We look so easily into the eyes of a child, a clear pristine access, an unspoken invitation.. and who is the being that looks back at us, a fluid knowing exchanged, a transparent authenticity calling us into an integrity with ourselves and our world that we are deeply craving… a fleeting sense of something greater we have access to, that we cannot seek or find, or for the life of us figure out.. a future we cannot see when life all around us plays its perpetual game of chaos and destruction, and we scream ‘what is the world coming to?’ Yet it is there in the simple acknowledgement, in that moment, in the eyes of the child, the answers to our questions that we cannot fathom how to form…

Let’s look more closely at the children arriving on Earth today.  The conversations are common enough, the struggles of today, the challenge of our children.. a new era, a new consciousness, different to those who have come before... but what does this really mean?  Many parents and teachers see and feel the difference in the ‘version of the child before them’ to the historically bound package of all we have known, and can glimpse beyond the need to shape the child according to an old formulation.  The touch of something which cannot be formed into words, if indeed words exist for this… Their presence is tangible beyond individual focal points, a gift to this evolving and fast-changing global existence.. a world in crisis, or so we are told.   

So who are these children and how can we best understand them at this key time.  What is the lens or referent view through which we see our child, and many of the children arriving now, what is the language we need to understand them and therefore meet them in a newly defined territory.   The new-age angel card reader describing children with crystal auras and telepathy is a misnomer to the truth.  New consciousness is not an airy-fairy intangible that exists in meditative states only to be accessed by a few and it is not in the chic yoga classes or followings of the pseudo-spiritual trend-setters.  It is not something we need to gather into circles for or follow a spiritual tradition to find, nor is it something we need to shelter, protect and fight for, in fear of the big bad wolf.  The children of this planet today are the incoming souls that have been birthing here, embodying a higher consciousness into their bodies, engaging a higher level functioning as human, and in doing so, collectively changing and evolving the greater body of humanity.... simple.  Higher consciousness means higher functioning, literally, the capacity to process and integrate higher levels of multi-dimensional information through cellular form as human… levels of functioning that have previously been disconnected, denatured and devolved in the history of our time.  

The diagnosis of children today as Autism spectrum  and Asperger’s directs us to see new function as dys-function or an inability to fit into, and function in, the world that exists.   A child who is processing many levels of incoming wavelength of consciousness  is integrating and synthesising all levels into their nervous system as functioning form.  In doing so, they are giving us access to consciousness and information beyond our old paradigm and current understandings.     It can feel overwhelming at times, similar to being bombarded by many different sounds all at once and needing to harmonise them into coherency in the body, in a precise pattern or geometry the child is coded for.  These children are designed to repattern and reinform humanity through the circuitry in their bodies, individually and collectively.  It is clear beyond our old view of ‘soul-purpose’ that this is not a singular task, as we understand the collective nature of interwoven consciousness, like threads in a fabric, of many children, and an interconnected circuitry and neurology of unified functioning.   So, lets redefine ‘functioning’ as the child optimally existing as their soul is designed, in this body, in the giving of their gift in an ongoing evolving capacity, within the greater body, as they grow and develop into adulthood.    The information processing capacity of our children is vast and can be understood more from a shared higher mind and evolution, than the self-focused, functioning in separation of the world in its current egoic, intellectual and psychological needs-based existence.  These children are receiving higher levels of consciousness in ways that are creating, weaving and lifting humanity as they move through collective tapestries of existence. And in the place beyond language know themselves at these higher stations of unified identity.  Collectively they are literally downloading designs/ maps and equations of higher level functioning, information technologies to create sustainable worlds, and unified harmonics of inter-relationship and global community… this is the defining essence and nature of the ‘new children’ or ‘children of a new consciousness’ as they gift us a new way of being human, being together, and living harmoniously and sustainably on this planet we call home.  

The child of high-level functioning often feels the misfit in situations of limited or linear information and is easily distractible, frustrated, bored, highly-sensitive and can show resistance to fitting into expectations, to behave a certain way or learn specific content for academic evaluation.  Often they need to literally slow down their natural functioning to engage the world at a lesser level and can only tolerate this for so long without frustration or out-burst.   There is often a transparency of view and cellular sense that experiences an intolerance for information, consciousness and behaviour that is out of integrity and non-resonant with the known of the child... Noticeable also is an indigestibility of the duality, and frustration with the blindness to, or ceiling of awareness held regarding the evolving planetary future that is inherently written into these children’s timelines..  A deeply felt sadness and depression can also be experienced when the view that surrounds the child is unreconcilable with the core soul truth.    To see through the lower-level manipulation and distortion is easy for these children, they do not take the word of adults when it does not meet their higher level truth, nor will they be obedient to a system that is out of integrity and not part of the collective evolving wave of the future they know themselves an intrinsic part of.  The embodiment of higher soul-level purpose, truth, freedom and integrity, held within the collective woven infra-structure of all children arriving in recent years, has seen many of our young people stand up in front of large audiences and political leaders to give voice to what they know in their hearts as truth... creating waves of global motion and action, owning themselves collectively as stewards of this planet’s future.  In her interview for Time Magazine, Greta Thurnberg attributes her determination to her diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome,  “It makes me see the world differently. I see through lies more easily,” she says. “I don’t like compromising. For me, it’s either you are sustainable or not — you can’t be a little bit sustainable.”  There are simple truths that move as one waveform through the fabric of consciousness of all children here on this earth, as a global body, informing our future, through the consciousness they collectively bring to earth and the action and change they create here as our next leaders. 

