Back in the day, it was often taught "we are not the body", yogis would stand on one leg for years to show devotion to God beyond the body, meditation took us out of our bodies to connect to the soul or 'higher self' and 'energy work' was something different to 'the physical'.  Spirit and matter were distinct, God was up there and the flesh down here was mortal.  Separation. And the powers that be tried to keep it that way.  

Embodiment is defined as the soul entering and engaging into the body, spirit into matter, God  as human.  Bringing the light of our soul into our bodies, at birth and over a lifetime of healing and resolution of all that kept us from our true divine selves.  We have spent many years now embodying into our bodies, reunifying our soul aspects and embodying them into cellular form, altering the genetic code and elemental composition of the body as we do so.  The architecture of the body and embryological templates evolve.  We are now the body.  Volumes of spiritual history can be found between these two book ends - We are not the body and We are the body.    

Source form now describes the body where spirit and matter are one and where the soul does not leave or separate from Souce to be born into form. Essentially, the fabric of the body exists as the form of all things, all beings... a pure creational body.  New incomings arriving from Source are our access to this truly incredible experience of body.  The matrix becomes available through them.

This form is woven from the light of source, where the matrix or lattice that informs the creation and the body itself are the same thing.  We experience the infinite cellular potential of the form in the beyond unity of it, no longer soul fragments needing to be re-unified or unified beings merging with each other into harmonics of unified cellular functioning.  The new incomings entering through the gateway of this incarnational form are not imprinted on arrival with the human collective patterning, history, religion, ancestry and cosmology that contributed to the weave of our old cellular identity.  The threads are freed, timelines dissolved and essence and architecture become a fluid light form of infinite cellular potential.

Shelley Lemaire