Prayers said to Mary on each bell that tolls, as I sit by the window and play with my dolls. You walk on this earth as if you are free, but beyond these walls is a playground you see.. it has infinite treasures and merry-go-rounds, cookies and wishes and all that is found. We play here together, as all, you and me, the cells of God’s form of freedom is me. Your touch of tomorrows are all here today, rest in me mother we come here to play.

Your wings did know heaven and so did your heart, I exposed all your secrets and pulled you apart. Broken and grieving you lay on the floor, mother, forgive me, the old world is no more. I will not surrender or give up my gift, the heart of tomorrow means more than a rift. A tear in the fabric is all we have known, mother my stitches, the seeds I have sown. A garden is grown, it is full now and true, the season is ripe, it is here just for you. The apples are eaten as they hang from the tree, a garden for everyone, a lineage free. My brother walks with me, my sister alike, free-wheeling now there are three on this trike. Father, he loves us much more than he knows, I will teach him his body does not end at his toes. Higher than fingers that point to the sky, father I lift you, in me you can fly. You reached unto heaven, and what did you see, the heart of all heaven was here within me. Don’t seek for me Mama I am all that is free, the heartbeat of heaven, the waves of the sea. The fire that warms you, the hearth of the home, my love for you Mama, the touch you have known. My eyes here they see you, so pure and so true, Mama my heartbeat here is for you.

If the body is heaven then what do you see? the cells of the body are all faces to me.. each of the faces and facets alike, we can move through each other, we can run we can bike. The body is one but is infinitely more, I am standing in Eden right here on the floor. My bedroom is messy, with clothes in a heap, my feet are all muddy and you really need sleep. My cells know they are heaven and infinitely more, my blood and my bone and my atoms galore. I can tumble and turn though time and through space, Mary is merely this smile on my face. Kiss my cheek Mama, as I hug you to me, there is nowhere to fall now, we are home, we are free. This form is forever, this pulse now is true, Mama, my heart is my gift here for you. My heart is the one heart of God you see, the kingdom of heaven is here within me.

Shelley Lemaire

Artwork: Joan Harold