In this work we speak of the purity, the precision and perfection... about stepping back to truly witness the unfurling divine creation without any imposition or demand ... we speak of listening, receiving, meeting the incoming soul, in that each has a pure gift to bring... and when we receive it, in the precision with which it is gifted, the incoming soul or child is met, validated, known.. and this intrinsically changes the substance, the body, the embodiment and reference point for life... theirs and ours!   Receiving the incoming souls into the body is a spiritual teaching and alchemical transformation... our cells are forever changed.  The incoming children are our teachers, before they arrive, all of them in their unified grace... and the gift is for all.  Each time a new incoming soul consciousness arrives on this earth the precise gift and level of consciousness is available to all... to be received into the body, as the soul themselves... each divine conception carrying a teaching and evolutionary step for all.  

The gifts our incoming children have woven into the fabric of their new form are inherent in our now moment... able to be seen and received now, to reweave our own bodies in their truth... as mothers, fathers  birth-workers, teachers, community and grandparents as we witness their role in the unfurl of our future.

The teachings from the incomings begin far beyond our questions... they loop us into the fabric of their form... their consciousness, their bodies, their embodiment... From here we see as they do. and our questions change.  We are the ones received and it is our met point and validation and known.. they receive us in the place beyond our separate, where we rest into them and exist beyond any question or the need to know. 

Every experience we are in can be traversed through the creational form, the zero point of source, soul, origin, family and purpose... and come full circle changing our moment, our understanding, our cognitive and our next step.   We literally begin from a new reference point and when we take this step everything changes... the way we eat, the way we move, the way we parent, the way we support and educate our children, the way we see the events of the world...  

When we take the step and begin where our children begin... it is an active living listening, a spiritual practice in daily life, an experiential cellular truth.  We find ourselves through diving into our children, not taking time out to meditate... we find ourselves by handing over the reigns to our incoming souls and riding the waves of form with them, experiencing creation through the hand of the artist and the canvas of the body... to stand where our incomings stand to see the whole story, the place where the tapestry is finally big enough and begins to make some sense and offers us a new way to navigate this world.  Right now, for example, we see the tragic separation of ‘immigrant’ families, children torn away from their parents, in heart-wrenching border control measures ... in the same moment we also see the arrival of children direct from source, who will never, ever experience separation in this life, in any capacity... these are two faces of the one story, in our collective evolution and we can receive both, knowing these children will change the harmonic for all.  

When we begin where our children begin and take the stepping stones gifted by each new wave of incoming souls, each perception, expression and action in daily life becomes part of the creational wave itself... we literally step into the creational motion, in the purity, precision and perfection of Source form.


Shelley Lemaire