Starlight in bedrock ..  unearthing the koru, the unfurling light of a new beginning.  Masters of form beyond time and space .. child of the universes .. a white matrix of home, the design .. a form of many beings, many stars .. her white dress, the delicate lattice of light, an interwoven celestial fabric of fluid form .. the waves of the sea furling at her feet .. all being motion giving breath to the gown of form as the tides ebb and flow upon this new earth .. a firmament underfoot, gateway to a new garden rising from the stars on the cloak of Mary .. a mother to a child .. the mantle of all children, carrying the mother within the oceanic womb of their new creation .. we birth together into the form, a fabric of eternity unfurling it’s pristine fronds .. a gift of purity unimagined .. and held here in the palms of her outstretched hands .. the alpha of a new beginning, the woven multi verses gathered  into a single song, an aria from her heart .. a knowing smile in her eyes.


Just one stitch, a loop in the fabric .. from home to home .. one seashell found on the beach .. one starlight thread from origin to conception .. one stitch precisely and intricately enfolding and unfurling the entire fabric of existence upon itself, home in form .. space and time enfolded like origami to meet .. begin to begin .. loops of many as one .. family brought together from beyond the stars, the longing touch of reunion in the bone .. the fragments of an aeon dissolving to dust .. a lift to heaven that requires no death; the rose unfurling her petals beyond the need for thorns .. Masters of creation, a new family in the making .. the golden thread poised, the tapestry woven .. where will you meet yourself in this design, as the waves sound upon the shore and the shell of the sea becomes the heart of the family .. the child of the golden embryo weaving the womb of home through all .. mother come walk with me.. 


Shelley Lemaire