Just within reach but beyond your grasp there is a light... a light so softly stunning it glistens in fluid motion of every heart's purest pulse, reflecting back to you.  There is a song... a song so sweet it melts you into the wings of angels in flight through the heart of The Beloved, of Source knowing as your own.  There is an ecstatic whisper of Truth and Freedom... beyond where your ears can currently hear or your eyes can currently see.  Beyond your mind, your timelines, your prayers and beliefs.  It's just there.  To kiss the head of the baby yet to come and in it to be kissed by divinity, as it.  You cannot grasp for it, you cannot seek it.  It sits outside of your current existence.  Every longing and deepest desire... to be known, seen, freed, fed, touched, gifted.  For justice, for love, connection, belonging, capacity, resource, to know God, for soul freedom in form... just there in the smile of the One who sees beyond how you do.

Oh.... if only you could touch it and hold it.  If only the absolute freedom to feel at home within your skin, to be vibrant, fulfilled, known, met, loved, fertile, pregnant, parenting... if only it would fit within your timeline, within your schedule, your "manifestation" and spiritual practices, your physical and emotional capacity, location, your health regimen, your doctor's suggestions or teacher's advice, your financial realities, your religious guidelines, your belief systems, your current 3D, 4D, 5D consciousness... if only it would fit within the fundamental comfort zone of illusion that we control anything at all.  If only the child you are meant to have or currently have would fit into the constructs of the original duality matrix of separation that you incarnated into!  It is SO frustrating!  It is excruciating, isn't it.  When, How, What, Who, When.  We want answers.  We want it our way.  And as a humanity, we have brilliantly created ways to force it to go our way - holistically, medically and otherwise, attempting to control and maneuver creation in the direction of our own limitations.  Innocently manipulated by matrix distortion to believe that what we believe is true, and trapped within this view. 

This is where the challenge and the gift meet as one point.  The burst open point where the very painful challenge we fear may break us, kill us even physically, emotionally or spiritually, is the precise gift that beautifully births us into every deepest desire realized in the illuminated living flesh.  This is the knowing smile of the Incoming Soul.  This is their gift on offer for all.

In our work with the Incomings, we frequently burst open into territories, understandings, points of reference and new biological consciousness that are beyond our widest comprehension of possible reality to date.  We do not do this on our own.  We cannot will ourselves out of the karmic prison, we cannot liberate our own soul into the fabric beyond unity available now for humanity.  We cannot meet our child on our terms.  We must meet them in their reality, on their terms, in the beyond unified/never separated source form they have created and exist in.  We must be lifted beyond.  We must take the hand of the child that reaches out to us and know, beyond trust, with certainty, that they are fully in charge of their own creation and they meet us there, only there. 

In listening to and truly receiving the incoming child, and to the many incomings in articulation of their truth as one voice, a pristine view emerges and clarifies.  A masterpiece of divine proportions is painted, stroke by stroke, by the child, for the mother and father to see.  A picture that when seen, is understood to show more than simply having a baby or a family, a partner, etc.  When seen, the undeniable truth of absolute Oneness, an unlimited, unbridled existence can be tasted as sweetness on the tongue, in the cells.  Stunning visuals, sounds, breaths of unprecedented reality lift us into touching, knowing, becoming source form - knowing our child from within their cells.  This is the body of the child.  It is the master beings who are the Incoming Souls and it is the new matrix of pure creation itself.  It exists outside the confines of time space and outside the original duality matrix that we adults have painfully incarnated into for lifetimes, where soul and body are fundamentally separate, where karma, distortion and manipulation govern and imprison us for lifetimes.  The gift of the incomings is the gift of absolute divine freedom for all, in perpetual, generative motion of infinite creational form.  The baby you long for, the family, the fertility, the ease... it cannot be known or touched in the singular view of your control.  Pure source form in tangible truth.  And it sits outside the limitations of how you want it to look. 

The children arriving now simply will not incarnate into the outdated, distorted, fragmented structure of incarnation that we have been forced into as a humanity for lifetimes - the structure of duality, non safety, decay, mortality that we flail, seek and effort within. 

And yet, many folks resist and insist, even those skilled with crossing thresholds.  It is "easier" to remain stuck in the familiarity of death than to allow the possibility of immortality.  It is "easier" to cling onto the path of individual spiritual ascension with a teacher than to step beyond the limitations of the teacher into absolute ascended sovereignty of never separated source form oneness.  It is "easier" to say that all of this is made up than to actually see a New Humanity and New Earth lifted, freed, gifted right before your very eyes.  These are your edges, it is the view from your separation.  Many won't take the hand, will not receive because the cellular receiving of source form consciousness doesn't compute with their spirituality, their view, their fathoming of how this could possibly work.  It is like ignoring a child who is crying, or a child who is tugging on your pant leg in excitement to show you something.  "Here mamma, here mamma, come see, come see the magic of it all, let me show you mamma love... "

Here in lies the choice.  To tenderly, completely hand it over to the sometimes inconvenient yet omni present brilliance of the incomings.  To take the hand of the child who wishes to show us and tell us - in a language and reference point that we haven't yet become accustomed to.  Because to truly know our children, means to let them lead, to let them show us, to let the fabric of their form birth us, welcome us and recreate us as they bring forward the form of who they are in the most stunning display of evolutionary existence beyond embodiment.  They are Creator and Created as One.

When we see that the child before us holds the precise co-ordinates we are searching for we will cease looking down upon them and stop searching elsewhere for answers to questions that are too small.  When we receive the gift held in their outstretched arms we are profoundly and simply met, seen and freed into the new creation.

So will you dare to tenderly and completely trust that the ones who extend their hands to us all, the child that has chosen you as parent, as family, as joy of their divine heart can show you, guide you, free you and bring you home?  The light will not blind you.  The true Oneness will not strip your life of all connections.  The edge of death here will actually lead you into infinite new life, where the pain disperses into all that is received and met.  See the softness of this light... hear the opening in the silence of this song... taste this morsel of truth that frees into the nourishment from the divine... touch the hand that is touching yours... and be free.

Rony Reingold