Ever wondered why... how the souls come together to share experience in family form... how all the pieces of the jigsaw fit together, or don't seem to fit... the interlocking interrelationship, experience, lessons gifted and received, support and challenges, family harmonics and disharmony. 

We can look upon each relationship, each family dynamic as an energetic equation, pieces of a puzzle that engage together in function or dysfunction... we can look upon each family and see the unique pieces, the souls within the equation, the purpose in being together... we can look upon each family, beyond any boundaries of what family should be, who makes it up, how it is constructed and understand the design.

We can look through the eyes of the child upon the family they birth into, the picture seen as a whole, the pieces all forming a structure to receive the child, to hold and support each other, in a myriad of ways.  Patterns can be recognised, interlacing aspects, the gifts in trauma, the essence to be freed.   Children carrying the patterns of their parents, only to become the lemniscate dynamic of their soul purpose, freed in the reconciliation of the duality, gifts given and received between each family member.  Trauma, instead of being buried can be given life and lift the wings of the child designed to fly, disaster can liberate, purpose fulfilled, all are fed as one dynamic equation.  

We can look a family holding itself together by the skin of its teeth, and reorganise the pieces back into wholeness.... we can experience a family at odds with each other, in a push-pull battle and release the pattern and the gift to both sides, liberating a much needed breath and feeding a new constitution.  We can understand digestive patterns, illness and family distortion by gently teasing apart the threads that entrap and strangle and release the hold, the dependency, the deep survival need to hold tight.  So often parents in family are functioning at minimum, holding a maximum capacity and on the constant edge of drowning or collapse.   Old paradigm realities, expectations and fears all contributing to the daily sense of struggle.  Letting go is not an option.  

Every family or personal relationship dynamic can be understood as an equation of function, how all the pieces are organised, or entangled and how they fit, hold and exist together.  Each is a jigsaw, of sorts that can be reorganised as patterns and dualities of struggle are released into a new way of being together, a new geometry of interrelationship, at higher levels of coherency and functioning.  Moving beyond just surviving, into equations of soul creativity, expression, freedom, within family and redefining family form.   How does a family reweave... to exist the coherency and harmonic of family form.

The experience of a family, their joys, their losses, the ancestral lineage, the genetics and patterns or codes of a family create the fabric of the family body...  the weave of beings, their threads of existence, past, present, future all forming the tapestry... the incoming children take the essential threads of this fabric, unweaving the history, the old patterns, traumas, beliefs, etc and with love, they reweave all into a new design... all inherent gifts and family experience contributing to the creation, the light and essence of the incoming soul woven like filaments of gold filigree into the family tapestry, a fabric that supports the individuals and the whole... parents, siblings and beyond... a new design. 

How do we see family, define ourselves within and from, where are the edges we choose to move beyond to embrace a higher functioning, know a new design... how do our children see us as parents, and define family through their wider lens...  What do they need, to rest their hearts into the woven core of the unified heart, to soar into the outer toroidal curve of their spin, their higher dimensional universal identity and functioning, to return with certainty back to centre... to the heart of the family, the hearth of the home.  And how can we fly with them in one circuitry, as they hold out their hand to us, in lift and freedom, as one... as family