When we consider fertility, conception and the incoming soul, the proverbial "which comes first, the chicken or the egg?' is an interesting discussion.  It is commonplace today to hear people talk of 'calling in the soul', that as parents they are ones choosing to have a baby and beyond the physical act of conception to ‘make a baby’, an awareness of the soul that comes to them.  Unfortunately from an ego-centric perspective it is portrayed that the parents are the ones in control of this process and if they do not succeed to conceive naturally, or call in a soul, then there are many options today to outsource this control to the medical and assisted fertility world.

In my 20 years of listening to incoming souls, it is always the soul that presents to the parents to be conceived and birthed.  It is the presence of the soul that imbues the feeling of longing, of wanting to conceive (and ironically call in a soul).  When an incoming soul is present it is likely they have been behind the scenes weaving and creating and orchestrating their families, their parents relationship and the circumstances of their conception and arrival into this world.  Nothing is accidental.  I have worked in the past with clients who have a termination scheduled, and wish to listen to the soul of the child they have 'accidentally' conceived.  In each case, the perfection of the design, the purpose of the incoming to come into the exact circumstances of the parents, even though in the parents' eyes it is not how they wish it to be.  Each conception and creational unfurling is precise and perfect in the gift that is brought and the choices made.  To listen to the soul is to participate and meet them consciously in the process together.  To see each conception through the eyes of the incoming soul gives us a true picture upon which to take action.    In the same vein, incoming souls that come in and leave again (miscarriage) or do not develop to full term also have a process and purpose in transition and it is essential we listen to these souls in their coming and going, through the depth of emotion and grief of the mother, the family and the soul's enfoldment of all within their design.  The gift is always multi-layered and each needs honouring.  Every thread is woven to precision in the greater fabric of existence, and there are many souls these days who will conceive multiple times, leave and return as part of the creation of the form through mother's body.  We always begin our listening from the met point of mother and child, from the gift to each other, and in the exquisite revealing of the incoming soul present.  We do not look for them, ask them to come in our timing, or expect them to do things according to our agendas and ideals.  The incoming soul presents in perfection.  Our role is to receive them in full presence and awareness, honouring the gift of each and the unfurling path of parenthood and family.  

If we begin by listening to the presence of the incoming soul, all else becomes a receiving, and unfurling, a divine conception in exquisite magnificence and grace... the soul leading us by the hand through the journey of pregnancy and knowing them in trust and truth allows all action steps and decisions to be made as a team .. mother and baby... and father, and possibly others, the family body created by the soul before birth 

Shelley Lemaire