The clear pure advanced consciousness is the gift, that we sense, but are not given the language, classifications or functional lens through which to see and understand the truth of the child.  We speak of children bringing a new consciousness to the planet and then classify this new consciousness as dysfunctioning, administering drugs or techniques that dampen and close down this higher-level capacity, to allow the child to have a ‘normal life’, to fit into school, socialise in the playground, etc. We can see the reversal programming employed here.  The view to distort and limit the light of the child that gifts us a new consciousness, a new capacity and coherency to lift us beyond our limitations... to diagnose higher functioning as abnormal...  The recognition of the dis-ability-to-function-as-normal as political and socially supporting a non-discriminatory stance, evolves our sense of equality, and accepting those who are different from us, but where does this meet, validate or support the consciousness of the child?  Beyond being ‘neuro-diverse’ these souls are gifting us cellular consciousness that has not existed on earth before and is fundamental to the future we collectively share.

If we consider the gift of a soul arriving to earth, and infact many such beings, who hav never incarnated on earth before, and do not arrive with the imprinted memory of being human, these children simply do not know the rules of the human game.    ‘Inappropriate’ social behaviour, slow language development and atypical neurological function are highly typical for these souls.  A higher consciousness being that knows itself as non-separate, and defines functioning as a collective neurology of information transfer, communication and physiological function cannot understand the limitations of these separate bodies, or exist naturally in social situations that concretise and uphold the separation and segregation of individual.  For these souls there is no concept or need of individual boundary that protects one from other, as the non-boundaried form is a conduit of shared Source consciousness, knowing itself as one through a geometry of connected truth, reverence and unity, and not some primitive destruct-destroy-consume-entropic system that requires protection for self-preservation.  If we understand the history of humanity as perpetual entrapment within this fallen time-space universe, locked into a limited ceiling of functioning as disconnected, separated consciousness programmed to be at war with themselves.... pause for breath... t hen from this view we can begin to see how the child of a higher functioning coherent unified consciousness might look upon the so called ‘normal’ behaviours of which they cannot ever fit into and achieve qualification of normal function.  What does normal look like, and who defines the parameters?.   A light that gifts itself to our world is pure unto itself and cannot be seen through any lesser lens.

No lens distorts the light more than religion.. the perpetuated blindness and program of religion to dictate the law of creation and the word of God begins to crumble in the eyes of the child.  The distorted view woven with threads of truth and threads of corruption to carefully conceal the true sovereignty of us all as children of God, as pure creation.  The rituals and decrees of worship and prayer are tangibly empty to the child born n connection to eternal God Source.   The child embodied knowing themselves as never separated from God, in zero-point Source circuitry simply cannot digest or shrink themselves into any concept, belief or structure that claims to be light, God, truth, but does not exist the true circuitry of Source.  The words are empty and the belief systems antiquated.  The referent is functionally in spin coherency in the heart of the child and everything else, no matter how well intended, or how long it has been a tradition, is not functionable in, and dissolves in the spin of coherent cellular knowing.  Long held relgious tradition that has formed the backbone of cultural, community and family life begin to come undone.. it is not through disrespect of the elders, family or of the culture itself that these children cannot participate, it is through the known structural integrity of the core of their being, in relation to God Source that they cannot exist anything less than.  Rather, the children in unified toroidal spin coherency and in multi-levelled unified fabric form are able to lift and enfold the old structures and beliefs, the rituals and practices tethered through time and tradition, into a new coherency of Source weaving new structures and light-encoded forms, evolving, being and beholding the light.

So we come to place of face... the true face of the child, beyond the distorted manipulated views... the face of the child seen in transparency for who they are, and in recognition of what they gift to this evolving planet.  To peel back the layers that hide the true face and light of the child, is to move beyond dwelling in the darkness ourselves... to face and see our true light is the gift received .. the bio-chemical bonds and caps of DNA that have harvested our eternal life-force for so long... consumed and manipulated by those who seek to gain from our entrapment… the base codes of matter, the form-holding blueprints, the matrix-encoded patterning that exists in the fabric weave of all children, now lifts us bio-chemically from our slumber, now re-awakens functioning we have lost and yet not truly forgotten, recognition software in our cellular matrix engages and opens to receive new tidal flows of coded light form... encoded in the fabric and form of the new children woven by many as one.

We need a language to speak of, and to, these children... to honour their presence and higher functioning, to support their development into adulthood and leadership, to receive the gift of their consciousness for our future, the risen platform they hold for us all... We need a language to meet these children where they exist in full function, where they can be seen and heard in their truth and articulation of emergent creation, in precision and unfurl of a sustainable planetary body. and new global consciousness.. where we can see and feel them defining and riding the edge of this evolutionary wave, together as they lead,  and we are lifted in the one motion.  we support them as parents as we stand where they stand, and see what they see . when we know their voice of truth and find a language of reverence, recognition and gratitude for who they are and why they are here, now.


Shelley x