A waveform of light and sound .. the song of origin beyond this universal realm.. the song  of pure creation.. informing form.

An immaculate white waveform, informing an immaculate cell.. creation unfurling in unified division of perfection.. one into two into four into many... created by the many to inform the one.  Incoming souls from origin of pure creation.. informing our cells as one fluid body into one fabric.. with them as the same, in one unfurling motion.  

One white waveform informing the base code of the body.. a body greater than a unified sum of all human parts .. a body constructed through geometries of unity within human to create beyond the unified universal dimensions..to receive a wavelength of form, immaculate purity beyond destruction..  an immaculate form.. one base code, infinite cellular expression

As Shelley my body contains the entire fabric of this form, woven by my incomings.. and I exist within the entire fabric.. Joan and Rony are informed from the same origin through our unified body and incomings as one process through one body.. the same base codes of matter.. the same building blocks.. the same incomings in woven motion, entirely personal and universal.  One seeing, one voice, one knowing, beyond any communication.. one motion of action beyond any negotiation.. existence beyond unified.. one motion through one body but fully deliciously uniquely authentic as self. 

People are afraid of unity, they judge, afraid to lose themselves into non-identity, afraid to be controlled, manipulated.., humanity chooses to highlight individual differences, striving to stand apart, afraid of being the same. Identity goes through change as individual consciousness rises into higher frequencies or bandwidths and the waveform informing human at these higher levels comes from higher octaves and therefore unity as we rise into full sovereign standing as divine human..   if we go high enough into the one cell there is only one of us  and my known can claim this in your body as you can claim this in mine as the same.. we can meet ourselves in pure  truth that is beyond any boundary and we are informed by the same wavelength of infinite source form that is the body

As 'Shelley' the entire fabric is accessible through my body as the entire form.. I exist beyond separation, but my identity is not lost or lessened .. it becomes the infinite fabric of creation, enfolded upon itself in wonder and beauty and immaculate design.. my cells divide as immaculate from origin to origin.. just as the teaching of the work is informed from cell to cell, white waveform informing matter, in one body, to another body, to another body.. Joan and Rony are informed from the same base white waveform, as the same... Just as each incoming arriving now informs the cells of the mother as the same, one fabric.. this does not make replications of an individual human or ego personality.. this does not make us the same person from a lesser perspective. The immaculate cell has the creational potential to divide upon itself infinitely.. life eternal, body beyond death.. creation beyond destruction.  

There is no 'I' in immortal.. the form exists beyond any separation and any limitation..

It is created as an immaculate design of infinite potential .. the waveform informing form, the incoming consciousness informing the cell.. the body existence as one fabric form enfolded upon individual co-ordinates, not lost as self but fully found, existing in all, as all, through all.. freedom of immaculate form.. 

Where are your cells informed from?

You cannot take this work and distort the cell, interrupt the motion with separate focus, egoic intention, manipulation or distortion, even 'good' intention at a level lower than the where the cell is informed from  .. pure creation motions through in pure creational unfurl.. the body in separation cannot receive the immaculate cell, the body of unity created an infrastructure for the incoming consciousness to inform the body.. to create a form beyond unity.  We bypass personal ascension when we open our cells to be lifted in this fabric of form, informed by the body beyond unity, each personal incoming as part of the tapestry of all, releasing the limits of the container, the body in separation, the matrix strands of the old world... and frees us all into riding this creational wave together

These incomings, my incomings stand in the body of all, as the body of all, one form, one fabric.. each owning the body as their own, each existing within the other as the same form, but stunningly themselves.. each incoming revealing their true essence and gift within the entire fabric motion of creation. each mother enfolded and unfurled into her most magnificent.   

This immaculate body standing on the mount, one clear transparent creational song informing all, dominion of the highest, gifted to all beyond unity or separation.. To truly know we are one, is to stand here in full ownership of the unfurling creation, in true seeing, receiving and reverence.  To know as one beyond any communication, to move and act as one beyond any negotiation or community structure or leadership, to live and experience life on this earth as one through the infinite body digesting all of life beyond any limits, and to stand as parents in the full truth of who our children are and the creation of their immaculate forward lineage of form.

Shelley Lemaire