation and pollution of our oceans.  Many parents do not want to ‘bring a child into the world the way it is’ and yet this is exactly the point.  It is our children who are here to lift us beyond the limits of our old perceptions and our old destruction patterns on replay.  It is our children that bring a certainty of a new world as it is already encoded in the cells of their bodies, together, as one fabric beyond even our concepts of unity... a form that motions from pure creation, all inherent, enfolding existence beyond unity, beyond ever separating from Source.  How can we fathom what this feels and looks like for the incoming soul who never knows themselves as separate.  Think about it for one moment, if a soul enters this world beyond separation, birth will fundamentally change, mother and baby remain fluidly inter-connected and family bodies are enfolded in the greater body of the child.  The architecture at every level of life will change with each soul existing form, as all, through all.  We cannot not be lifted and enfolded within the fabric of the body of the child.  Who we are fundamentally changes here.  Beyond the spiritual anatomy of the past, our children arrive today, with a divine anatomy of now, which inherently creates the future for all.

Shelley Lemaire