Who are the Incoming souls?


The incoming soul

is the soul of the baby...  she is the soul that comes here to change our world, first she is born.

She reveals herself to us, in our hearts, in our dreams, in our longing.  She touches us with her essence... a glimpse of her purpose, her life, the small child smiling to us from the corner of our vision.

She longs for us to see her; to see ourselves through her eyes.

Like she has drawn us into a crayon picture of a family, and wishes us to see...  family, home, how she has formed us, the colours she used, the detail that is important to her.

Her wishes, her dreams... alongside our own.  One picture.

'See how the world looks through my eyes Mum, Dad?  Do you see me seeing you?  Do you see me as I am... do you feel me creating within you?  Do you hear me whisper my name?'



When we refer to the 'incoming souls' we are referring to the souls of all children in their collective and evolutionary arrival on earth. From this one inter-woven fabric of existence, we can see and receive the essence of each incoming soul preparing to be born.  The presence of the incoming soul can be seen, felt, experienced as a tangible presence within and around the mother, and the family body, long before they conceive. Through reorienting our perception to the referent view of the incoming soul preparing for birth, we can understand and meet the incoming child in their fullest presence and truth. We can open to receive the gift of each incoming in their unique essence, in their family dynamic and the unfurl of the being within the global fabric of the body of humanity.. understanding how these new souls arriving on earth are here to change our world. The incoming souls are the ones conceiving and being born now, in this consciousness of today, this hour, this moment.  The precise co-ordinates of their consciousness intersecting with the universal time and space of being born here now.  They arrive at the edge of evolution on this planet and their arrival defines the very edge itself.  These souls are not passively arriving into a chaotic and disconnected world, they are actively preparing and purposely weaving their soul consciousness into the planetary creation, to gift us light, truth, coherency, freedom and love.  Each soul bringing the precise gift for his family, personal, global and universal.  Each soul draws themselves into a new picture of the family of planet earth, the stars, the cosmos... and wishes us to see... family, home, how he has formed us, the colours he used... the detail that is paramount to him.

From this place of listening to the incoming souls, we can understand how to meet them where they need to be met; how to receive them, carry and birth them.  We can understand what they need to support, nourish and feed them, to help them grow into the fullness of who they came here to be.  We can welcome them as family, personal and global and we can teach others to see through the eyes of all children; a world seen in clear vision of truth and unity... family and home through the eyes of the incoming soul.


Shelley Lemaire