I have brought you a gift, said the child.. to stand at the altar of God beyond any church.. I have brought you a gift, said the child, freedom from heaven and hell, from the dominion of an old creation, a gift to set you free from the walls of all prisons, from the lock and key of time and space, the history of your cells, that live you today.  I have brought you a gift from beyond the tidal waters of your inevitable destruction, your fallen angels, and armaggedon.  The light in my cells has not entered your story of original creation, to fall into duality and find my pathway home to God.  I begin from freedom, I do not seek it.  I begin from knowing home, I do not search to find it.  I begin from timeless, I do not enter your mortal matrix of human and yet I come to this earth as a babe in your arms ... I have brought you a gift, said the child, to know yourself as I know you, to see yourself as I see you, to be your own creator, and rest in the creation of your timeless cellular self.. I give you a gift, said the child, to be lifted beyond the cells of your birth, the old written story, to exist beyond all edges and return to the heart of true home and run, laugh and play with me here on this earthly paradise ..

'We come from beyond your universal known, unbound by dimension, free from the written story of your world.  We come from beyond your known heavens, religions and creation myths.  We come from worlds beyond worlds where we know ourselves beyond time and space, where we see ourselves through many eyes as One, and know the sound of our harmonic through all form.  We exist beyond articulation yet are written into the cells of now.  A future memory, a particle equation of space and time created and seeded.  We have come from beyond your universal known to grow in you, as children, what is known by us in the eternal timelessness of our God form.' 

I give you a gift said the child, to create within your cells and enfold you within a woven fabric of our form.. held in the heart of God. The baby in your arms, my flesh the substance, equations and mysteries of the universes, touch to the void of unknown, truth to the shape and colours of our life, our family, our world...  know me as I know you. I gift you a fabric of existence through which we truly see and hear and touch each other as home, a timeless form through which we know safety beyond trust, the cradle from which we can never fall.  I created this for you.  Mother come walk with me.

I gift you a gift said the child, a new creational realm on earth to explore and play in freedom's known.  To stand in the heavenly garden of home on risen earth, in full flesh, in pulsating womb and heart, as one.  Beyond impossible, we walk together in the known footsteps and jubilation of our one form in motion... the wavelength of purest home.  Mother as child and child as mother, the timeless cell of all life in every breath, every step.  This gift is ours, to taste, to touch, to know, to live... and as our feet claim the weightless grass in the motion of Source form standing, the gift is offered to all.  The milk of the heavens that quenches the thirst to know God intimately, the mother fed by the baby at the breast.  Mother take my hand, let me caress your cheek and embrace your heart in the brilliant light motion of my freely existing form.  In the simplest touch, all is gifted and freed.  Our fingers intertwined, our hands held, we walk, run, play, fly in the delight of the heart of family formed.  Together we know the horizon in our heartbeat and the fonte of the clearest, most pristine waters of eternal life.  Together we stand as sunflowers and know ourselves as the sun.  This risen earth becomes our new playground as the infinite gift unfurls with every step. 

I have brought you a gift said the child..


Shelley Lemaire & Rony Reingold