Unfurling Mary.png

Can I be a flower of Light?

Conceived and born in form of white

Moving in the move of all

No fight..  no tear.. no quest.. no fall.

To glide, to flow, to shine as son

To live as me who lives as One.

The daughter born in winged flight

Who swirls and spins as purest sight

There is this clear true eye that sees

This One of me, this ‘can’, this ease.

A seeded child in white of earth

Whose life is love, is flesh, is birth,

Is play, is run, is know, is see,

The white of Source .. this flesh can be:

The earthen babe whose skin is pink

As fuschia picked in deepest think

Whose tender tears, the water’s flow

Whose standing is the mountain’s show

Whose flight is every birds display

Of freedom in the fresh of day

The blue in sky the white of cloud

Is every quiet, every loud

Every motion ever shown

Is trust, is guide, is felt ...is known.

Joan Harold

(Artwork by Joan Harold)