Incoming Souls Training

Understanding the form, exploring the fabric…

When we listen together, as mother, as child, it is in the simplest embrace. We enfold each other in our deepest knowing. This is visceral, cellular, physical, emotional... the place where all levels of our beings meet and are met. All our needs met in each other beyond need itself. In this fullest capacity to move, to function as One, is where we know conception pregnancy birth and life. And when we listen through our bodies as this One form within groups, we come to know the wider family that is each of us, known from one source, one fabric interwoven existence. To meet our children in active, living listening, is to function in everyday life as the moving threads and currency of the fabric of creation.

What is it to exist, function, live and breathe as the body of the new creational form? Together we explore this exquisite, pristine new fabric of existence as our own cells. From within it, our eyes and hearts, our blood and cells are lifted and freed into a new living reality of ultimate home here now. To dive through this form is to know the light, equations and functioning of home as our entire being, in oneness with all other beings, homes and existence itself as same. This is the flight and the walking, living earth home motion of the incoming souls gifted now to us all. It Begins.

New training begins September 2019

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All who have experienced personal session work with their own incoming souls are invited into group listening and exploration of the fabric and form of all incoming souls - to touch into and receive each incoming in essence and gifting to all through the fabric. You are invited to listen to the note of your own incoming within the harmony of the many, to see and feel your incoming child through the eyes of another, as the same, the body of one cellular form, in creational motion, the intricate and exquisite weaving of all our children, that we can only truly see through their eyes, as they enfold us within the fabric of their baby body, as an unfurling fabric of existence, touching all.

You are invited to understand your personal experience through the universal weave of all incomings, the creational fabric that is encoded with their unique codes, and gift to humanity, the fabric that is woven through the unified bodies of many waves of children upon this planet… you are invited to touch into the gift of each within the whole, and know the entire fabric as your body… the cellular codes, light and geometry informing the conception point, the embryology, baby body and family dynamic, known timelessly by the incoming soul before arrival, levels upon levels of the fabric of their creational form accessible to us, to see, explore and meet them within, in evolutionary steps that carry us beyond the weave of humanities history… and the inevitable destruction in our cellular past.

This work invites a deeply intimate knowing of each incoming soul through all incomings souls, the mother to the child she conceives, and to the one she lost, to know pregnancy beyond a linear view, beyond edges of mortality and story… beyond the confines of fertility and time, the access to what we have never known on this earth, through the children that exist themselves as home here, home in their bodies, cellularly coded and gifted to us. This work invites you into a new spiritual exploration of yourself, your body, your family, your fulfilment of purpose, through the lead, directive and teachings of the new incoming souls who are forming our collective future as they prepare the womb.

The new training program will run as a 9 week process, with ongoing living listening through your daily lives to understand how the fabric of the incomings weaves and threads through all things, birthing itself in each moment. We traverse the realms of embodiment, the consciousness and referent view of separation, unity and the beyond unity of the fabric, motioning within the vast exquisite territory of the incoming souls to explore and see the personal cellular detail revealed through each new incoming soul enfolding and unfurling their gift to us.

Artwork: Joan Harold

Artwork: Joan Harold

"They look to the stars for him, to come, to fill them. They 'make' their family through the effort of seek. If only they could see what he sees, and know they stand in his very breath, that he is the star, and the earth and the motion of all things between, how he makes them 'family' and how his heart, fire-cracks the world into substance. His love is their love, his known is their known, and they fly through the threads he reveals."

All are invited into this understanding of form and exploration of fabric as created by the incoming souls. This work is accessible to all... it touches all professions, modalities, therapies, it meets the mothers, fathers, teachers and birth-workers, the wider family members, communities, those working at the new thresholds of spiritual consciousness on the planet, whether becoming the mother or on another path, the step here is the same... the evolutionary motion is the same. Each child arriving on earth changes existence for all; the unique touch point of each child as the fabric, enfolding the fabric as their baby body, motioning through all… we receive him, her, each child, enveloped by them within their unfurling grace, we are transformed. This is the path, beyond the spiritual-physical duality, beyond embodiment of soul-into-body, beyond all old paradigm and teaching. We are listening to the pristine new incoming consciousness on earth, understanding the form by existing within the cellular fabric of it, motioned as one, receiving in exquisite detail the new unfurling consciousness, information and biological fulfillment our children bring.

