Informing from above...  when we look at the human genome and embodiment architecture we arrived into, we feel the imprint of incarnation, not just the birth experience, but the imprint of the entry to a specific evolutionary human form... In truth, de-evolutionary may be the more appropriate terminology.   Without going into the history, we recognise the model of 'primitive' human to be a fall from the original divinely created human.  This may be a good point to further clarify, that some souls here on earth are considered 'earth-souls' and some 'star-souls'.  The earth souls have many lifetimes of experience being human, and loop around again and again with different lessons to learn.  Earth is relatively easy to negotiate and play the game.  The human identity is pretty comfortable.  Then we understand the 'star-soul' being as one who is relatively new to his earthly human game and the soul brings with it experience gained through lifetimes on other realms beyond earth. The home star origin of these souls gifts its consciousness as light and information to this planet. These souls come through higher gateways onto the planet and incarnate through geometry they have helped to build.  The incoming souls we have worked with over the years are many many beings gifting their specific light through incarnating as human.  These souls feel the impact of entry, the descent into human density and functioning from more highly evolved collective home realms.  It is these beings who carry the deep unacknowledged grief of being far from home and of not understanding the human game.  These souls are the ones who need to learn the ropes and social interactions, who do not fit the norms, who get bullied at school, and who feel lost, alone and often internalise a sense of wrongness.   It is these souls who offer the light of their being to any who are open to receive... a light that may not exist on earth yet, something new and unmet in any of the existing systems, a light here to transform and awaken, a purpose to fulfil.  Sadly, it is these souls in adolescence and young adulthood who seek to escape, often feeling trapped and alone, knowing they are not here to fit into the world as it is, knowing they cannot compromise their light or their purpose and not yet finding the validation, soul recognition and support to do so.  These children, and now adults, are bringing the precise light and evolutionary information we need as a global body, knowledge of how to function in unified social systems, information technologies to clean up the planet, science discoveries that are yet to be made.  These are the souls who have the solutions we seek before we even ask for them.   Their identity as human comes from the stars and they carry us all one step closer to God.

The incoming souls that we work with here are the ones who not only orchestrate and inform their baby bodies, but who also evolve the template of human for all.  These beings weave vast unified lattices through which the next wave of souls can enter at a higher level.  Each of their embodiment geometries interweave to form unified ascension templates to lift the whole.  They open the access for higher level beings who previously could not embody here through the old incarnational gateways.  And they transform the elemental base atomic structure of human.. to build a biology of higher capacity.   All of these incoming souls raise the bar, so to speak, carrying all of humanity forward in one evolutionary wave motion.  We can all access this wave and the freedom of form available.

If epigenetics is the process of informing the existing DNA from beyond the physical nature or nurture level.. i.e. the genetically inherited and environmentally influenced cell behaviour, then lets go a few steps higher and look from above.  Science and spirituality may talk about how thoughts and emotions can inform the cells, but we are mostly looking at 4th dimensional thought-manifesting, affirmation and intention.  Or we recognise the teachings that activate dormant DNA through unconditional love, reawakening the original blueprint.   When we engage working with incoming souls we reside in their view and their capacity of informing DNA from the dimensional level and incarnational blueprint of their soul... we see the creational informing fully through the entire dimensional spectrum like a wave taking us far beyond 12th and outside this universal time matrix.   Many beings  from many star home realms weaving together their origins and genetics creating unified universal human DNA.  And beyond this, the incoming souls now who are informing form direct from Source and not entering through old incarnational gateways... pure creation beyond imprint... these incredible beings inform and exist a new divine human blueprint.  It is where we begin with them, as one, in a new creational matrix of form. 


Shelley Lemaire