Incoming Souls Consultation

In sessions we explore and experience cellularly receiving the incoming consciousness, that is, we listen and receive the informing of the bodies from the newest incoming souls arriving to be born. The evolutionary fabric of creation develops and changes with each incoming child and we experience the tapestry of all children, as part of the fabric itself, within, as and through our cells. The focus is not on trauma or past story, instead allowing the cells to be informed though the new geometry and consciousness of the many incoming souls in a forward motion, an evolutionary waveform, naturally releasing and resolving old equations and timelines. All trauma or issue that presents can be an entry point to touch into the creational motion of the incoming children, gathering up the old threads of our history as they weave a new cellular form, beyond any separation. The session purely listens, without imposing any technique or modality, to each child within the wider fabric of all. The gift of the incoming soul or child can be understood and met within the precise equation of their embodiment, the soul-body dynamic and their reference point of existence. We are able to focus on individual incoming souls and children already born in precisely the same way, as part of the interwoven fabric of cellular consciousness, experienced directly and in exquisite detail within the body.. The incoming soul preparing for conception, pregnancy and birth reveals the architecture and creational geometry in their conception point. The moment of divine creation. We listen to the incoming soul present for birth as they inform and prepare the cells of the mother’s body with their unique and precise consciousness. We touch into and experience the essence of the being and understand the intricate and perfect interweaving of their gift to the family. Working with children we receive the consciousness of the child and in doing so, allow ourselves to be fully received by the child in their purity and truth beyond separation. Through listening to the soul-body dynamic of the child we are able to meet them in any presentation of symptom or behaviour and understand the embodiment, bio-circuitry and functioning, ie we can see how the child’s soul consciousness is embodied and existing in the world and where they may need support. When we listen on all levels to the child or incoming soul, within the greater tapestry, they will reveal all we need to know to meet them, understand them and resolve any issues or queries - ultimately as we receive them fully we are gifted a new referent for life, to see ourselves and the world through the eyes of our incoming children changes everything - our cellular embodiment, health, parenting, and understanding of who our children are. As we meet them we can step forward in full trust, supporting the unfurling of their pristine gift to the world.

Sessions are available globally online via video conferencing.

Initial consultation $250 (US$)


Joan Harold Shelley Lemaire Rony Reingold

Consultation is also available in person:

- in County Clare, Ireland - contact Joan Harold

- in Berkeley, California - contact Rony Reingold

and in Coastlands, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, contact Shelley Lemaire