The timeless cell... what does it mean for our bodies that we are moving beyond time? We can now glimpse the immaculate cell... the cell that divides infinitely without losing integrity... the cell that holds its original immaculate code and replaces itself without distortion or loss of integrity over many such divisions... i.e. over time.  At this threshold we can view how the degradation of the cell over time was once seen as 'normal' and ageing and deterioration were natural, whether accepted with grace or fought with grit.  The inevitable destruction was literally written into the cell, the gene, the design of human.  Devolved from a more divine human blueprint, and consolidated collectively through aeons of stored memory of planets, civilisations, nations, people inevitably falling in destruction, cataclysm and betrayal.   The game of light vs dark, trust in the force Luke, the star wars of good and evil...  the fight against the dark side, the loss, fall and destruction became part of the very fabric of our cells.  Holding and carrying the mantle of light and truth through dark times was deeply etched with a struggle, burden, responsibility, persecution and betrayal we still feel deeply.    And we can clearly see where we are still entwined in this game today, where our cells carry this legacy and we continue the fight for good in this world.

Yet when we really stop and see, when we step beyond our fight and set down the burden we know so well... when we look beyond the threads that wove our cells into this identity and those that wove humanity in the struggle against itself...  when we truly take a breath we may notice the winds have changed.  Instead of our children carrying on the legacy of our past, our human and star ancestors, they have woven a new one, a pure creational legacy and lineage forwards, to redefine our future beyond the fight... a lineage free from the paradigm of duality, beyond the creation-destruction matrix and beyond the fall.  It is not freedom gained from the fight, it is not freedom defined from the loss of freedom, but a pure freedom that exists in form only through the resolution of all threads, all dualities and all destruction.  Where the weave of the cellular fabric is pure, it is true freedom.  The fabric of our existence has been rewoven in reconciliation of all threads distorted or otherwise damaged.  The tear in the fabric, if you like, that kept this universal time matrix trapped in perpetual cycles, souls trapped in the denatured existence of the old fabric,  Souls shackled into the original creation story, fall, exhile, loss of true home.  Life and death.  Spirit and matter.  Universal duality.

When we stop and look through the eyes of the ones now arriving from beyond this universal realm, the incoming souls entering through a new creational matrix, when we touch through our own cells, the weave of the fabric of this eternal form, we exhale a long held breath.  At the deepest levels of our being we have known this, the story in our cells as human, and the place beyond the story, the many inter-woven stories... the light and truth of eternal Source in the language of our soul... beyond religion, war and the defining nature and history of humanity... the very thing we have been fighting for is now being gifted to us, because it is done.

These incoming souls here now birth a new blueprint of form, a cellular fabric of divine human, lifting and reawakening many with their light and grace, their infinite cellular creation that envelops all.  The cell here begins as an immaculate creation, only to divide in the light of Source into its immaculate self, unified with itself and all of creation... eternal in its infinitely unfurling grace, light-encoded fluid cell division beyond separation, the body of true Source form.   This touch, this known, this met point unravelling all past timelines that have woven the fabric of the individual, the mother, the father, the child, the world.  All we believe ourselves to be, the glue that holds us together in the paradigm of survival and safety dissolves into this new equation, threads intricately holding our personal stories, identities and histories delicately unravel into this new indestructible fabric.  These incoming children are safe beyond safety, free beyond freedom, coherent beyond coherency... the pure essential point beyond each and all of these polarities woven into the lattice that exists them all.  

This immaculate child.  

The timeless, infinite cell... what does it mean for our bodies that our children are moving beyond time, to exist in the timeless creation of their immaculate being... are we ready to see our cells and see ourselves in the fabric of the form our children have woven for us? 


Shelley Lemaire