Incoming Souls Training


source form - a new creation - A new beginning


Our incoming souls and children are birthing a consciousness on this planet that has not existed here before.  For many years they have been weaving their bodies, as architects and designers of our future.  They have embodied the light and the geometries that have woven a new fabric of creation.  There is an ever-changing reference point from which we see and understand these children, informed by the incoming child themselves.   In this training we experience and explore the unfurling waveform of evolution, creation and birth, through the body, the eyes and the leading grace of our incoming children.

It is clear we cannot understand these children though current paradigms of parenting, teaching and healing or returning to the spiritual traditions of the past.  The structures of old do not support them.  We cannot see the unified child through the eyes of separation, understand the body of the baby without first knowing the nature of the soul or the embodiment geometry of birth.   Incarnation is a fluid and ever-evolving process and applying any past framework or lens can become rigidly counter-productive.   Instead we need to look to the incarnational directive and creation of the new souls arriving, their preparation for embodiment and their evolutionary role and functioning in the world.   We need a new paradigm to reference the child, the newborn, the soul preparing and arriving into the body at this time.  

This paradigm comes from the incoming souls.    It begins from listening to the ones directing and creating their form, informing the embryological morphology and weaving their consciousness in preparation for birth.  This paradigm comes from the ones standing beyond our current vision and understanding, beyond our constructs, techniques and old framework, the ones who have been preparing to enter this world for many years, intimately revealing their incarnation story; the work done to align all the pieces into the precise family jigsaw, the geometry of fertility, the moment of divine conception;  it comes from our children as we receive them into our arms and understand the fulfilment of their birth story;  it comes from the touch of known in every cell of our body, the met in the heart of family and the shift in the body of the earth;  it comes from the woven design they create as they enfold their new bodies into the fabric of existence, a gift to all. 

These are the Incoming Souls...  

There is an entry point... where we listen to and receive the soul of the child arriving into form... where we become part of the wave of the form itself, carried by the wave of souls arriving in a new creational matrix and geometry, into the fluid embrace of the womb, and out into the greater cosmological ocean of many stars, the lattice of light weaving a tapestry, the fabric of the body of the baby.  We experience the creation unfurling from within the creation itself, within the baby, and we are carried far beyond our individual senses and perceptions into the greater body of these incoming souls, these children, into the form and majesty of these stunning beings as creators, and through them we know ourselves as infinite creation.  It is here that we are truly lifted beyond separation and the matrix of duality, that we can finally see and reference in our bodies a freedom of form, a cellular re-weaving and resolution of all story and old timelines of creation.  It is here we reconnect to the zero-point circuitry of Source, and the heartbeat and breath of God in pure creational unfurl.  It is here we rest and play with our children.

This training can only begin from the current incoming souls, the ones preparing now as the next wave of children to birth, and we are thrown fully in the deep end, to see through their eyes and understand the new reference point of form.  From here, we look back and traverse the last 20 years of incarnational embodiment and evolution.  We observe where the new tapestry and the ancestral lineages meet, how we exist now beyond healing and how the identity of human has changed, one quantum leap at a time, with each new wave.  We begin from the beings who arrive here now as Source form human.   Through their eyes and motion of their creation we follow the unweaving of our past, we see the game as it has been played in the old paradigm, and we are lifted into a new foundation, a different gameboard, with new rules and we explore this new territory together with them.

As a mother or father, to witness and feel your own incoming soul beyond separation, as they move through many bodies as one, is wholly transformative.  To see them reveal their essence to everyone in the group, informing the new cellular story, the precise co-ordinates and gift of your own incoming child expressed through the voice and body of others, the unique way they colour and shape the infinite into form.  It validates everything these children bring beyond any personal perception, it moves us beyond a separate viewpoint, to the vision of all incomings as one... to see as they see, to know as they know...  it is a reference point that does not require trust or faith, taking us beyond speculation or belief, beyond theory and textbook knowledge... the incoming souls gift us a light of pure truth and harmonic of pure form, through which we can see and experience the tapestry of the whole ... this is their creation, their known, their form and they invite us to join them.

The begin point is to recognize the invitation as a gift and to receive it.  To accept the hand reached out to you, the hand of the child, of the incomings, who play with your heartstrings and pique a curiosity, a knowing deep within yet beyond words, a first step into allowing their lead completely.  It is here that they show us how to dive into the waters of new creation, beyond our assumptions or presumed boundaries and current reference point of what is and isn't possible.  Allow yourself to receive this fully in your life, in your family, for within this new territory and in following their pure, powerful motion, we become the motion itself and the parameters are completely lifted.  The view expands, lifting beyond definition, as limitless possibilities begin to reveal themselves in a sweetness of resource, light and capacity known only from within the eyes of Source form as our own.

Training is fully experiential, listening together from the body of creation, allowing the incoming souls to fully lead the process.   Each training group is unique and learns to listen at the very forefront of evolution, to each incoming soul and child through unified and personal embodiment.  All are welcome, at any level and any profession.  All areas of enquiry are met, and consciousness and understanding unfurl into brand new territory.

This work teaches the evolution of embodiment and incarnation of the incoming souls into form.   It includes many facets including quantum physics, biochemistry, somatic-sensory, spiritual development, embodiment geometry, torus field functioning, unified ascension templates, morphogenic field awareness, evolution of the human genome/DNA, cell regenesis, preparation for conception, fertility, conception body, embryonic morphology, embryological impact and loss, miscarriage, pregnancy and birth.  We learn to listen to the incarnation and birth story of the incoming soul, meeting each soul in purity and precision at every stage of the creation.  

The reference for all of these areas is the same point... the palate is vast. The colour and brush-strokes of the individual child / situation all mix with the known cellular motion, to form the artistry in function that is theirs to show and ours to marvel at. It is through their view and each participant's embodied engagement that we can traverse this territory together. The movement becomes a full- body dive in to multi-dimensional clarity. What we move through with them, see with them, begin to know with them - at a particle level -  shifts our entire perceptual capacity to allow us to become the picture together. The picture is in constant evolvement, motion picture - which acknowledges with reverence the entire masterpiece as they unfurl and create it.

To know to all children from their widest and truest Source-form function gives us a new pedagogy and precision-in-flow-reference that we can use in daily life and ultimately, write from them as they teach us - gift to us - our new-paradigm encyclopedia.  You can engage with this work in any personal capacity or profession.  All teaching and understanding comes directly from working with the incoming souls over the last 20 years. 


Beginning 7th July 2018

Training will run over 13 weeks with weekly video group conference calls and ongoing listening support

Payment of $3900 NZD  ( can be paid in full, or spread over 3 or 6 months)

Pre-requisite of one personal session prior to group work  (full payment by 7/7 includes one free session)

Please feel free to discuss with us further 

Shelley, Joan & Rony
and the Incoming Souls family