To more fully understand the territory of the incoming souls we must see each dynamic in the lemniscate equation of itself, i.e. the infinity loop or paradox... a creates b and equally b creates a and both are true.  Nothing is truly causal or can be understood in linear equation or thinking.

The souls that choose to enter into IVF and the vast array of assisted fertility approaches gift us something remarkable.  Over the last 20 years we have explored and supported conception through many avenues, including IUI, IVF, sperm donors, egg donors, surrogate mothers, egg-freezing, siblings from frozen embryos, same-gender parents, many unique family dynamics, adoption, and so on. Witness of the incoming soul each time opens the door to a new understanding and potential transformation of consciousness and evolution.  

The example I wish to highlight is the current trend of egg-freezing and IVF to 'control' the window of fertility for women... those who choose motherhood later in life,  career focused women, those keeping their eggs viable because they have not found the right partner or ready to have their families for many reasons..  It is a sensitive area with more and more women approaching motherhood later in life from this locus of management.

The gift of the incoming soul to the mother is often the exact lemniscate of the challenge or soul lessons of her life... the met point in the equation being the centre point of the infinity loop.  For example, an incoming soul bringing a consciousness of safety beyond survival will arrive to the mother who has never known safety in her lifetime, freedom into that which has not been free, the examples here are endless.  We can see this both as a personal dynamic and the greater global trends.  The incoming souls choosing the mothers in many IVF and egg-freezing circumstances, in session, were gifting trust and 'certainty'.  It was truly a stunning gift, to the mother who was deeply fearful of never having children, of time running out, missing the natural window, or of finding the right partner versus doing it on her own,  The consciousness coming in with these children was deeply woven with trust, beyond control, with knowing and certainty of life, family and the birth of the baby.  The cells held a certainty of conception that was new, and in the true paradox, this known truth of form was received through the relinquishing of control, the letting go, the receiving of the incoming child in the unfurling of the design rather than the active manipulation of the circumstances.  It was not the increased control measures that guaranteed the child, but the letting go and receiving of the higher consciousness of the soul to raise and lift the mother into higher cellular capacities, trust and connection with her body and her arriving baby.

There are so many incoming soul stories to share whose gift can be received by us all.

Shelley Lemaire

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