There is a structural aspect to us humans that has held on tightly to a rolled-up-and-passed-by-building-control blueprint of a perception of perfection. How to parent perfectly, to conceive perfectly, to birth perfectly, to have a perfect child, a perfect home, perfect body, job, relationship... Literally, the structural scaffold of the body that holds the earth aloft and says.. "this is what it should be and this is how we are supposed to live here!". We are bombarded daily by an influx of what it is to live the perfect life, and our historical human evolvement has been to exist a cellular design that perpetuates our belief in perfection.

The perfection belief, is derived from the perspective of survival, of fight or flight, of a mind-set that presumes we are the ones who create our path, create our wellness, create our state of being; that we control it. Our old evolvement has been to move and articulate the body to an end, to an outcome that we favour, and expect of ourselves and others. Our modus operandi has been to seek perfection and motivate ourselves towards it, even if the scaffold (the body) starts to break or bend - however this manifests individually - under the weight of this responsibility. If we lose control, then comes the fear of unmet, of non-fulfillment, of something less-than, or nothing at all. Black or white. Perfection or bust. The structure begins to collapse.

There is a place beyond this duality of control and collapse that is freedom. It is always available to us. It is a place where we can release our stronghold of what a perfect outcome can look like. It is fully actioned by Source. It moves our individual geometry as part of the whole breath of creation. It is in the substance and flow of our bodily systems, tangible, rest-able in. This place is where we work daily with the known of the Incoming Souls. This place is where we track the body from, and where we learn about the new creational blueprint from... the multidimensional one that cannot be tucked away under our arm as our referent from a given point in time, but is ever evolving and infinite in its capacity to build and teach us from its movement in every single moment.

You can hear the silence in this place, its tones, its music. You can see what the silence looks like. You can feel the motion of form in this place, particle resonances that know you, and that you know. From somewhere deep inside your body, your cells, here is your knowing, in full waveform flow. It holds nothing 'aloft' or under strain of weight, and is full of vibrancy and motion. Being in the witness of this allows you to rest, for here is your met.

Here too - fundamentally - is the child who exists herself in all things. Here is the child who creates herself in exactness. Here is the baby who knows her conception and whose conception you are invited to dive into, fully trusting your life in her hands. Here is the perfection of the design of creation. Here are the cells that roll and tumble you into her growth - as you allow. Here is the golden light of freedom to exist in the morula of source form. Here is where she rests your womb easy in her knowing. Here is the exchange of what you need to learn from her form, she creates the hormonal and fluid elixir of just what you both need to bathe in and grow in together during wombtime and lifetime. Here is everything she shows you beyond what you think you know of 'what's best for baby'. Because here is where she moves 'all' into her freedom. All decisions, all movement, all actions, all choices are in the perfectly designed orchestration of her movement as family. To trust this 'allness' brings us through the hardest of circumstances that may not have the look of perfection about them, but are part of the greater story.

You can begin to see things through her eyes, or feel your motion as the motion of her body. Following it - in your body - allows this freedom-form to move you, your senses, and articulate your words. It allows you to hear her name from her essence. To exist her on this earth as she knows her full being existence to be. It allows her to sweetly show you how to call her to you in the daily movement of your lives together, in a way that always brings you home to the 'heard' in each other. It allows you to find the parent in you who can hear, see, feel and live what it is to be in this child's family. This articulation of you as parent and child is from the highest known of you both...the resonance at all levels of the cells. It informs your play together, your learning, your food, the detail and colour of your family picture.

In this place of met, there is not control as we have known it, there is not the perfection as we have known perfection to be. There is no black or white of 'this way' or 'that way'. There is not the linear pathway to an end we think we need to arrive at.

There is only the cadence of breath and the witness of purity in form that allows all things to 'just be' in their flow.

And, crucially, in the 'just be', all that we ever need is revealed and in motion from her view ... perfectly.


Joan Harold