Have you seen them, the children... the light of the sun in form....standing tall in full view...  Have you seen them, the children... the golden alchemical ichor flowing through their veins.  Have you seen them, the children, holding the flame with grace, igniting and enlightening our pathway Home...   Have you seen them, the children, standing alone, yet together on this mountain top... standing in full view and witness of this time... their creational form the new temple on the Mount, heralding this new aeon... a timeless moment containing all time, fluid and transparent.... the light eternal upon the rock. 

Have you seen them, the children, who come to us direct from Source, unseparated, undivided, their gift beyond unity... to see us, hold and embrace us, into their vast form.... Standing alone, we cannot figure how to leap from separation, and skim the stepping stone of unity, to arrive on the shore of never-separated, where they dwell.  These children are here to lift and carry us across all that has been, to where the beyond is the begin and we rest in the motion of the creational wave.  Have you seen them, these children, in the place they begin... where we step into their form as the gateway to all we are seeking.... where they gift us home in the many layers and languages of a unified universal tapestry... where the woven fabric is the petrichor and substance of the garden itself from which these sunflowers grow... the light of creation, woven golden in our wombs, standing tall in our hearts, informing the fabric of our ever form... we see you in the timeless motion of your creation... as the sunflowers stand 


Shelley Lemaire