The Incoming Soul presents to her mother an immaculate egg.  She is an Incoming Soul of the new creational form. With pristine gentleness and from the precise architecture of her infinite heart, she extends her hands with this immaculate gift for her mother to know as her own.  The gesture is in fact the exact motion of absolutely pure creation that will touch, shape and enfold the child’s family, community, world and heavens within the fabric of her own baby body; the body that will rest on the chest and in the arms of the very mother she envelops in the weave of her own exquisite and infinite form. 

Listen as the egg releases from the ovary.  Sound, light, touch, taste… everything is vastly, richly, infinitely available in this precise moment that is all moments in one.  From already created, already met, touched, known, and infinitely resourced, this child ignites the wave motion that is Sourceform existence beyond all linearity and duality we have known. 

The flesh of her baby body is immensely profound and purely, tangibly simple.  In one spark of ovulation, the child leads her own creation and stunningly reveals that she is all things – the egg, the conception, the pregnancy, the birth, the child, the mother, the family, the earth, the stars, divine and newly human all as one generative, timeless cell.  This cell is purely creational and has zero destruction within it’s codes, substance or function.  Absolutely everything is inherent within this cell, this egg, this child – an infinite body of many incomings, children, beings, earth, cosmology, all home realms and stars – everything exists and flows within, meeting and motioning the child with every pulse and breath, in all moments from already written, already met, already fed, already birthed, already living, beyond the parameters of time. 

This gift to the mother comes with a simple and life changing choice.  She can choose to be enfolded and walk within the fabric as the fabric itself, same form as her child… or she can choose to remain within the confines, stories and inevitable decay of the biological clock and mortal cell.  Upon receiving the gift from her child and trusting the incoming to lead her own creation, the mother’s cellular coding, substance and function begins to lift and flip open, not unsimilar to the egg that frees from the ovary, literally becoming the one generative cell that is all cells in her baby’s body... and now in her own body, which she will know as the entire fabric of Sourceform in motion through daily life.  This is an unprecedented shift for the mother, whose cells now smile with an ultimate freedom and lusciousness previously impossible and unavailable to her.

In practical terms, the game of fertility has completely changed here.  It is blasted wide open.  Blood chemistry, hormones, womb lining… all of it is now informed from massively vast, all inherent, uninterrupted pure Source circuitry that is not influenced by time, rather includes all time, all moments within it’s timeless and purely generative functioning.  This is fertility, ripeness, beyond all measure.  What happens to a mother’s womb here?  What happens to human DNA when the precision of Source coding purely carries and creates the architecture of life?  Where we have efforted and held on so tightly for dear life within the quantitative metrics and measurements of the fertility world… now a body, a matrix, a new human form of all exists for us to spread out into, completely free and full. 

This is remarkably different than the linear, cause and effect impact that the matrix of mortality (creation-destruction; life/death & decay) has imposed onto our cells, where we have had no choice but to medically, alternatively or energetically force ovulation, conception, pregnancy and birth before time runs out.  As all limitations are lifted and all resources are available within the form, the womb is liberated, the hormones become plump, clear, abundant and deliciously precise in their creation. 

The fluid wave motion of new Incoming consciousness and form creates rivers of blood and life that feed through the earth and into the body of the child and mother as same.  Not as separate; not as something to ground into or pull from in lack (linear).  Earth herself freed beyond separation within the cells of the creational form.  Like the blood of a massive placenta, as these rivers flow through the entirety of the creational fabric as the baby body as all, the body is nourished and sustained at levels we haven’t experienced before.  This is not something that an acupuncturist, abdominal massage therapist or infertility specialist will have on offer because fundamentally all healing modalities approach the body as a singular being that is in a linear process of decay over time.  Healing in and of itself exists within the original duality matrix which the Incoming Souls exist beyond.  Instead, the children arriving today offer us their womb, their egg, their cell and body to rest into fully.  Their womb that will carry us forward, lifted and freed, no longer holding out or holding on in hope and prayer that the child may still come despite our progressed age. 

The gift and choice of immaculate fertility is gifted by the Incoming Souls and is available for all right now.  It can be accessed through any child or Incoming Soul and opens a territory of infinite possibility for us all to explore from within the genesis of it’s one cell. 

The young girl lifts her small hands and embraces her mother’s cheeks.  She looks deeply and simply into her mother’s eyes and knows herself, as seen.  She sees and is the heavens, the milky starry skies in the smile of all cells and she dives into her mother’s heart to rest and play with all other children.  She motions through them all and ultimately back into her own heart where her family stands embracing her.  The one cell, the immaculate egg in infinite, fertile enveloping motion through itself as all in perpetuity. 

Rony Reingold