Our ongoing membership forum engages in the now moment active listening and currency of the body. Membership is open to all who are currently involved with the Incoming Souls work or to anyone who would like to be.

"In listening to the incoming soul, we are offered a glimpse of divine creation, purity and perfection...a soul arriving to birth into our body, our family, our world. This child is the future and their creation begins long before birth. If we truly listen to this soul we can meet them where they exist...beyond our own limitations and stories, our boundaries, belief systems and collective realities, beyond the weave of an old world. They hold out their hand to us. One step. One voice. One vision." --Shelley Lemaire

This invitational group exists for, and as, those who are currently in the motion of this work and who feel/see/desire opportunities to further engage from the circuitry of the children as the wider body of many, with the guidance and support of the Incoming Souls teaching body.

This forum exists for active listening, to have questions answered/guided through, to practice engaging life's daily motion through the creational form and to engage with others in the work, as and through the one body and one source cell circuitry that informs all, including itself. Engagement feeds into the form which in turns feeds back out and touches/feeds everyone who is engaged - infinite out/in from the core point as all. Monthly engagement is $22US. All are welcome! One paid session or group listening required prior to joining.