This work speaks from listening... it speaks from engaging, perceiving, receiving each incoming soul, the gift of each child within the each collective wave... it speaks from seeing, through the eyes of the incoming soul arriving to be born... the eyes of all incomings who see as one... the light of truth, articulated as form... incoming souls born in different locations around the globe, voicing as one, seeing as one... each wave articulating a new evolutionary piece and understanding in the constantly changing tapestry of existence. The fabric of all beings entering and birthing here are the collective form that carry us all into our shared future.  

How do we know this... Everything we speak of comes from the many incoming children sharing the one evolutionary story... a shared story gifted through each child conceiving and birthing... it is their view arriving and embodying on earth and we are privileged to witness beyond any imposition.  We do not speak from the current paradigm of thought, theory or concept, nor from any spiritual teachings, religion or ancestral view.  Each piece of revealing in this work has come purely and precisely through the embodied truth of each incoming soul, each child, and all waves of arriving children, the embodied core of a unified collective, the one heart that sings through the individual essence and life story. How we meet this child, these children is everything.  We receive the, gift of the soul of the child into our bodies, our cells, our embodiment geometry encoded and informed by them.  We feel when they are received, and met, and when they meet resistance... a world that does not want to see and does not want to listen... a world that thinks it already knows the answers and is intent on imposing these lesser 'truths' upon the child. 

Take a look at these children, they hold the keys to transform our old paradigm and are clearly not interested in fitting into it...  If we allow them, each child has a unique key to gift us, to create and inform a piece of the evolutionary picture for their personal and global family inherent within the interwoven fabric of a  much greater body of existence.  Take a look through the eyes of the child, how they see us through a completely different lens to which we see ourselves.. beyond our filters, imprints and ceiling of consciousness.... take a look through their eyes.. see how they see us, and meet us in the core of who we are,, a light to reveal our gift to others.  When they challenge us to move beyond our limitations, our boundaries of existence, are they naughty or demanding... if they seek to show us ourselves beyond our old tightly-held views, to reveal our light by tearing away the veils, blowing open our sense of separation and aloneness in this world... if they rock our view of safety, do we judge them as not good, well-behaved children, not fitting the norm or respecting our personal boundaries and societal expectations....  What if the child is here to gift us the freedom beyond our limits and boundaries... a child who knows safety beyond survival, a wholeness beyond the pain of separation... a child who is fulfilling their purpose by challenging us, who is the gift of freedom themselves tearing away the distortion and illusions... holding us as they push us to our limits and then beyond.  How do we see this child in their truth, to fully receive and honour their gift and our shared growth.

Through this work we learn to listen and feel the tangible cellular evolution revealed through the body as one unified form.  Through listening cellularly we can feel how each child experiences the world, how their soul embodies, functions and navigates existence, how their gift is given, received or not, how they digest the world around them, and how their biology supports their higher soul capacity... and fundamentally how we can support them.  Through this work we feel in our cells the pain of the child who is not met or received, the distortion that is entangled around them like a stranglehold, the imposing of lesser non-supportive structures, old systems, lineages., encapsulation of functioning.. . we feel through a shared unified cellular experience the gift of each child and the precious longing to give it.  

Listening to the child is to receive the gift of the child, validating who they are now and supporting who they will be as they grow.. in receiving the gift of the child we ourselves grow, evolve, shift our consciousness and our paradigm of life.  Listening to the child is the gift we share, as a family growing and learning together, understanding new ways of being in the world, exploring, playing and creating life together… sometimes failing and falling and losing the plot, but only in our eyes.. in the paradigm beyond duality where the child dwells, there is no fall, there is no fail, they exist a different reality and through their eyes we can begin to traverse this together...  What they need of us is not what we thought, or what we may try so hard to do, to give our children all the 'right' things, to encourage them and shape them in the 'right' way.   Ten years ago, I was writing to encourage parents to heal past cellular trauma and wounding, to birth gently and nurture the new child, giving them a clean pure diet, and environment, understanding how to best support their embodied soul-essence and expression.  The souls arriving at this time into a different architecture and revealing different needs...listening to the incoming soul to meet and support conception, embodiment and birth.  Now it is the incoming souls collectively who are supporting and lifting us beyond the old dualities of right and wrong, purity and protection... many waves of children are now existing in unified infra-structures holding a higher coherency and integrity in their bodies and a reference point beyond separation or individual identity..  Many children exist a heart circuitry that functions in the zero-point eternal oneness of Source. We must meet and receive each child in the precision of the consciousness they birth and the body they are born into, beyond all we think we know. The evolutionary wave and collective story of creation births anew each moment, as we listen at the emergent edge through the arriving incoming soul consciousness. It is the alighted fabric form of the many incoming souls that lift us into seeing and articulating the truth of many, woven as one   Their light cuts through all else, aeons of illusion and distortion, their pure light of Source purifies, tearing away all that kept us from knowing Home..   The cells of our body receive this... these beings, this Source code, this light... we breathe it, live it, know it, as the eternal heart-beat... they exist it in us, not separate, but together as one circuitry, one form. 

Through listening in shared cellular form (in groups) to the many incoming  souls, as one incoming wave of consciousness and fabric motion,, their eyes become our eyes, their voice our voice, until there is only one view, one voice, one heart, one Source truth in our cells.  These are incredible beings, arriving as our children, weaving a lattice of light through all, lifting us as high as we can go... unified ascension templates... creational light form... Source bio-circuitry through all... Letting go may be a bumpy ride, an elevator straight to the top, and out through the ceiling... it may challenge all we think we know or indeed what we seek, how we parent and how we view and hold responsibility to fix what is wrong, in ourselves and the world... There is freedom in letting go and allowing our incoming souls and children to lead this next stage of our evolution, beyond entrapment in separation functioning and encapsulation of view, lifting us into a new paradigm through the  interwoven fabric of their form… One form woven in the precision and coherency of many beings.  To feel and know the eternal heart-beat of God, and the sustainable body of our planet in the form of our future children, we take a breath, and stand as they stand, walk as they walk upon this earth as home, and together as family we are informed in one creative motion of unfurling grace.   

This is our listening  …


Shelley Lemaire