Parents will often remark, "we know our children live in a different reality to us, but we don't understand it".  Today, our children are existing a very different reality, one functioning with a different operating system and upgraded hardware, and of course, designed for a different time and environment than the one we were born into.  The consciousness on this planet is moving beyond anything that has ever existed here before, and along with the highly unified light presence, we see the duality of chaos, ego, power and distortion all around... the perceived 'threat' of darkness or inevitable destruction and the challenge just to negotiate the daily routine of life.   When we see the bigger global and universal picture through the eyes of the incoming souls and children, and how all the pieces fit together, we can take a breath, rest back and more fully understand the changes taking place.  We and can meet life from a different reference point and feel a solid ground beneath us when standing at the many crossroads of our personal and family life.  

Our children collectively over many unified incoming waves have changed the way we play the game and their survival base brain structures will be giving them new information.  Our children are likely processing many higher levels/ dimensions of information through their bodies, their biological systems and circuits.  They are literally receiving and running different codes and translating them into output... literally embodying our future technologies and sustainabilities, ways of living together on this planet above the old baseline.  They are engaging in unified circuity and interrelationship with many other beings born in the same wave as them, file sharing and writing the new programs together.  They will be doing this mostly unseen by us as parents.  They are architects and creators, processing and constructing the world of our future far beyond our comprehension.  

The bodies of our children are designed for this higher embodiment of consciousness and shared unified purpose.  They are mapping our future and gifting their light essence to weave a tapestry of a more coherent form of global functioning, all while playing on their iPads and eating their sandwiches.   We cannot underestimate them or presume to know how they function.   It is important to be aware that many of these children of higher consciousness will feel more deeply the wounds of humanity and the 'primitive' unconscious behaviours exhibited around them will not compute.  A child running a 9th dimensional circuitry through their body will simply not play the game at 3rd or 4th.

We do not need to understand the spiritual what-nots and lingo, or be masters in our own life to parent these children.  All we need is an openness and readiness to listen to them, to see them beyond our own filters and stories.  Step outside the current paradigms of knowledge and models of human behaviour and expectations.  And most importantly, cease trying to make these kids fit into a box they will never be able to force themselves into.  Let them lead us all beyond ourselves, into the place of their known functioning.  Learn to listen...

  • Listen from your body... cellular somatic sense feeling... as if you are literally seeing from your cells.  Allow your cells to be filled by the soul of your child beyond any boundary or perceived separation...  one body... notice everything you experience 
  • Release all stories and interpretations of what things mean or how to fix them.  Do not impose or try to lead the process.  Be the receiver and allow the receiving
  • Pure revealing from your child's body will tell a story, paint a picture, and as you listen they are likely to be able to give words and dialogue this with you.  Their higher level soul identities are more often present and they have deep cellular knowing beyond our comprehension. The information is shared cell-to-cell, heart-to-heart, through the consciousness within the fluid of their bodies, ready to light the way. 

Children embodying into toroidal form do not have chakras and do not need grounding - it is essential we do not apply techniques or tools that simply do not meet the architecture of the child.   Children and adults in unified geometry, exist beyond duality and stabilise through fully engaging in the coherency of the form in motion... the toroid is a self-organising system and all energy is designed to flow through the core of the body beyond boundary... all flows in, all flows out in toroidal rotation.   Stopping the motion through applying rules of duality will compromise the system, e.g. good things come in, bad things stay out.  The child in unity will process the world more effectively and without depleting their system from a functioning toroidal flow that allows everything in.  Note, this is the opposite to the linear architecture where we are attuned to what is good for our body and bad for our body, energy we want to let in and energy we don't.  As sensitive souls, in separate bodies, we were likely depleted by over-processing the world around us and needed to be discerning about what supported us and what didn't.  Many food sensitivities were a symptom of separation and limitation... the sensitive evolved soul arriving into a limited separate body.  The consciousness of the child evolves with the edge of evolution and most will transform easily beyond the limited diets and nervous system overwhelm.  When the coherency of the system is higher than the food being eaten, all is 'digestible' beyond duality.  In the same vein, children who are processing multiple dimensional levels and bringing vast information into their bodies will benefit from the stabilising of their core embodiment architecture, rather than being labelled ADHD or autism spectrum.  Among so many other symptoms, food sensitivities and nervous system and processing 'deficits' can be seen through an entirely different lens.  A new reference point to begin to see and understand the child.

To meet the child in their body is to recognise the molecular biology as an expression of the soul, the cellular form functioning and bio-circuitry informed beyond what we know medically about the body capacity.  A child with a 9th dimensional consciousness will manifest physical symptoms at this level of processing and functioning.  Once embodied at higher levels the body becomes a living light form that does not necessarily fit the medical model of disease.  It cannot necessarily be fixed by applying a physical procedure, but can shift into resolution of symptom when met in the preciseness of what is being communicated by the cells.

Begin by listening and understanding the embodiment of your child... the soul essence and the architecture of the body, how they exist in their bodies... the soul level functioning of the system.... to give true insight into the physiological and social behaviour of your child.  They will share their story if we know how to listen and receive them.  Symptoms become access points to listen.   Each soul brings a unique gift for us to receive and the world becomes digestible to each in a different way.

Shelley Lemaire


Disclaimer: everything written here is a simplification of many complex quantum realities of form and function. The information is intended to open doors to new ways of seeing our children and their behaviours.  Each incoming soul, child or adult needs to be listened to at the level of their own being in order to understand the precise needs of the soul.