"I don't know what to do" said the Mother, "here, where you have been trying tirelessly to be what I have taught you to be, what I have 'moulded' you into, what you have tried so hard to become, because of me. The picture I had of you before you came was the face of the sweetest child that I would love, care for and protect with all the bones of me. A child I thought I could be a parent to, from all I have learned before...learned from old stories and old books, old and new ideas and expert teachings..... and here we are, at odds with each other once more... me quashing the very 'you' of you because I haven't known you as I could"

"I am not sure where to begin" said the Father, "here, where everything I have ever known of being a father changes. My old head knows what I have seen, to teach and preach, to do as I say, to give life to, hold, nourish, teach, bestow upon, guard, protect, instil in, guide, forge, allow, nurture and foster values in because.. well.. because I didn't know how else to be. I know that there is a new begin here.. in seeing you there is a new me."

So the dialogue starts. An admission of lost, an unknown level of how to be a mother, a father, to a child who knows Source in the light of their neurology and circuitry, and who functions in everything at that level of light. The child who comes with a consciousness that is, and only ever can be, in the motion of connected-to-Source, and therefore, connected to each other. The parent who sees that in her child, but also knows nothing of how to truly be with that.

In the met of this child, this mother meets her own essence, and can begin to stand into her own known, her new begin, not into the fear of parenting beyond what she thinks she knows.  The father can hear, from this point, what the body of the child who knows heaven in his cells sounds like:

"It knows God. It knows a code of light that can be seen and heard - wavelength defined by itself. It knows the heart-beat of me as unbounded, resonant with all beings.

My language speaks freedom from the colour-by-numbers picture of the past. It contains questions that evolve answers too. It contains codes that are pure in their utterance and need no deciphering, because in that purity they are heard by all. The perception of the articulation is whole as it is heard from the knowing of white neurology of me.

My body knows its co-ordination in the space of all, not confined to the rooms, house, or world I'm in. My proprioception functions from the reference of infinite light as its point of orbit. From there I can move in ease and truth. Each motion can be trusted because it is motioned by the light of me. In this motion there is no fall.

My ears hear and know the balance of all things, the waves that include frequency through all particles. Each sound I hear from this becomes a sound I reference from Source, I listen from pure. So as you speak from pure, I hear you.

My circuitry is wide, is full, is infinite - and my whole body is in the navigation of infinite space. The nervous system of the many universes is my body's playground.

And so, mother, father, this is how I know you too. I bring you to this place of understanding and cell-being so that we can live our fullest in life.  I lead you to where you can see what draws you from white source light, and I show how the colour of you emerges as you marvel at the many colours of my life"

The mother responds to her baby from here : 

"all the ways I can love you from this, are all the ways I know to be in me. I can know God in my cells. I can feel this wavelength in me as it is in you. So we can speak of all the things we each know from the heart of us.  Each heartbeat that leads the next step that we take together. I can know your body's form from here, a resonant space that allows me to feel the play you play, the noises you make, the massive releases your body knows it needs. And I can play there too, my body's space, how we bounce off each other in the joy of our unleashing. I can release here, in my truth and purity, where there is no threat, and not the anger of old. We dance with each other in this music. 

What we can hear together in each moment of our own knowing, sounds different here. We can hear each others truths, fears, deepest desires and farthest imaginings. We can hear when things are off kilter too, and motion towards each other again. A real home-coming of sound. In the body of family. That home-coming rests the edges in us that are on alert, or the nervous system that has ground itself to a halt so often. That circuitry that lights in all of our family can flow of its own generative ignition, moment to moment. It is not static or a set-piece, the motion shows itself like infinite light fluid, a particle that is effervescent in eternal glow. It leads us to every moment and knows itself in all of the moments before".

From here, the father knows "within the body of you, and of me, I see that you are not a child to be lessened into an old definition, an old developmental profile, a series of boxes to tick as you grow, a showing of how to be - based on all that has gone before. I see that although your body is cute - a squashable huggable mess of curls and sweet smells that answers a primitive call to protect and nurture - you are infinitely clear. Your substance is not to be trifled with.  You exist a circuitry that engages with every moment of your being, and that includes every moment of mine. Your voice is a clear speaking of purity not to be quashed. It is my known voice too, as the father in the song of the family"

"We can be the new mother, the new father. We can drop into the moment of your gaze that brings us beyond the wounds of our own story. We can take your invitation and allow our neurology to shift to mirror yours. We can step into the form of your function and see every day what is really important, really needed. Our eyes can see you as the light source being beyond vulnerability and doubt, beyond a perception of a fallible little babe in arms. We can allow our bodies to travel the wavelength with you and see its needs or its gifts. We can meet ourselves as one vision, one hearing, one heartbeat, one system of motion, that allows every moment to be in the purity and truth of a met Source-formed family.

We see your funny, your kind, your gentle, your care. We see your smart, your try, your talent, your sing and dance. We see your absolute beauty and your struggle. And we stand here as your parents to see them from the widest lens that allows all of these things - every one of them - to be seen in our own eyes too. Parent and child. Child and parent. Same. Free. "


Joan Harold