To truly see the incoming soul we must engage a perspective from a reference point beyond our separate, linear seeing.   To see ourselves as separate, we will naturally look upon the baby or child as separate, and apply a set of rules of observation of what it means to be in a separate body.  What is the lens through which we are seeing the person?  The nature vs nurture debate in child psychology neglects to engage the frame of reference of the soul of the child informing the body.  It is neither our environment nor our genetics that fully inform who we are and how we function.   Twins are an observation of two different souls embodied into two identical genetic biologies.  The personality here is a coming together of the soul essence, body genetics and environment.   The soul essence brings with it past experience, knowing, learnings and gifts.  The biology is functioned by the soul to a greater or lesser extent depending on the level of soul consciousness and degree of embodiment.  

Let’s consider the embryological morphology.  Linear embodiment of a ‘separated’ soul aspect occurs through midline architecture of the developing body and the soul can be observed to enter the forming embryo at around 12 weeks gestation through the core axis of the body.  At this stage of initial alignment into the developing cellular structure, the impact and infarcts of genetic and environmental factors can be seen and potentially resolved.  The history of the soul arriving, it’s life purpose and the many layers of story carried by the developing body all contributed to the form.  It is possible to listen to both the soul level of incarnation and the embryology to support each incoming birth.  When we birth into separation, the experience of the birth itself also creates an imprint on multiple levels which would be carried through life, and contribute to the life lessons of the being.  Gentle birthing and the resolution of birth trauma are now in commonplace awareness and beautiful work is offered in these areas.

Through listening to the incoming soul healing and resolution are possible on many levels.  An example is offered here of a baby's positioning in the womb holding a story that, when witnessed,  released into readiness to birth.  In this case, the baby was in a transverse position, not taking up the full space of the womb.  Listening to the soul presentation revealed a twin conception, with one embryo disappearing early in development... the full term baby was still 'leaving room' for his unacknowledged twin. Her consciousness could be felt as present in both the fluid within his cells and the fluid in the womb.  Through witness of the arriving soul’s story the baby expanded to take up the full space and position in the womb ready for birth.  

The evolution continues on from here as we cannot ever impose or know what is ‘right’ in any situation.  The awareness and focus on gentle natural home births and support is only a part of the constantly evolving understanding.   As we learned more about the environmental impacts and supporting gentle birth, a new wave of souls began to arrive bringing a consciousness of non-duality into their body.  In translation, this means these incoming souls were part of a wave of consciousness leading us beyond our concepts of good and bad, right and wrong... they brought higher soul aspects into their body with higher coherency, meaning they arrived more ‘intact’ at a soul level, therefore less likely to carry the knocks and bruises of the environmental impacts.  Soul began to lead body.  It mattered less the mother's diet and her emotional state... in fact these souls were rapidly raising mother's consciousness and her experience was more emotionally labile and spiritually-physically transformative as she carried the child.  The old rules began to change and baby's needs were different.  Often mother would have the opposite experience to the one she desired as baby set to work reconciling her many dualities.  In holding too tightly to the ideal environments, diets and birth process, this mother was likely to experience greater guilt and a sense of failure, which when re-referenced from the soul of the child could release into their lead, design and perfection.  A new understanding.  We began to let go of the story and let the baby lead. 

What we observed at this stage was an evolution of the embryological template into a new geometry of unity.  To clarify and understand the reference of ‘separation’, we see an aspect of the soul arriving into a body through a linear architecture to walk a path in this world of re-unifying all their soul aspects to ultimately return to Source wholeness (nutshell for brevity).  As the embryological template evolved to into unity it revealed to us fundamentally that many of the souls arriving were unified within themselves at higher levels and embodied into a spiralling toroidal architecture that profoundly changed the nature of birth.  These souls were literally embodying more fully into the body and engaging the cells through a new geometry and circuitry.  Beyond separation, we meet these children in cellular unity and beyond polarity, their bio-circuitry is informed from the zero-point of Source.  The unified soul does not enter the developing embryo at 12 weeks, rather we witness them engage the initial creational cell from conception onwards, the soul spiralling through form as the embryo develops.  The coherency of the soul at 9th dimensional unity, or higher, creates corresponding cellular coherency, which revealed itself to be higher than the diet, toxicities or other environmental factors that would have once impacted development.  Through the baby in-utero the unified architecture was stunningly gifted to the mother and other family members.  We watched the soul of the child weave their consciousness in spiralling toroidal form through all who were in relationship with this being.  The birth attendants began receiving from the baby, and the ‘imprint’ literally occurred in the other direction.  Furthermore, these incoming souls in toroid were each interwoven with the others of their wave and geometry.  As they prepared the etheric lattice of their mother's womb they also revealed a global lattice infrastructure of the unity of the entire wave, being not ever separate in their bodies and part of the greater evolution of humanity as one global body.  

Since this shift back in 2012, the new incomings continue to define the edge of evolution, birth and our core existence as human.  The toroidal weave of the soul consciousness into the body has grown in stages, like building blocks of form, with souls arriving into vaster and vaster torus structures.  An incoming soul arriving into a toroid at global level of spin will inevitably identify all within the infra-structure as 'my body'.   Family level torus forms, community, global and greater, all birth a child with a unifed identity beyond their individual soul aspects.  Unity builds unity.  A child born with a global toroidal form will see the earth as his or her body, not separate, and function from this identity.  We do not need to teach this child about caring for the earth or that we are all one, respect for each other or sustainable living... the inherent knowledge within their systems surpasses our attempts to condition or teach them from a lesser place.   Children have been arriving with vast cosmological and universal toroid form functioning in recent years.  We cannot see these children through eyes of separation or perceive them as small beings, unconscious, or vulnerable to the environment and chaos of this world.  The level of toroidal spin equals the level of coherency of the soul in form.  Again, this is their gift to us, to embrace us within their toroidal weave and lift us to the vast embodiment potentials they will be living as their basic.  It is now beyond obvious, that imposing on these children with limited techniques and modalities based in separation are pointless and counter-productive.  These children need only the validation of being met where they function in form and the freedom to unfurl from here, the cosnological fabric of their bodies contain many universal secretes to share.   

Each incoming soul we meet in preparation for birth, during pregnancy or in early childhood will gift us the reference point, the architectural template of geometry and the eyes through which to see and understand them.  It is our move. 

Shelley Lemaire