The Invitation

"World, I am your child... but I am a child of God.
Do not look down upon my young body and think I do not know the heavens. do not look down upon my small hands and think you have to teach me how to make a living. do not see my innocent face and think that your world is the one I have come to fit into. 
I am not a child of the world you have known, a beggar to life, a sinner from birth. I am not caged by your lesser truths, your good and evil, your rights and wrongs. I will not fight like you have fought, I will not wreak destruction upon my body, your body or the planetary body As there is no separation in my world. 
Your body is my body, the earth, the cosmos, I am embodied in it all and I am here to live in a world where consciousness creates realities beyond your imagining, beyond the limits of your thinking, and your plans for the future. 
So do not limit or lessen me, for I am God's child and your prayers and dreams have been woven into my body to be lived and shared in our creation of tomorrow."



The Listening

In listening to the incoming soul, we are offered a glimpse of divine creation, purity and perfection...  a soul arriving to birth into our body, our family, our world.  This child is the future and their creation begins long before birth.

If we truly listen to this soul we can meet them where they exist...  beyond our own limitations and stories, our boundaries, belief systems and collective realities, beyond the weave of an old world  

They hold out their hand to us.  One step.  One voice.  One vision. 

We are invited to meet them in their creation, where they exist, within the form of their future.  

We are invited to meet them and receive them fully into our body 

The Receiving

Can we receive what they are gifting to us... can we open beyond all that has gone before to receive them, new in each moment, each soul, each birth, each child... to teach us and support us through their more coherent fields, to bring their gifts and leadership of a new way, a new world, to embody the truth of who they have come here to be. 

The incoming soul is present prior to conception and is the primary creator and director of their new life, informing our cells with their consciousness and rebuilding our embodiment geometry, our toroidal fields and inter-personal infra-structure.  They build coherence into our lives; a new foundation of reality that begins in unity and traverses well beyond.  The gift of the incoming soul in our life is always the gift of the next step in our evolution.  


Receiving the truth of the incoming souls and engaging with our children brings the gift of their truth literally into our bodies as mother's, families, birth-workers, teachers.  As we receive the creational codes and geometries these souls will be living and breathing, it awakens access in our own cells and DNA to these same universal truths and human potentials.  As they arrive here with a biological purity and coherency that transcends the duality matrix and holds integrity beyond the toxicities, destruction and the injustices of this world, they leap us into a true cellular experience of divine humanity and infinite grace - an experience from which we do not look back.


To fully receive the incoming souls is to lift the ceiling on conscious conception, rewrite pregnancy, and explore the embryology as it evolves and engage in family body coherencies that begin long before birth.   Every step of this journey with the incoming souls is part of an intricate unfoldment of life, each soul, each piece, each thread of consciousness woven in an exquisite tapestry of existence that includes all creation.  The incoming souls bring us to the door of the divine, the highest and purest truth in witness of the creation of itself. 
We make a choice to enter...



Shelley Lemaire

Shelley Lemaire has gifted us the referent view of the incoming souls, to see through their eyes, to listen and feel their existence and creational motion, to understand conception from the perspective of the one conceiving, birth from the one who is being birthed, and embodiment from the one creating the body.   Her work with fertility, pregnancy and birth over the last 20 years has brought leading edge evolutionary understandings of the changing nature of embodiment, consciousness and form.  Shelley is the voice of the incomings, teaching purely through listening to and receiving the essence and architecture of the incoming souls, receiving each individual conception and birth of a soul within the collective interwoven fabric of all incoming consciousness on this planet and beyond.   It is a vast multi-level view of a constantly evolving weave of consciousness, each thread and each child weaving their gift within the whole, seen, met, received in the fabric of the whole through each of us individually. She teaches parents, families, birth-workers and practitioners to listen at the highest level of integrity, following the lead of the incoming soul, to receive them in purity at the level of the consciousness they arrive with, beyond all imposition, story, existing constructs, beliefs, religion, creation myths.. beyond the lens of separation and duality thought, allowing each incoming soul to exist in a pure revealing of their truth and creation for their own conception and for the intricate woven shifts in global and universal consciousness.  Shelley teaches and shares their continually unfurling story.

Each incoming soul brings a story that is both unique and universal.  The soul consciousness of the child can be felt, seen, touched and received into the body as pure essence, directive and clear.  Each soul arriving in preparation to birth also informs the cellular geometry and consciousness of the motherland family body in waves that are universal, fluid and interconnected.  As we evolve our consciousness on this planet, this architecture also evolves and the preparation of the incoming souls consistently presents an expanding and ever-changing view and understanding with which we can meet them and engage as one fluid cellular body, revealing a greater global motion.  To receive the incoming souls is to move beyond a separate spiritual anatomy and behaviour and into the unified tapestry of many, experiencing the incredible weave of soul and body that takes place, that enfolds us all within their creation.  

Shelley's work is truly unique and original, revealing the potential of all we are, a referent view and standing of a new paradigm, that changes fluidly in each moment with each conception, each birth.  Meeting each incoming soul at this threshold in reverence and purity, taking each step beyond the known to meet and be lifted through an interwoven fabric of many.