Incoming Souls Consultation

Personal Sessions

In sessions we explore and experience cellularly receiving the incoming consciousness, that is, we listen and receive the informing of the bodies from the newest incoming souls arriving to be born. Sessions are for any who choose to receive the already gifted codes of home and to step fully into the creational horizon of humanity’s evolution, whether this is through engagement with the children at a family body level or through the universal body of home.

The evolutionary fabric of creation develops and changes with each incoming child. As we listen to them, we experience the tapestry of all children, as part of the fabric itself, within, as, and through our cells.

The Session

The focus of the sessions is not on trauma or past story, instead on allowing the cells to be informed though the new geometry and consciousness of the many incoming souls in a forward motion, an evolutionary waveform, which naturally releases and resolves old equations and timelines. Any issue that presents can be an entry point to touch into the creational motion of the incoming children, who gather up the old threads of our history as they weave a new cellular form, beyond any separation.

In the session we purely listen, without imposing any technique or modality, to the incomings within the wider fabric of all.

The Gift

The gift of the incoming soul or child can be understood and met within the precise equation of their embodiment, the soul-body dynamic and their reference point of existence. We are able to focus on individual incoming souls and children already born in precisely the same way, as part of the interwoven fabric of cellular consciousness, experienced directly and in exquisite detail within the body.

The incoming soul preparing for conception, pregnancy, and birth reveals the architecture and creational geometry in their conception point. The moment of divine creation. We listen to the incoming soul present for birth as they inform and prepare the cells of the mother’s body with their unique and precise consciousness. We touch into and experience the essence of the being and understand the intricate and perfect interweaving of their gift to the family. Working with children we receive the consciousness of the child and in doing so, allow ourselves to be fully received by the child in their purity and truth beyond separation. Through listening to the soul-body dynamic of the child we are able to meet them in any presentation of symptom or behaviour and understand the embodiment, bio-circuitry and functioning, ie we can see how the child’s soul consciousness is embodied and existing in the world and where they may need support.


Likewise, in this same way, whether someone has incomings or children, or not, during sessions we are able to listen from and to the incomings’ cellular referent to realize and fully access our “home” origins beyond any separation. This is home in the truest sense of the word—beyond any kind of fall or fragmentation from source, beyond duality, beyond the matter/spirit split—the place where each of us originates from, home that has only ever been in the immaculate, beyond unified function. As the incoming children arrive here, their immaculate bodies are woven from and are the codes of all home realms. In their one wavelength, we are able to listen for and recognize our truest function. This is a home to home, known to known, beyond unified cellular listening. The gift of the incomings is accessible to all, and from their interwoven fabric, all can step in, know, and function from the codes of home.

The Referent

When we listen on all levels to the child or incoming soul and receive the universal body of home, within the greater tapestry, they will reveal all we need to know to meet them, understand them and resolve any issues or queries . Ultimately, as we receive them fully we are gifted a new referent for life, to see ourselves and the world through the eyes of the incoming children changes everything—our cellular embodiment, health, parenting, and understanding of who our children are, as well as who we are. As we meet the incomings we can step forward in full trust, supporting the unfurling of their pristine gift to the world.

The Teaching Body

Sessions and training are available globally online via video conferencing.

Initial consultation $250 (US$)
ongoing sessions $200

Joan Harold

Joan Harold

Rony Reingold

Rony Reingold

Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones

Sweigh Emily Spilkin

Sweigh Emily Spilkin

Consultation is also available in person:

- in County Clare, Ireland - contact Joan Harold

- in Berkeley, California - contact Rony Reingold

- in Pensacola, Florida - contact Sarah Jones

- in San Rafael, California - contact Sweigh Emily Spilkin

Group Sessions

After a 2-3 personal sessions there is a natural evolution into the group form. As our incoming souls exist, birth and function in the cellular weave of unity and beyond, it is only possible to truly see them through the eyes of many as one. When we listen through group forms of unified cellular capacity, our incomings can fully reveal the nature of their existence beyond separation. The canvas of many bodies reveals the intricate weaving and tapestry of many incoming souls, who know themselves here, who meet us here, and exist beyond any boundary of separation. To know and own your body here, as cellular fabric of a vaster form, is transformational… to see your incoming through the eyes of another, and to articulate the truth of all as one, changes everything. We step forward to meet them in their own form and referent view.


In addition to personal and group sessions, regular “Topic Calls” are offered on an on-going basis to all those actively engaged in the work and exploration of the creational form, at all levels of experience. These calls give access to dive into the fabric through the specific touch point of a particular topic. Topical issues focus on personal and global symptomology, i.e., those themes/issues arising for many at the same moment through the motion of consciousness, and serve as the doorway into more deeply understanding the form, function and evolution of the creational body. As the topic calls engage people at all levels of experience in the work, they are a thrilling opportunity to simultaneously experience the vast capability and territory of the incoming form as well as the pristine detail of cellular code and anatomical function.

Topic examples:

  • The New Paradigm: Spirit and Matter as One, Landing into the body of Home

  • Existing Beyond Empath: Shifting from over sensitive to solid capacity of unified functioning

  • Lactation Concerns: Soul-level nourishment and engaging the mother-baby body

  • Vaccines: The referent of the genesis child / immunology beyond duality

  • Gut health: Knowing and traversing the gut/digestion of the creational fabric

  • IVF and assisted fertility: Precision & orchestration of the Incoming Soul

  • Lotus-birth and role of the placenta from the incoming soul perspective

  • Tongue Tie: Articulation and digestion from source form function

  • Ear issues in children, grommets and the listening knowing child

  • Beyond boundaries: The child that knows themselves beyond separation

  • Toxicity and diet: Feeding your child beyond fear/limitation

  • Feet, Knees, Leg Impediments: Walking a new earth as home

  • The Screaming/Biting/’Misbehaving’ Child: Listening from the child’s body

  • Exhausted Overwhelmed Mother: Fatigue and overwhelm beyond ‘holding it all in separation’

  • Fathers: How fathers exist within the fabric form and creation of the family body

  • Teens: Parenting and trusting teens as leaders of the evolutionary children

  • Pregnancy Scans: Seeing through the eyes of the Incoming Soul

  • Disappearing twin: and other stories of the developing embryo

  • Fitness: Joyous, elastic free form function of the incoming consciousness - a new way to play

$90 per person, per call. One session or group listening required prior to joining.

Contact us to receive information about upcoming calls and please let us know what interests you the most!