Can you search for something if it is here, in every moment?  To search, to seek, to try to find, to long for, to be desperate to connect to, to do anything to connect with.. these are all phrases from eyes that are separate from the whole. 

You see, as you search for me in a glorious haze of purple tutti-fruiti incense-filled fire-breaths, waiting to feel yourself feel me in the motion of a glory-enraptured depth-inhalation process, I am the breath that helped you leap out of bed and put your socks on this morning.

As you bake the dried flax-crackered-crunch-sticks of effervescent, purified, toxic-free, health-dust dental-workoutery, and suck out the gluten from the bowels of your cupboards to cleanse your homes or body, in the hopes that you will find me or heal me in transparency of food form's highest vibration... I am the entire taste and juice that nourishes your body to become transparent in the richness of all it imbibes, and every vibration that is.

As you twist your body to eek out the slightest hint of creak or stiffness, as you reach to the stars to stretch to the manna of emptiness that calms your busy mind, I am that which stretches you, forms you, moulds you and moves you.. I am the emptiness, the fullness and everything in between. 

As you speak to the mountain of her strength and unlimited prowess, the vale of her green luscious flowery fertility, as you caress the water and name and bless and honour each and all as your point of knowing to dive in and experience me.. I am in the cell of all of these and more, I am seeing you from beyond the unity of these things and I am simply here, in free view, not requiring access through the earths beauties.

As you dance deeply in spin and euphoria to celebrate your womb's divinity, as you swing your nipple tassles with fervour, as you etch markings on your body to reach me in the celebratory ceremonies of commune, as you dress in flowing gowns of the deepest multicoloured velvet and the lightest whitest tuille, as you harmonise your body in the motion of a sacred dance of fertility, or motherhood, or parenting, or carpooling, I am in the quiet of the slippers and pyjamas that you rest in after all the trumpet blast.

As you moxibust yourself into a supplemental dried-ice miasma, chase a remedy to ease your mind to heal, seek to resolve all trauma in the wang-dang-doodle of a drumbeat tonal clearing, venerate the ancestors in a face-painting ascension party.. I am simply your next and every forward step.

As you 'call-in' my soul with the mantras of the chosen few, the songs of the wind, the psychic whispers to the crystal balls of fire, I am already on the line, in the motion. I am not waiting, I am doing.

When you seek me in all the ceremonial glory of your human longing, when you look for me in all the ceremonial guidance of your human past, you miss that I am here, not separate from you, in full colour, in full sound, in full vision, in full motion.. beyond any need, or seeking, in every moment of life's living, In the simplicity of the light of day, in every delicious morsel.


* Author's note: please read this with the eyes that know rods and cones of humour, the digestive rumblings of a reflective smile and the emerging belly-giggle of a child knowing the full journey to simplicity in all of our individual meanderings.