Sometimes, a simple acknowledgement is all it takes to open up a connection or space we can engage in to welcome a new and different motion in our lives. The actor receiving the Oscar, wet with tears and voice trembling while reading a speedy list of names - those who helped them get there: family, director, agent, God… acknowledgements in the journey to seen. Doors with stars on them open because of the golden statue, recognition in the steps to fame.

The gardener, nails caked with earth, sore back, aching limbs and chapped hands. Bathes in the hot water rest of a days labour, and dreams of the Spring where the bulbs awaken. A mutual respect then, as the time passes, the flower smiles and the gardener smiles back.. ‘Look at what we have done together’. A garden seen most clearly in full bloom.

A woman sits in the evening chair, she knits her way to a place not yet seen. The figures that emerge are in the clickety clack of the needles and the weave of the wool. Nothing fully known by others until the final stitch. But every wrap and tug of thread is finally acknowledged in the tiny hands that squeeze the teddy. Beheld in its finished beauty.

A mother is weary after a long day. Her husband sees her effort and says to the family ‘Look at your mammy, all she has done today, this week, this year. She really is awesome!’ And the family have a goodnight hug, the mother smiles and feels it. Really feels it. All the things she is and does, reflected. Seen.

Let’s look at a cell; a cell that is in constant change, mused at by mankind since the dawn of time; a cell that has always shown us its potential. It has shown us that it is shifting, growing or shrinking with the times or experiences it has moved through.

We humans celebrate the achievements of the cell and the proving of a hypothesis - something we have observed, that we need to prove as right or wrong. We have labelled the cells of the body 'miraculous', but we have needed proof to see the miracle. Our deep need for this proof somehow informs us that something is real. We view it through a lens of linear. As though we are separate from the cell itself.

There is power in simple acknowledgement. There can be movement from stuck or denial. But our human tendency, is to acknowledge from having to trust that it can be measured, given a hug to, played with, picked in bloom, viewed on the movie screen.

The truly real cell grows regardless of proof. Human form is changing and evolving regardless of the plaudits after-the-fact.

There is cellular form now, that ignites us, grows us and meets us from already present. From somewhere that doesn’t need proof of itself to be seen. It is form that doesn’t need a test to validate its existence. It functions beyond a place of “You see - therefore I am”. It is a cell which is creating life from full. This cell is in motion in the trust of itself. Its known and its make-up are not referenced from a place we need to investigate, fix or limit. It is real. It is the cell of now. It is the cell of the child and incoming soul. We can acknowledge this as real, even if we don't quite understand it.

Sometimes, a simple acknowledgement is all it takes to open up a connection or space we can engage in to welcome a new and different motion in our lives.

Joan Harold