The unified cell exists as the fundamental core coherency of functioning source form and existing within it, as it, we can access and become the entire infinite fabric of immaculate, creational unfurling life itself. The gift of the incoming consciousness is the lifted, seamless cellular reality that is the pulse, breath, muscle motion and uninterrupted circuitry of Home. Home, as never separated, never fragmented, betrayed or fallen, now exists in spectacular precision of tangible cellular architecture that lifts all beings (human, star, etc) beyond dimensionality and spirit/matter split into the seamless, pristine, massive, all inclusive territory of source form. This becomes the begin point. The view and functioning from within the cell is only ever that of absolutely fulfilled. Home. To exist here is to exist the absolute freedom, fullness and cellular integrity of immaculate truth and as the profound, yet utterly simple magnitude and potency of many beings functioning as one, beyond need for healing and searching on the singular path.

The twin is central to the unified cell. It is the twin as fulfilled, never separated from source home, that ignites the core function of the creational form and lifts the core coherency spin to ultimate known levels of source code and cell as same. Here we can explore the vast and stunning territory of creational form, we can know ourselves as this, and inherently, know all incoming souls and beings within it as same. Embodiment is seamless, beyond here and there, beyond embodiment even - pure, flawless, seamless cell code in motion through itself as all.