As parents we are too familiar with the phrase 'Listen to me...' or "Are you listening?" and yet are we aware of the complexities of this apparently simple utterance.  What is it our young children are listening to when they listen, what does listening mean to them beyond the obvious 'do what I tell you to do'.  It is a sensitive area of reflection, to understand our children is to listen to them, and how listening functions with many levels of conscious awareness and when we wish them to listen to us.  There is a loop within listening, it is never merely a one-way process.  Like all circuitry, it returns to origin point.  When we are deeply heard by another we feel met, and the listening that receives us returns to fulfil the loop, the met point of this changing our sense of self and equation of being.  When I speak of listening, I am really referring to the articulation of the soul that is shared and received through the many levels and senses, not just our ears.  

When it comes to listening, how do we understand function and dysfunction.  To our children listening to their innate connection to source is a pure form of listening.   Imagine the scenario where the young child in their pure and original source circuitry, feels a body listening that they need to go outside to the garden and sit with Grandad... then the parent comes outside and tells the child they should be inside because it is too cold, or it is time for x, y or z... We can look at many such examples and more life-changing ones, where the dissonance can be overwhelming for the child, needing to choose between their own inherent knowing and listening and that of the parent.   As children get older the clarity of their own listening can become a source of distrust and feelings of loyalty and betrayal entwine through and confuse family dynamics and communication.  "you are not listening to me!"  

Consider also, that many aware children will maintain a connection to their home realm origin and there exists a frequency of transmission that becomes part of the natural circuitry of the child, keeping them in connected functioning.   The child may be more or less aware of this communication, but the constancy of it becomes part of their base stability on earth.  For many children this transmission has become disrupted or distorted and the return loop is not fully received.  It can be a severe trauma to the child who can feel disconnected, disassociated, abandoned, alone, anxious and unsafe.  Mostly, they feel unheard.

In both of the above scenarios the listening and knowing of the child is not received in validation of their full circuitry and functioning.   It is common in many of these situations to see sensory processing 'disorders' develop, speech, hearing, neurology expressed as indications of the incapacity to receive or be heard.  ENT issues such as ear infections, 'glue ear' and many other common childhood symptoms can be the expression of a sensory system closed down through the overwhelm or inability to support the soul level functioning of the child.

The transmission of frequency through the bone, information consciousness through the fluid, source circuitry though the heart, all form part of the daily functioning of the child in this world, albeit unseen by the parents at a 'normal' level of awareness.  So often 'glue ear' is an symptom of a system that is not functioning at these higher levels, the child reaching to reconnect with soul home consciousness or closing down the harsh frequencies and voices around them that conflict with their inner voice, soul harmonic and pure heart.  So often it is an attempt to disconnect and shut out the distortion to a sensitive system and find safety in the silence.

We must ask ourselves how we are listening to our children so they feel met, validated, received in their soul level consciousness and functioning in this world, where we become part of their circuitry of form and support an open free flow of communication, articulation and receiving at every level of life.  When we listen to them, the listening is the flow through of the full loop of the circuit.. soul-to-soul, heart-to-heart, body-to-body, parent-to-child and we feel it return.

What is the song of the body that knows itself in the spin of its own dance? What is the essence of what can be heard at its core?

Within the cells of the body of our incoming souls and our child, here, now, there is a defined and accurate navigational system that orients to all things -many levels of sensory input; be they interaction person to person, or interaction as a fluid cell that moves and sways to the music and masterpiece of divine orchestration. Imagine if we could see/listen to the physics and the waveforms of the dance and song they know! Imagine how this would allow a deep trust in seen, in known and in existence in truth. The perceptions once held in limitation can release into the wider understanding of All-source form flow and allow a fuller expression of the soul within the cells.

The child who sways and rocks and 'self soothes' owns a stunning cellular resonance to waves of spin and motion - vestibular perception known in her cells, and is often unmet from where we stand in an anchored and immobile view. The child who screams in ear-piercing pitch -seeking the feedback of something, anything through 'self-regulatory' pathways -  is showing us the resonance and space he needs to exist in. The repetitive movements, the repetitive language, the-stuck-in-a-loop behaviours we have seen in children, are the place of safety in an otherwise unsafe resonance, one that cannot find its truer loop Home to itself. 

The beauty of the cellular definition that is being gifted to our humanity - beyond our old perceptual abilities - lies in the heart of the child who lives and breathes  cell perception at its widest. These incoming souls, our children! The cells function in ways that we have heretofore only imagined. The subtleties of fluid motion that contain the future stories of our race are leading us from the core of the spiral to its widest edge-less-ness. There is a deep deep well of infinite stillness at the centre of the core. The stillness that gives rise to all information, all perception and all response. As we listen from the molecular level of motion, so we can hear the same stillness at the most infinite point. It is the same sound, the same note. It is the frequency that allows all frequencies to exist together, to be in the One perception that impacts our cellular motion as part of something bigger than, but inclusive of, the self. It is the Aha! of being heard from one point to another and vice versa. 

As we listen to our children from this molecular level, our systemic aspects begin to orient to the perception of Oneness. We are no longer isolated systems within a body performing different functions. We are also no longer isolated individuals who can only relate to certain frequencies or certain systems of another being within a family or beyond. We begin to hear the song and feel the dance that our child leads. It becomes a timeless, mesmerising show and they become the star.

We can choose to allow this accomplished performer to show us the moves, engage us in their body-wave, lead us in the chorus and free us into our own cellular truth as heart-shine beings.  In choosing to listen to their gift of truth, we are gifted our own. 


What does your heart say child?

"Oh Mama! It says 'Life', it says 'Home'.

Can you hear it? It beats with the softness of all beings.

It knows the song of all souls too.

It knows all timeless colour

It knows movement of fluid music

It knows the voices in all reaches of existence

It knows the meeting of light, and the touch of its silken shine"

I can hear it my Love. I can.


Shelley Lemaire & Joan Harold