Conception begins...


       CONCEPTION begins...

Not with the sperm and the egg,
Nor with the thought, the desire or prayers...

Conception begins with the presence of the Incoming Soul and the one who dares to listen... And see
            Shelley Lemaire

When we truly see through the eyes of our incoming soul, from the perspective of the one preparing for birth, we can understand.

It is here they begin to teach us.  Beyond our perception filters, stories and paradigms.

We cannot view them as separate, but we can see ourselves through their eyes and understand the creational union taking place.


The incoming soul exists within our form and informs thei own creation.  They are the certainty and the known and the truth we wish for, expressing themselves within our hearts, minds and bodies.

An incoming soul is here to be birthed into the fulfilment of their own design, beyond our own ideas or intentions.  We do not need to control this process in a 'fix ourselves first' kind of way.  The incoming soul leads the dance of mother and child in the greater orchestration of conception through universal realms and multi-dimensional realities.  They are in the drivers seat and lead us as they conceive through the weave of our own soul expression, embodiment and family story.  All is in resolution and reconciliation through them and their lead.  Receiving them in full trust and integrity allows this process to move through us at every level necessary for the physical conception.


We can learn to meet our incoming souls and children in the shared coherency and unity of the family heart.


A unified being can only be seen through the eyes of unity, met in a body of unity, and lived with from a foundation of unity.

'Unity' is far more than the concept of 'we are all one'.  It is a cellular geometry of embodiment we can engage in.  Unity is a toroidal field fully capable of merging with another, into true cellular unity, forming coherency, new family structures and community.

We are not talking undifferentiated unity, nor even tribal unity,  but a higher level, multi-dimensional unity designed by our incoming children to create a body that supports the full soul expression of each individual essence within.. and supports all to rise.

The souls of our children are arriving into this world now.  With the current global consciousness of this planet as it is, they are
bringing their consciousness now.  Now.  Because it is the precise gift we need - the reconciliation of the global disharmony, the environmental, political and social solutions for our future.

We need to face forward and look through the eyes of our children, the ones who embody our future and who bring a new consciousness today that has never been here before.  Facing forward to fully exist the creation of our children rather than seek to return to the past, to the ancestral consciousness of an earlier time and an old story.   The new children, our children, step beyond the lineage of all that has gone before, to create anew

The solutions we seek are here now.  There is a design for our schools, our communities and our global organisations. It is the unified geometry within the hearts, souls and bodies of our children.  It is the heart beat through the circuit of us all.


a new fabric of creation


Over many years we have watched the incomings informing and transforming the cellular realities of their mothers, families
and humanity.  Like threads in a tapestry of human form and universal existence, unweaving old stories, traumas,
timelines and distortions, reweaving new threads, the pure essence of their consciousness, 
reconnecting us to our origin and our weaving our future as they come into form. 

We can seen through the eyes of all incoming souls this magnificent tapestry of existence...
created and woven through us all. 


Now, in 2017/18, the incomings reveal a new creational matrix and conception body.

Beyond the alpha and omega of duality, original creation and fallen consciousness, we cross a new threshold.

Our incoming souls have woven a new fabric, universal, infinite and pure.

It is the highest coherency of form.  Pure articulation of Source.


We see them now in a new toroidal form, an infinite weave of cellular purity, and universal unity.

One incoming soul in omni-universal form offers us an entirely new paradigm

Their body is a pathway home for all beings through a new matrix of creation...

A creational matrix designed to embrace and uplift the whole.