We have reached a time in our evolution upon this planet, where the collective unified consciousness of the children arriving here now offers us a shared awakening capacity far beyond any individual or group practice through the traditions and teachings we have had available to us thus far. Pathways to God have always existed to be followed and trekked toward enlightenment and sovereign freedom. We have worked hard on healing ourselves and climbing the ladder of higher dimensional awareness, embodied soul, truth and purpose. And beyond the separate self we have explored the potency of the merge with other, and group work, where the unity field formed opens to receive new consciousness levels that present an emergent face or edge of evolution. Now imagine the face of the child who exists as full Source form circuitry, not awakened from a slumber, as he has never slept or been separated from origin, not needing others to engage in unity together as he was never separated into parts that were lost to each other.. Imagine the face of the child who knows himself as whole, as all things, as home through the fabric of creation in the cellular weave of One. This face of this child exists here as human now and looks upon this world with the eyes of many who know themselves as One. The face of this child observes from his referent view, the evolutionary running race of humanity, different pathways, spiritual teachings, ascension advice... the perceptions of a reality, the view from fallen and separated, lost in the maze in search of home, exit, freedom… and a vast array of popular solutions for the perceptions of reality that are held and fought for. Intrinsic to this search are the cleverly manipulated ‘domesticated’ programs that perpetuate an eternal entrapment in the life-death cycle. the mortal entropic matrix of decay and inevitable destruction, the promised ‘salvation’ through distorted religion, spirituality and myth that engenders more entrapment and keeps us in the game. Now, beyond the universal fallen illusion we have new eyes, we have the birth of many beings, as many children here, who do not know the game from inside the maze of dead-end pathways... who offer us access to a circuitry that begins purely from the true freedom and home we are longing for and are here to awaken in all.

He exists now, this child, not as a separate baby - as we would look upon the child born to humanity. He exists purely through the existence of the interwoven consciousness of all children arriving on this earth who have created a collective tapestry, their consciousnesses woven through each other, wave after wave of incoming souls... these babies, these children, the unified lattice of their cells building and forming a creational body.. One fabric that allows the possibility for one baby to exist the whole… through the interwoven nature of all.

This child exists now for you. His gift is for all, through all. To touch the cells of each and every individual on this earth who wish to know home, to know themselves beyond any separation in a cellular form, without needing to meditate or follow any practice. To gift the freedom to each who choose to see and know himself and the world through the eyes of the child. To see in full transparency the play of life upon the game, the lines drawn and patterns programmed, the caps to be worn and boxes to be contained within. He looks upon it all, with a smile, neutral in his form of neither black nor white, light nor dark, beyond dually of cell, or cycles of existence.. He is. This child who exists as himself though all children is offering you his hand, to lift you beyond the race you are running, to the. horizon where he sits in freedom and full view of the beauty and. precision of it all, already created, already formed, already home. Smiling.

Shelley Lemaire