New Incoming Souls Training

When we listen together, as mother, as child, it is in the simplest embrace. We enfold each other in our deepest knowing. This is visceral, cellular, physical, emotional... the place where all levels of our beings meet and are met. All our needs met in each other beyond need itself. In this fullest capacity to move, to function as One, is where we know conception pregnancy birth and life. And when we listen through our bodies as this One form within groups, we come to know the wider family that is each of us, known from one place, one fabric interwoven existence. To meet our children in active, living listening, is to function in everyday life as the moving threads and currency of the fabric of creation.

New training begins early February 2019

In evolutionary motion and growth from personal consultation, you are invited into a 9 week exploration of the fabric and form of the incoming souls - experiencing cellularly the unfurling creational geometry of conception, pregnancy and birth. Engaging in group form listening allows us to see and feel the creational enfolding of many incomings as one fabric, the unique touch points and gifts and how to exist with them all in the form of many as one.

The 9 week process will open up an ongoing living listening through our daily lives to understand how the fabric of the incomings weaves and threads through all things, birthing itself in each moment. We exist in pure listening and receiving, feeling the motion and articulation of the new incoming soul consciousness.

Throughout this training you will receive:

  • A full understanding and ownership of who the incoming souls and new children are, meeting and receiving their essence and consciousness within the body and woven cellular form beyond separation,

  • Reorganising fully to the referent view of the incoming child preparing to arrive - seeing ourselves and the world through their eyes.

  • Learn to listen at the very edge of evolution to these new souls arriving, understanding the evolutionary waves of all children and the interwoven nature of their unified tapestry of existence

  • Explore the unified geometry of embodiment of the children through the recent years and learn how to meet and parent them, engaging in embodied functioning to resolve and stabilise symptom and sensitivity, listening to the soul-body dynamic of the child in the world to meet and support their needs at all levels of functioning.

  • Stand on the threshold of an immaculate new consciousness that is existing here beyond anything we have known before on this earth, a new paradigm of life, family and divinity articulated through cellular fabric and form of our children

  • Learn to listen to, and receive, in purity and precision an incoming soul preparing to conceive - whether as mother, therapist or midwife/doula, understanding the process of conception and birth, supporting the mother and family body in integrity

  • Observe and explore in practically demonstrated sessions the fabric of the weave of all incomings as they reveal the intricate and earth-inherent beauty of their design, the one cellular fabric enfolding and lifting us all, through birth, motherhood and beyond …

Artwork: Joan Harold

Artwork: Joan Harold

"They look to the stars for him, to come, to fill them. They 'make' their family through the effort of seek. If only they could see what he sees, and know they stand in his very breath, that he is the star, and the earth and the motion of all things between, how he makes them 'family' and how his heart, fire-cracks the world into substance. His love is their love, his known is their known, and they fly through the threads he reveals."

The new children stand before us with beaming hearts and shining faces, revealing their masterpiece of creation to us, enfolding us in the fabric of their generative cells as they unfurl in unstoppable motion from and to a new beginning. The little girl, the little boy, smiles as they guide us into position and gently take our hands off our eyes… to see… to see through their eyes is to see the truth of who they are, to touch and know home like never before and to exist the new gift they offer to us all, here now.

Taste their masterpiece on your tongue, know the child’s harmonic note as it pulses through all, walk with feet alighted on a new earth as source home; mother inside child inside mother, we grow in purely creational light motion of home family form together through daily life.

The first step is yours and then we take flight together as the entire fabric, knowing source in intimate human family touch. It begins…

New trainings facilitated by Joan Harold and Rony Reingold via video conference.

All levels of experience, professional/personal involvement and all areas of the globe are welcome. (One personal consultation or group listening experience required prior to start of training). The training will include weekly Zoom teaching calls and constant listening group thread.