In writing this post we are going against the grain of most spiritual teachings today in regard to food... the high vibrational food, meat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free trends that take a righteous stance on the food we eat and choices we make.  There are spectrums here from non-conscousnss eating, to conscious eating, low vibrational foods and high vibrational foods, purity, toxicities, sensitivities, allergies, nutrition, paleo diets, ethical beliefs, veganism portrayed as the 'highest' spiritual choice, and so forth.  Most don't know what to think or are told by some authority what to think/eat/do.  The world becomes a mine-field of do's and don'ts.  

Once again we take a new lens, through the eyes of the incoming souls and children who are here to teach us to be unlimited.   We have listened for many years to the dietary needs of children, those in sensitive overloaded separate systems, those leading us beyond duality, the cravings of pregnant mothers and the needs of their babies.  We have explored the digestion and receiving of the incoming consciousness into the body.   Food and digestion reflect our embodiment, consciousness and evolution.  Bodies behave as souls exist and function in the world.  A dietary sensitivity or gut inflammation says as much about how the soul is processing and digesting their world around them as it does about the food they eat.  A body in separation must digest both the world and the food on its plate through a single system.  Imagine how this alters once you engage in bodies of unified geometry and cellular functioning... the coherency and capacity of the system goes through the roof compared to what we are used to, and the feast of life opens up.  All consciousness and all foods can be taken in and processed thorough a unified toroidal form. Life becomes a smorgasbord of senses, experiences, tastes.  Even reading this, you will notice your cells respond, saliva, fluid, sense receptors on your fingers and face, skin, teeth, membranes, jaw etc...  the body opens beyond polarity and boundary into unified cellular capacities, immune systems are no longer keeping the world out, but engaging in life from an inherent cellular fluid interconnection to all things.   Everything is consciousness in motion.  Toroid forms beyond duality receive all in sustainable, coherent, re-organisational motion.  In digesting the whole, we uplift and transform the whole.  Food becomes something new to be in relationship with, something not to be afraid of, limited or withheld, food becomes a feast for the embodied soul, life becomes a dance in motion and all the old rules go out the window.   As incoming consciousness is digested and processed so is food, life and the world we live in,  through bodies of higher and higher coherencies and freedom.  

Imagine the freedom to eat as you felt to, without any judgement of good or bad, without any consequences of right or wrong, without needing to detox or diet to eliminate the lower  energies and accumulated toxins or distortions to the system.  I do not say this lightly, it is a territory we have experienced directly and explored over many years through the incoming souls and the children functioning beyond duality, with detailed understanding of how the biology and physiology functions at these higher capacities.  These children are unlimited in their bodies and show us how to be.  Life becomes a celebration.

Being free to eat anything without consequence, danger, decay, toxicity or threat of reaction is to be free as the entire creational form itself.  When we move beyond toroid form into Source form, the particle wave form of matter is the fabric of all creation, and the articulation of a soul has become the functioning of all of existence as one.    This is what the Incoming Souls have built for them and for us, and it fundamentally changes the game of what it means to be human, how we function, how we process and digest.  In fact it takes us beyond the need to process or digest anything at all because everything becomes creation here, looping upon itself, nothing is separate.  

The definition of nourishment thus evolves when understood within the cells of Source Form, when seen and tasted from the eyes of the Incoming Soul and the many beings that exist within the aliveness of this form.  Each being, each child, each incoming, each person becomes the whole itself.  In becoming this, dispersing beyond our own individual identities of separation, into the liberation of true Oneness, the gift of our soul becomes part of the functioning gift of the whole.  The structure of the form in constant motion, all beings within the form, as the form itself, and in motion through all, nothing held, nothing protected, all needs met, all gifts seen and received in perpetual, creative motion.  To receive another, merge with another, or many at one time, here, as part of natural function, literally feeds the form.  It creates more substance, more known, tangible ignition of source functioning, informing, breathing, existence.  To be fed is to be in constant simultaneous receiving and gifting of ourselves as source oneness through all.  An oscillation through the cells as completely permeable.  Our cells respond to this, allowing all to pass through as nourishment.  A robustness and potency emerge where inside and outside the cell is the same - source light, source informed form.  

The invitation here is delicious, ripe and existing now.  It utterly awakens to all senses beyond separation or threat of decay.  To be lifted beyond boundary, hesitancy and membranous protection.    A vastness of deeply met and nourished that becomes a new base of life that allows us to receive every particle in all universes as the infinite motion of pure known source articulation; freed beyond black and white, good and bad, limitations of causality and duality that we incarnated into.  A playfulness begins to emerge, where we are rolling the sweetness of life itself around on our tongue.  Where our taste buds open in ecstatic, luscious recognition of self as all in perpetual, generative unfurl of pure creation.  A substance begins to form.  To receive from The Body, as it, is to form it.  To become the active motion that forms life.  The freedom of all children can be felt here.  All beings at play in the playground of the senses of the New Human.  

What might it feel like to let everything in?  To be so vital and potent that all can be received as true nourishment and pure creation informing itself.  Like a child free to eat a huge cupcake, smushing it into their face in joy.  Sweetness of knowing divinity in the cells and being the very motion of creation itself. 

Shelley Lemaire & Rony Reingold