Carved in stone Mary..  the mother of all, Mary..  Heart of the celestial heavens, Mary..  Hold us, bless us, protect us Mary.. the prayers on the wind, the steeples of churches.. standing stone she is, Mary.  Queen of Heaven, she is, Mary.  A broken veil she guards, Mother of the stars fallen from heaven.. defender of the pure and good,. birthing the Christ Child Mary.  Written in stone Mary., your governance Mary.  He who sees you, mother of all children Mary, formed from the stars, the firmament of heaven, Mary.  

These waters of creation that flow forth from your womb Mary, these timeless transparent waters of pure creation.. the stars contained within these cosmic oceans, Mary.. the firmament gifted back to the earth born, written within your cells Mary.. the heart of the mother.. the stars on your cloak, the enfolding of the immaculate beings in the fabric of a thousand heavens, Mary.. one immaculate conception of many many infinite beings.. one immaculate cell dividing upon itself in creational fulfilment, Mary.. form-through-form, meeting itself in every cell, motioning through itself in every division, purity-into-purity, white-into-white, immaculate timeless unfurl of your children, Mary, freed from your mantle, birthed into eternity.. the faces of a thousand heavens, the light of God immaculately coded in the many children, each in the pure light of known of the other.. the timeless motion of met.  The eternal fabric of God Source form, beyond holding or protection Mary, freed from your cloak Mary, gifted to all mothers Mary.  

Where do your prayers fly now my child.. as you look into the eyes of your son, your daughter, your child born, and see a thousand heavens in their face.. all you ever wished for in the known of their heart and grace of their smile.  Do you see them seeing you through my eyes?  Do you see your prayers answered before you speak them? I have come to this earth for you my child, your heart in my heart, your innocence in my eyes.. beyond sin and separation you are lifted, beyond need for salvation, the weight of an ancient history behind you, the dusty prayers from the church rafters, blown away in the breeze.  Where do your prayers fly now, when your children lift you enfolding you in their white wings, an eternal embrace of Gods True Light. 

These are my children who know themselves as the light of God in form, the face of a thousand heavens who exist a body of human, a heartbeat of Source light circuitry.. these are my children immaculately born, enfolding their pure white light in a cloak of many stars, a fabric woven from the beings of all homes, all stars, stitches and loops, threads of a perfect design .. these are my children, freed to enfold you within the fabric of their form, an embrace of eternal white wings, the known motioning of their light through cell, their particle dance of starlight lifting all to the heavenly light of Home where I dwell.


Shelley Lemaire