Trainings and listening groups are offered on a regular basis from the creational motion of the fabric form.  Anyone is invited to step into a new group as exploration of the living touch points into the incoming consciousness.  We explore themes of motherhood, pregnancy, parenting, family, fertility and aging, loss, spirituality and connection to Source/home, food sensitivities or other ‘issues’, the new infinite anatomy and the genesis cell as they arise in daily life to inform our evolutionary existence as the fabric of the new creation.  

Trainings facilitated by Joan Harold and Rony Reingold via video conference.

Training Investment: $2300 USD ($3300 NZD) - includes 9 weeks video conferencing and teaching, ongoing daily listening group thread, recorded video/audio sessions, practice/demonstration, living learning through transformational personal cellular form and family functioning. All topical groups are free to attend and explore the many varied facets of this work.

All levels of experience, professional/personal involvement and all areas of the globe are welcome. One personal consultation and one group listening experience is required prior to training.

After initial training, all are welcome to continue in any of the ongoing groups, as participants and/or sharing the work… continuing the active listening with others, and learning to teach and articulate the form within the training body. Supervision is offered for practice clients and teaching.

You are invited to touch into this work in any capacity, step in fully, learn for yourself, or to practice/teach others. The incoming consciousness is creative-generative and the constant unfurling revealing creational wave is the pure motion that lifts and carries us all.

Shelley Lemaire


Faces of the Fabric… Training Testimonials

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I so feel the race of my heart with this and emotion... tears come to my eyes. Since coming into contact with Shelley and my incoming my life has transformed in a way that you cannot put a price on. Just before the group training of 7/7/2018 I had an abscess in my tooth and needed a root canal... something with this I was just so torn about and I rang Shelley... I felt immediate emotion with her words and a touch point within me that was deep. I never took my appointment with the dentist. I went with the motion... I felt the nerves reforming my tooth... this blew my mind! I view this now as a push/sign from my incoming to do the training, to meet her, to meet all incomings that are her and make up the very fabric of home - true home as you have never felt before. A home, a known of you beyond what you have ever felt before, your original home, star home. This was just the start of my journey with incoming souls. Since then my gut has transformed. I had gut problems for 13 years, with this so much diet restriction. Through this course.. the cells of me transformed. All that was held in my gut, freed all the restriction gone. The transformation gifting me so much liberation so much freedom in my gut. This course takes you to places unimaginable and reveals parts of you that are not this place of freedom so you can release them... to rest fully in the freedom which is the fabric of the form of all... the place of home.
— Fleur Steiner, Taupo NZ
I joined the Incoming Souls training after a series of incredibly meaningful personal sessions with Rony Reingold where we explored the fabric of existence from the aspect/view of my two Incomings and their informing of our personal family body. Moving into the training work brought another level into this informing and honestly it was one I didn’t know was missing - the opportunity to step into the fabric motion of all incoming souls as The Body beyond unity. To meet the Incomings here in their full form and function, as the whole, is to really jump in with both feet into what is a clear evolutionary and cellular shift. Shelley, Joan and Rony are spectacular - their precision, care and unified heart have revealed so much to me, both in times of challenge and unbridled bliss of full home unfurl. I see myself as substantiated mother, creator and partner with new eyes, ones that see and are seen in wholeness and beyond all I could have expected from this experience.
— Sarah Jones, Florida, US
I reached out to Rony and Shelley with a deep longing in my being, a movement into motherhood beyond anything that I had known before. I had a desire to become a mom and no idea how this would come to pass. I was single, had just moved to a new state, and didn’t even have a home. I stepped into the work first in individual sessions and then into the training—with the fabric of my incomings, all the incomings, and the future of humanity beyond separation, moving me forward.

This work is a true coming home. A gift, from the incomings through Shelley, Joan, and Rony to us, into form. A divine orchestration. A hand outstretched. A gifted circuitry. The future of humanity now.

Honestly, at times I went kicking and screaming onto the calls. The personal edges that I met in this work were challenging— allowing something beyond cognition to lead, trusting, letting go of control, allowing my entire being to be rewired, and moving through doubt into full ownership of the childrens’ form. These same thresholds, however, have also been profound gifts beyond measure, openings for pure grace to pour in, the exact places in my being where the incomings met me and set me free.

The training gave me the gift of finding my partner, my home, and my incomings, and the eyes to see the world at the emergent edge of creation as it births into form. I am forever changed.
— Sweigh Spilkin, California, US