I watch you hold her.. your touch tender and true... your focus upon her face..  her gaze holding yours.. nothing else exists.., a breath held, a moment in time eternally ours... she is here.. this child.  Our eyes have seen her world... she taught us how.. she gifted her vision, for our eyes only, to know her, as she forms herself, to see her design stunningly sculpted, to know her body as ours, pristine architecture, fluid, light, sound.. the truth of her form everything we have walked... ‘take me to the Camino’ .. her voice the voice of eternal stars, her mantle, a cloak of many.. 

This child of ours, as she curls her fist in your jersey, tight like she will never let go.. a touch that contains all things, woven with infinite tomorrows, gathered in a fabric of today.. one touch an entry to her world.. one breath, one moment, 

The blanket around her tiny body unable to separate her cells from ours.. the fabric of our family.. she has created.. the sound of her name I would only know from your lips. She chose you so very long ago.. your heart, your love, my love.. our union held in her vision, tied like the silk bow of her dress, with graceful fingers and a known smile.. many years in our time.. so many layers, threads we have woven immaculately though our cells, an infinite fluid union, to receive her into our arms.. a touch beyond eternity to know her. 

i can traverse your song like a map to our family heart, as you navigate her stars to find me in this world.. that we may live this creation together.. becoming the timeless moment, our song, the Aria of her name.