In addition to personal and group sessions, regular “Topic Calls” are offered on an on-going basis to all those actively engaged in the work and exploration of the creational form, at all levels of experience. These calls give access to dive into the fabric through the specific touch point of a particular topic. Topical issues focus on personal and global symptomology, i.e., those themes/issues arising for many at the same moment through the motion of consciousness, and serve as the doorway into more deeply understanding the form, function and evolution of the creational body. As the topic calls engage people at all levels of experience in the work, they are a thrilling opportunity to simultaneously experience the vast capability and territory of the incoming form as well as the pristine detail of cellular code and anatomical function.

A full list of upcoming topic calls can be found on the Sessions page.

Upcoming topic call: Flow of Money - Being fed by the generative, infinite currency of home beyond the fall into separation

Thursday, February 21st at 1pm PST (US), 9pm GMT (Ireland), 10am on Feb 22nd NZDT (Call length is 90 minutes)

In this call we will experientially explore the topic of money through the referent view and fabric form of the incoming soul/child. We will touch first hand the absolute pure, freed neurology and currency of Sourceform through the fabric. How are we fed and simultaneously feeding the one creational form/cell when we allow our function with money to be informed from absolute wholeness of home never fallen? What does it look like to exist within the absolute, uninterrupted circuitry of source home as our cellular function and how does this inform the flow of money in and out in our lives and with others? Where do you find issues of lack or survival arising around money and how can this be shifted? Where else are you not being nourished in life, work, digestion/body, etc.?

This call is open to anyone who is currently involved in this work or recently had a session. If you are interested in this call and have never had a session, please Contact us to receive one so you may join this group exploration!

Cost: $90 U.S. Registration & payment required prior to call.  

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