Lets define 'unified' as a body that sits at the cafe and drinks coffee and eats cake as one body.  Two, maybe more, people sitting together, the architecture of toroidal unity embracing them as one system.  The high-level incoming consciousness arriving onto the planet can only be received into a unified structure or body.  This means that the gift of the souls above 9th dimension needs a base container of 9th dimensional unity, or higher, to be received.  This is fundamental to the conception body and fertility of the parents these souls are coming to.  The 'incoming consciousness'  is not 'just a baby' but the consciousness of all incoming souls arriving onto the planet and is available to us all, in every moment.  

So, back to the cafe, an example.  The incoming souls at this highest level of the game, from 9th, through to 12th, and beyond this universe, and those now direct from Source, are directing the show... and this is the greatest show... to feel these beings beyond any concept of separate or singular, beyond what we know as unified... these beings begin beyond unity, or before separation occurs, these beings are truly one with Source.  To feel their form, to know them, experience them, eat cake with them, transforms everything we are and the fabric of existence. If we imagine separation is one slice of cake, and to unify with our soul aspects and others is to put all the pieces of cake back together to form the entire cake.  Now imagine we are the substance of the form of the cake never to be cut into segments.  We will always know ourselves and all others as the whole cake... or creation. 

The incoming consciousness is in our coffee and cake conversation at the cafe, it is in our cells as we sit in unified form, as human, creating the toroidal geometry to receive the ones beyond unity, the newest incomings.  The purity and coherency of these beings is at the highest universally unified levels... imagine a being arrives to be born here from each of the many universal realms beyond this time-space universe... now imagine these beings all form themselves into one omni-universal cake, unified and engaging a core of coherency across the many universal realms... now we can begin to imagine how vast the play is for these beings and the special gift of the cake.  Beyond this omni-versal level we reach ultimate Source Form.    The consciousness of these incomings through the unified geometry of the many toroid layers is moving through our cells, informing the light codes and geometry within the fluid and being digested in purity as we drink our coffee.  If one of the group choose not to partake because of their story about caffeine or sugar, or any narrative on what is good or bad for their body, they essentially separate themselves from the unified infra-structure and motion of the greater body digesting, functioning and receiving the whole, the pure consciousness of the form.  In this instance, the  coffee of cake may have an impact on the individual system, as is the paradox of this work... the limitations are what stop us from receiving the unlimited that release us from the need to limit. 

A deliciously divine feast of life, love, family and truth is being offered to us by our children... the access and freedom of source form ... the purest gift, given and received... 

... the next time you are offered a taste of multi-universal chocolate gateaux made with the flour of infinity, sweetness of regenesis and iced with purest white light, say yes and celebrate :-) 

Shelley Lemaire