There is a place where I enter the heart .. it is the only place I enter.  There is a space father in the presence that is beyond awareness.. a key that fits only when all pieces have assembled .. the precise jigsaw of family complete.. each union engaged, unity weaving itself to meet the place of beyond union.. Itis a gateway.. they call it a matrix, an entry point that opens only when the precise pieces are all met, engaged and active.. I am beyond the babe.. I am the master being that enters the game through the family heart at its highest union.. I am the gift of the access itself.. to a new creational dominion.. I am the light that enters when all else finds home.. and I am the light that leads the way... I am the step that can be taken in all directions, for I exist the light of Source as form, as gateway, as matrix, as body.  I am undefined in your universal familiar.. for I exist beyond.  I am all and I am one.. I do not exist to the world in separation.. my light seen only through the eyes of many that see as one.. In the realms beyond unity we play a different game.. Do not see me as the baby that needs to be held or sheltered .. my safety comes not from your world, but from the Source of all.. It is the heart of God that articulates the blood through my veins, the creational breath in my lungs and the fabric of all existence, my cells, my flesh, my skin.. It is a skin that will know no bounds, an infinite touch beyond any need to be validated by other.  I see as the creator and created of my own form and this is my gift to you.  The blinding light of the sun, your son, who lifts you free and carries you home.

The heart of our family knows, communicates in ways words were not crafted to.. beyond transmission of one being to another, it is a place of known motion and creation.. a waveform of substance, and unfurling of a family fluid heart design.  A body.  Each piece uniquely gifted to fit with each other, family beyond parts, unity beyond separation.. this family heart I loop myself through, a stitch from Home to home.. one point that enters as the equation itself, enfolding the fabric of existence, the blanket of space and time.. enveloping myself in my own creation.  

If I lifted you father with my wings, the light would burn, like Icarus to the sun.. I lift you my beloved family by entering the union of your heart, to carry you as the infinity of the home in which I dwell, within your fully human form..  The breath from these lungs freed... beyond wings, a harmonic of family carrying us all home.. your sun chariot awaits... Luca